Because of being one of the "many" disappointed fans on L's death in the end of Death Note, I made this lil fanfic. Instead of simply making L live in the end, I altered some minor happenings before Light regained Kira's memory. I tried to make the ending a bit more "acceptable" for my fellow L-supporters. SO, I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT! (Please comment on it afterwards. I won't mind corrections, suggestions or any violent reactions.

PS: my ultimate goal is to make LMisa a couple in the end! So it is also for LxMisa fanfellows out there!

I wonder what's in Light-kun's mind.

He is Kira, the person I first fell in love with. I believe he is my hero, because he is always killing those who oppose justice. He is righteous, and definitely, has a good heart.


Ryuuzaki is his friend. Why does he want me to kill Ryuuzaki? He is not bad, why does my Light-kun wants to kill someone who is not at all..bad.


"Ah! Rem-san, why did you yell at me? Misa almost fell from her chair y'know!"

" I was just worried that you will fall from that chair if you keep on sitting that way. Also, I did not yell at you." Rem said while pointing to Misa who is sitting in the position similar to that of L's.

"But you're the one who almost made Misa fell!" Misa said while pouting.

"Sorry Misa. I didn't intend to startle you. Maybe its just because it was very quiet here that you thought I was yelling at you. I'm just curious, what are you thinking about anyway?"

"Misa was about to say something but decided to just keep it to herself. She thought Light won't like it if a word came to him that Misa is doubting his actions. Light-kun will definitely won't like it! What to do Rem?" Misa cried as she jumped to her bed.

"Don't worry Misa, I have no plan to say anything to Light. Even if he get hold of the notebook, my loyalty will stay on you. The notebook is originally Jealous'. He died for you, and that notebook is yours."

"Rem-san! Thank you very much! You're the best Shinigami in the world!" Misa said with eyes sparkling.

"Anyway Misa, can you tell me now what is that that is bothering you?"

"Hmmm...Actually...I'm wondering why Light-kun wants to kill Ryuuzaki. We've been good friends already. He even became friends with Ryuuzaki for a longer time than mine, so...why?"

"Light-kun seems..."

"And Ryuuzaki-san have been good friends with me! He even saved my life. I just can't kill him! But...I don't want to disappoint Light-kun...Rem-san! What to do Rem-san! Huhu.."

"Misa, listen to me. For Light, he will only succeed in his plans if there is no Ryuuzaki to interfere with him. Without the Shinigami eyes, Light have no way to find out Ryuuzaki's real name and kill him. So, to achieve his goal, he needs to use you. But, I fear one thing. After using you to kill Ryuuzaki, he will have nothing to do with you anymore. With his wicked way of thinking, I just can't imagine what he will do to you afterwards."

"No! Light-kun won't use me! He told me he needs me..I believe Light-kun!"

"In my opinion, Light-kun does not really need YOU. Light-kun just needs your eyes. Without your ability, he cannot defeat Ryuuzaki."

"But...but he told me that we will rule his new world together."

"Sorry to say this Misa, but I just don't think Light have any plan to rule the world with someone. I have a feeling that he will dispose of you afterwards so that there will only be one person to possess the ability of a death-god. I've been thinking about this for a long time now. I guess it will be beneficial for you to think this over, too."

Misa nodded blank-eyed. "Thanks Rem. I totally don't like people to think about Light-kun that way. But since you're my best friend, I won't be angry at you for that."