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"Okay. Misa can do it." Misa whispered to herself as she silently stepped out of the elevator.

She decided to tell Ryuzaki about her being the second Kira, but with a condition. He should not kill Light. She'll be willing to take Light's punishment, and pleaded that Light will return to his real self if he will withdraw the ownership of the note. Its all against Rem's advice, but being the usual stubborn Misa, she just can't follow Rem's anti-Light proposal.

Ryuzaki made Misa believe that he really considered her scheme. However he, sensing Misa's innocent sincerity to Light/Kira, have another plan in mind.


The next day, around 7 o'clock pm outside the Yagami Family's house. Raining.

Light walked outside his house and towards a bent figure standing drenched in the dark.

"So Ryuzaki, why did you called me out this late? Is it that important that you allow yourself to get this wet?" Light said as he sheltered him under his umbrella

Ryuzaki just stared at him

"What's the matter? Any problems, Ryuzaki?"

"I can hear bells. Do you hear them?"

Light slightly raised an eyebrow in unbelief

"I don't hear any at all. Come on, let's just go inside if you want to talk. We can't possibly work well on the investigation if we get sick."

"If I tell you that I already have concrete evidence that you are Kira, what will you do? Yagami-kun?"

Light's eyes widened in fright, then he regained composure after a second.

"What are you saying Ryuzaki-san? Of course that won't happen. If I really am Kira, then you would deduce that Amane Misa is the second Kira. If that is true, you should have been dead already." He said while faking a smile.

"You see. You've been found out, Yagami-kun."

"Did Misa spilled something out? Wait, Misa is not the type who will let me be in this situation. I'm sure what I did to her that day will make her think as I planned. But how did Ryuzaki knew about all this?" Light said to himself.

"Misa haven't turned against you. She just became too careless, causing our surveillance to yield vivid results. I guess you should not write her name in the torn death note page that you carry with you. If my prediction is right, you'd surely have one right now. I'd do that if I am in your shoes." Ryuzaki calmly explained

"Whatever. Stop joking around Ryuzaki! I have an important exam tomorrow, I'd like to go now if you have nothing significant to say." He excused, wishing he can escape the confrontaion and get more time to be prepared for whatever Ryuzaki is planning

"Is that so? Okay. But can we meet tomorrow, Yagami-kun?"

"Sure, I'd call you up when my exam is finished."

That night Light secretly went to find Misa, but to his disappointment she is not at her apartment. Luckily, Misa have already given him her duplicate keys. So he went in and got everything he needed.


The following day, Ryuzaki caught a cold so he just asked Light to come over the Kira Investigation building.

"Good Morning Ryuzaki. So, what is it that we're going to talk about?" Light calmly said

"I asked you yesterday about what you would do if I've already have concrete evidence that you are Kira." He paused to lick his lollipop. "I guess right about this time you have thought about that already. Or maybe, you have acted upon that already." Ryuzaki seriously said

"Hmmm..So you still aren't convinced that I am NOT Kira." He paused a second "Well you haven't been convinced about that even a bit, though everybody thinks the opposite. That's just like you Ryuzaki. But I have to warn you, if you don't have real evidence of my being Kira, all of your assumptions will turn to waste." Light confidently said (with red eyes of course)

"I suppose it will be a lot better if you tell the truth now." He stared at the ceiling "Yagami-kun, all this time I've been wishing you really aren't as bad as what I thought you are. Very few people are as gifted as you, I'd actually love to know that you aren't this criminal. But, it saddens me to know, that everything I've been seeing about Kira eventually points out to you."

"Stop the non-sense Ryuzaki. I am not Kira. I am not!" Light shivered in anger

Ryuzaki shot him a stare. An implacable one.

He know that what he just said will enrage the real Kira. He can feel that everything he predicts the real Kira will say or do, Light always ensues it. He had already deemed Light guilty from the very start, but this time he felt furious about it. He's not sure why, but he is sure that his feeling of anger is not usual and reasonable. Perhaps because he realized that Light did not just kill criminals, he manipulates and lies to people, even those who are close to him.

Just like Misa. Light hurt her, he is just so sure of that. The fearless thing that Misa have done, something definitely triggered it. And he is certain that it is no other than, Yagami Light. He might have thought whatever that was, it will benefit him. But too bad for him, something may have went wrong from what he is planning. Even Ryuzaki himself, have no idea what that was.

(Well you guys know what that is. The "altered day" of course! Misa responded differently from what Light expected because at that time she already had budding feelings for Ryuzaki. )

"I really felt bad about doing this, and I guess you should see this so you'll understand the situation that you're really in." Ryuzaki picked up the remote control from the coffee table, and pointed it toward the large LCD screen.

There sits Misa Amane. All tied up and unconscious.

"I can't believe this. Why are you doing this, Ryuzaki? Why can't you just accept the fact that I and Misa are not Kira! She's only a girl, what's the point of doing that to her again? Haven't we already proven ourselves out of your suspicion with the 13 day rule in the notebook?"

Ryuzaki pulled something out of his shirt. It is the Death Note, but not the other death not that he can see lying inside a special glass box near the LCD screen. Light's eyes grew wide in shock. That could only mean one thing. It's Ryuuk's notebook.

"I know everything now, Yagami-kun. The changed rules, your withdrawal of the death note inside the locked room, your plan of killing me using Misa's shinigami eyes, everything."

"Okay. So what will you do now? Kill me? Kill me, the Kira? Go ahead! This whole building is under your control. You can fire bullets at me from any angle. Go on, and be a criminal yourself. Hahaha!" He devilishly laughed

Ryuzaki raised his left hand and five armed people came in.

Light seemed stunned, but he's actually expecting this to happen. He thought he had everything working out as planned. Now he'll just wait for his turn. For the perfect time to erase L from his "perfect world".

When suddenly…

"Ryuzaki. What are you doing?" Chief Yagami, Light's father, came in shocked at the situation.

"Chief Yagami-san, you're on the side of justice, sren't you?" Ryuzaki uttered as the five men pointed their guns towards Light.

"You said you won't kill Light this way. You said he will undergo proper trial before anything. What's the meaning of this?"

The father have no idea that his son is really Kira. In anger at Ryuzaki, he pulled out his gun and pointed it at him.

"Before you kill my son, I'll kill you first!"

However, before he pulled the trigger, a gun fired out of nowhere. Chief Yagami fell down in front of Light's very eyes. He can't believe Ryuzaki can do such an unexpected thing. All else in his mind got disarrayed, his plans, his self-control. He can hold back his emotions as long as everything goes as planned, but Ryuzaki seemed to have sensed what he is about to do and just let it happen, until this time.

Light fell on his knees. Now he know he is left with only one thing to do.

Now that L did a move as bold as killing Kira's father, what would Light possibly do to counter him. Will Light's next move be a checkmate?

Their little game of chess continues on.


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