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Bella POV:

It was Friday and I could only think of two words. Movie night. Edward had decided to do this so we could get some alone time together. Every other Friday night I always went over to the Cullen's house to hang out, but since Charlie was out on a two-day fishing trip, Edward came up with this idea. We had rented the movie Fear of the Dark for tonight and the reviews all said it was the scariest movie they had ever seen. Reviews like: "Left me on the edge of my seat" and "Kept me up all night" were stamped all along the back of the movie case.

It was 11:00; Edward and I were nestled up on the couch together. I hit 'play' on the TV's remote control and we began to watch the movie. The opening credit music scared me to death. I jumped up about a foot in the air. The first note in the music sounded like someone had just banged low piano keys. Edward laughed at me. He heard my heartbeat spike up about 10 times its normal pace when the movie hadn't even started yet.

"Come on, Bella. You have absolutely nothing to be scared about," he told me in a soothing voice. I just nodded.

The movie went on scaring me to death. Now, a boy was walking down a hallway in the pitch black dark with a dying flashlight in his hand. The flashlight cut off and he screamed. The lights flickered on and off and then they came back on very bright. The boy looked up in front of him and there was a terrifying looking monster in front of him. There was complete silence between the two of them as they just stared at each other. Then, all of a sudden, the monster let out a roar and grabbed the kid by the throat. I jumped up again as the monster screamed. I was practically shaking in my seat and my palms were all sweaty. Edward started laughing at me again. I shifted over to look at him.

"How are you not scared of any of this?" I asked, shocked. Edward just shrugged, pretending to be modest. Of course; Edward was an indestructable vampire and he shouldn't be afraid of anything.

Then, the screen shifted to an older boy around 20 walking down a hallway with a closet at the end. These parts were always so predictable, but still terrifying. The boy started walking slowly towards the closet. I put my hands over my eyes and peeked through the crevices in my fingers.

"Don't look in that closet. Don't look in that closet," I kept muttering. I knew my muttering wasn't going to do any good; the boy went right up to the closet and opened it. This huge monster jumped out and tackled the boy. I didn't jump because I knew what was coming, but I never expected Edward to jump. Maybe I had just imagined it, but I totally doubted it. I turned around to face Edward. He was wide-eyed.

"Edward? Did you just jump?" I asked, stunned. If Edward could blush, he would be tomato red right now.

"I did," he said, defeated. "But how did you not jump? You have been jumping at everything in this movie!" I started laughing hysterically.

"I knew that was coming. It was so predictable! I never would have expected you to jump though," I said as I continued my laughing fit. Edward sighed. I think he was just trying to think of a quick comeback.

Edward didn't jump again for the rest of the movie, but I sure did. I even screamed my head off when the 20 year old boy got murdered by the monster from the closet. Nothing phased Edward, except that one closet scene. When it was time to go to bed, Edward led me upstairs and kissed me before bed. He hummed my lullaby, just like any other night. But tonight, I wished I could stay up and see what would be going through his head...

Edward POV:

For the first time in quite a while, I was terrified. It was just a movie, I kept telling myself. But that didn't help too much. That movie was horrifying and I couldn't prove it to Bella. I heard her heartbeat slow and I knew she was asleep. I kept glancing at the closet that was closest to Bella's side of the bed. I didn't think if there was something in there that it would come out with me looking at it. At a peripheral peek, I didn't see the closet door move an inch. I sighed, thinking that I was going insane and I had no reason to be scared of a silly movie. Then I had an idea of how to prove that it was scary to Bella...

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