Meow! Chapter One

Kiss the Kitty

"Oh, Sasuke…" Sakura sighed happily. "You're the best…"

He smirked in an attempt to draw her attention away from his scarlet blush. "Hn…"

She closed her eyes again, breathing deeply as though inhaling the blissful moment of the two sitting together on their special loveseat, a crackly fire flickering in his living room's dilapidated old fireplace.

"The rain's not letting up…" she heard him murmur as he glanced at the window, the thick glass currently withstanding the assaulting raindrops. "Do you…want to stay here?"

She smiled for him. "If it's ok with you."

"You're always welcome in my home, Sakura. You know that."

He smirked at her giggle as she grabbed his arm and wrapped it around herself. "I'd love to."

"Then…" he mumbled, pushing himself to his feet. "I'll get some extra blankets, you can stay in my room. I'll take the couch if-"

His dark eyes widened in surprise when she grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down next to her.

Her expression was almost unreadable as she spoke, her eyes cast downwards.

"But…but Sasuke…"

"What?" he asked. "What is it?"

When she glanced up at him again, he was startled by her sickly-sweet smile.

"Sasuke…if…if it's not too much to ask…"

His mind was automatically preparing to consent to anything she requested with that pleading face. How could he ever deny her?

"Sasuke, I want…I want to be with you."

"Sakura you are with me. We've been going out for almost two years."

She shook her head. "Sasuke…don't play dumb…"

"I'm afraid I don't understand," he said, genuinely confused.

"Sasuke…that old couch is so cold, you know…and…and I'll…I'll be lonely…up there all by myself…"

"So…what do you want me to do?"

"Come on, Sasuke," she said with a giggle. "We'll put some blankets and sleeping bags on the floor and have a slumber party!"

He raised an eyebrow at her laughing. "Two? Not much of a party with just two."

"Oh come on, pretty please?" she pleaded, her lower lip quivering.

She almost burst out laughing when his eye twitched at her puppy-eyes.

"Oh…fine," he murmured, blushing bright red again. "Have it your way."

"Yay!" she squealed happily, tumbling backwards onto the seat when he stood up. "It's gonna be a blast!"

Sasuke stretched for a moment, stiff from having his girlfriend of two years sit in his lap for the past three hours. Not that he was complaining, between missions and other shinobi duties they hardly got to spend any quality time together, even though they'd been on the same team since they were Genin.

Sakura smirked as she heard footsteps tramp up the staircase, absentmindedly noticing their special chair was much roomier when only one sat on it. But she preferred cramped with two over roomy with one any day.

I wonder what's taking him so long…

Her gaze wandered over to the soot-coated fireplace where some dying embers still flickered amongst the layers of ash and charred wood. There was a small crack, and a single, bright-yellow spark leapt high in the air from one of the dying coals before plummeting into a snowdrift-like blob of soot.


It was strange, the way almost anything could remind her of him. Almost like he hadn't come home, and was still off being a power-hungry maniac and not her beloved boyfriend. The spark, she decided, was him, but lost and out of control. He had gone that way pretty fast but at the last, climactic moment had managed to veer away from disaster and crash headfirst back into sanity again.

That sounds stupidly poetic…

And old thought surfaced in her mind, though she felt a twinge of guilt at even thinking it.

Two years…and we haven't kissed…not once…

He had gone everywhere else but that one special place. Her cheek, her forehead, the back of her hand, and even biting her ear when he was in one of his rare frisky moods. But never her lips.

Maybe he's scared…and I'm more than willing to wait until he's ready…but I want to kiss him so much…


"Hmm?" she asked, snapping out of her daydream and realizing the center of her thoughts was leaning against the door frame.

"I cleared out a space in the basement, we can hang out down there."

"Okie-dokie, Sasuke!" she said, covering up her melancholy. After all, he'd get worried if he saw her sad.

"This is great, don't you think?"


Sakura giggled, grabbing another fistful of popcorn from the almost-empty bowl perched on a pillow next to her. Glancing at Sasuke, she smiled to see the final few minutes of the movie they were watching were captivating him. The blue-white light from the tiny TV down in his basement flickered over every available surface, making deep shadows appear on just about anything.

Only a little while later, the lights dimmed as the screen turned to black, white-highlighted credits rolling up from the bottom of the display.

"Good movie?"

"Totally. Aliens blowing up huge cities are always good in my books."

"Wow…" breathed Sakura, glancing at the clock above the TV. "It's almost midnight."

"Yeah…time to hit the hay?"


Sakura smiled, scooting her roomy sleeping bag up against Sasuke's. He had lent her a T-shirt of his to sleep in, but the basement could still carry an uncomfortable breeze past her backside every now and then.


He said nothing, but responded by wrapping his arms around her and holding her close as the two settled onto their separate pillows.

She smiled, closing her eyes as she felt his rhythmic breathing blow gently into her hair. He was much warmer than the cold, unforgiving floor.

"Nnh…Sasuke…" she whispered happily, yawning before cuddling back into his arms. "Nighty night."


"What is it, Sa-?"

She blinked sleepily, wondering for a moment why she couldn't finish her sentence. There seemed to be something delightfully warm pressed against her face…

She woke up completely in a millisecond.

Sasuke's…kissing me.

Her heart was beating a millions pulses a second.

Sasuke's kissing me.

Her mouth was dry as a desert.

I'm his…first lovey-dovey kiss.

She had the Niagara Falls of sweat pouring down the back of her neck.

Oh, Sasuke…

After the initial rush slowly mellowed out, she smiled against his mouth, closing her eyes and draping her arms around his neck.


Ignoring the heat rushing into her face, she grinned stupidly when he broke away, his fingers playing with a lock of her rosy hair.

"Thank you, Sasuke…"

She felt him nod sleepily in response and wriggled around so that her back was pressed against his chest as the two lay, comfortably basking in each other's warmth.

Sasuke…how did you know I wanted that all along…? Oh well…thank you.

She yawned, awakened by the sunlight streaming down on her closed eyelids, stretching until she bumped against something warm lying behind her.

Her eyes snapped open in abject terror until she remembered the previous night. She and Sasuke had camped out in the basement, and…

We…we kissed for the first time…

She smiled in relief, feeling her partner-in-crime breathing slowly onto the back of her shoulders and the comforting weight of his hands curled around her waist.

Still asleep…ooh, he smells so nice…

She squirmed around to come face-to-face with his T-shirt-clad chest. She giggled quietly, snuggling against him as his arms encircled her. She always felt safe in his embrace, like nothing could touch her but him.

Oh, my wonderful Sasuke…

She glanced up, and giggled softly again. His mussed, disheveled hair had bunched together in his sleep, forming two triangular shapes, one on each side of his head. It almost, almost looked like he had-

One of them twitched sleepily.


Sasuke woke up with a start at the sound of a girlish shriek, only to be pummeled by a terrified Sakura's pillow as she almost suffocated him.

"Who are you?! What have you done with Sasuke?!"

"Ow!" he protested. "Hey, hey! It's me!"

When the rain of blows to his head stopped, he cracked open one eye from behind his crossed arms held out in defense. Sakura was scrunched up as far as she could get away from him, holding her pillow in front of her like a shield, her jade eyes wide.

"S-Sasuke?" she whispered, looking absolutely shocked at him.

After glancing down several times at himself, he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.

"Sakura, it's me. What's wrong, do I look different to you all of a sudden?"

She only gulped as one of those things on his head flicked as though in confusion.

He sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Maybe we should lay off doing this for a while, if it upsets you when-"

He stopped. She watched his eyes open as wide as hers when he felt one of them. His other hand came up, gingerly feeling around until he found the other one, his fingers rubbing the angled tips as his mouth dropped open.

She squeaked when he scrambled up off of the floor, ignoring her calls of his name as he made a beeline into the bathroom.

Shaking her head at her pounding heart, she clambered to her feet, reluctantly relinquishing her pillow, and tiptoed after him, trying to wrap her mind around what she had just seen.

She found him standing in front of the bathroom mirror, shivering as he stood in his bare feet on the cold bathroom tiles, his hands shaking as his wide, dark eyes were glued to the top of his reflection's head.

"Sasuke…?" she said softly, noticing how he flinched at her voice. "What…what is this, Sasuke? Why do you have…?"

His shivering halted as he exhaled, his head drooping dejectedly as she sidled up next to him.

"I thought it was only a legend…" he murmured to himself.

"What was a legend?"

He turned to look at her, a sort of self-hating depression flashing in his coal-black eyes.

"An old story my mother used to tell my brother and me…it was about a member of our clan, an ancestor who lived hundreds of years ago…He fell in love with another man's soon-to-be-bride, and…kissed her before her wedding night…Doing that was a much bigger deal back then than it is now…"

Sakura noticed how his fists clenched as he spoke.

"The soon-to-be-groom found out, and placed a curse on the man, turning him into a household cat…saying the curse could only be undone if he married the woman he had kissed, which by then was impossible…The curse affected the entire male population of the family as well, any man who…kissed a girl before marriage was transformed into a cat. It was said as time went on, generation after generation, the curse grew weaker, affecting fewer parts of its victims' bodies…Eventually it would be wiped out, but before then, anybody who violated the curse would be…"

Sakura's eyes closed as she nodded. "I get it…So that's why you never kissed a girl, and why…this didn't happen when Naruto…"

He winced, having hoped she wouldn't bring that up.

She glanced at their reflections in the mirror again, though now his strange transformation brought only sadness. The jet-black cat ears adorning the sides of his head no longer bristled up in fear, but flopped sadly downwards.

"It's all my fault…" she whispered sadly. "I did this to you…I wanted it so much…oh, Sasuke! I'm so sorry!"

"Shhh…" he hushed, holding her in a squeezing hug as she began to cry. "It's not your fault…I should've known…don't cry…"


"It's going to be ok…"

She sniffled. "But…but how do we turn you back?"

He smiled warmly for the first time that morning, showing small, pointed fangs. "We get married of course."

He felt himself blush at how her watery eyes suddenly lit up.


"It's the only way to remove the curse…and I love you."

"Oh, Sasuke!" she squealed happily. "Oh, you're the best, Sasuke!"

He smirked, glancing at his reflection's feline traits with a look that said you guys are SO out of here.

"But Sasuke…what are we going to do about the tail?"

He froze.


Because we all love kitty-nins, am I right?

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