The End

The End

Disclaimer: I do not own E.R.

Summary: E.R. closes its doors after 14 years. Take a look inside the promos, the cast interviews and final episode. (This just came to me because I was watching season 1 and I was wondering when E.R. was going to end. )



The screen goes black

The E.R. logo suddenly appears and fades.

"They have come, and they have gone"

The original cast members each appear and disappear.

"After 14 years…"

The newer cast members each appear and disappear.

"…County is closing its doors for good."

Videos from some of the most intense episodes appear.

(Carol's suicide attempt, Ross saving a boy in the flood, the train wreck, the helicopter crashes…)

"May 15, 2008"


TV Guide Review

After 14 seasons, the longest running drama series, will say good-bye to Thursday nights. E.R. has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Fans are sad to see the show the love go off air, but after a drop in the ratings, the fans say it is the best thing for the show.

Executive producer John Wells stated in an interview last week that this decision was crucial to the memories of E.R. "E.R. just isn't what it used to be, so we've decided to end it with a bang."

Thursday, May 15, we will all leave County General. NBC has decided to tribute E.R. and play all 14 seasons in order from the begging starting May 1st. After the two-hour series finale, all past and present cast members have agreed to do a Q&A for their fans and to recall their experiences on the show.


People Magazine Interview with George Clooney

People recently spoke with George Clooney who got his career into motion starting on the long running television show E.R. Clooney reported that he still thinks of E.R. as being a gift. However, he does say the doesn't regret not making a cameo after the one he did when Nurse Carol Hathaway played by Juliana Marguiles decided to leave the show.

Clooney fans whom watched him in E.R. will get excited. Clooney announced exclusively to People that he plans on joining the cast after the series finale for the Q&A.

Series Finale of E.R: May 15, 2008


Well? I hope you liked it. I love ER, but it isn't really giving me any hope for it. As much as I love it, I want it to end, so that I can still call it my favorite show, and this is what I want them to do! Reviews are awesome, and the next chapter will be guest appearances followed by the episode!