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'There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little drink now and then.' Harry mused happily as he downed another shot of fire whisky. He set the glass down silently and motioned for a refill. He brought the filled glass up to his lips, ready to tip it down his throat, when a large calloused hand took the glass from his own. he looked up angrily, his head spinning slightly, "Hey! I wanted to drink that!"

Hagard obsidian eyes glared into his own angry green eyes, "Potter, how many of these have you had? How many times must I tell you not to drink while you are in this condition! Come along, I'm taking you home."

Harry stood reluctantly, nearly falling to the ground, "I can drink what I want Snape. And it's not a condition! I'm pregnant! And its all your fault! You shoved that big delicious cock up my arse all on your own! And besides, I haven't had a drink since the start of this! And that was nearly 8 months ago! Now give me back my fire whisky!"

Severus simply set the glass down on the counter and gathered Harry in his arms before he could reach for it. He strode over to the bars fire place and flooed them back to their flat in Muggle London. Harry looked up at him, wonderously.

"How in Merlin's name do you do that? I can't even floo myself anywhere without landing on my arse! But you just... And I'm... And you... And'd I'm fat! I hate you! Put my down you prick!" Harry squirmed, kicking his legs in a childish manner.

Severus rolled his eyes and walked to their room, setting Harry down on the bed, "The only reason you're fat is because you're about to have a squirming, annoying little child. Now shut up so I can fuck you."

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