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Princess Io

1st Eclipse: Guns And Roses

It was coming again. That one peeve that was the most indescribable object that anyone could target hatred toward was rising beneath the dark abyss. The hunger that always made the young guardian of Kurosu Academy extremely dizzy.

Just the very name or mention of it made the teen rebuke in disgust…toward "it" and himself equally with the desire to condemn both without prejudice.

Its name was the IC

Or rather, better known as the Instinctive Craving. Such a title must behold an important role in the life of a level E vampire right? Yes, it does…in fact, more than any other vampire, whether transformed into one or born naturally; this condition was all the same to both sides.

However, this "condition" was more significant toward those who plummeted down toward level E, and were in danger of going insane.

After sensing psychological brain waves echoing through the hallways of the quiet school, the guardian recognized that it was…time.

Zero Kiriyuu calmly placed his novel on the dimly lit nightstand beside his bed. As he ran his slender fingers through his silver locks, he let out a breath he had been holding for some time.

"Damn…why now?" He muttered, clearly unabashed by the sudden change in his equilibrium. Zero hastily pushed back his covers and staggered to his door.

The young man of seventeen years clutched at the unbearable pain in his chest. He distracted himself by focusing on his travels toward his destination instead, and that helped. As he approached the door of another room, one he could easily point out of all the other identical ones, he felt uneasy about his timing.

"It's the middle of the night…I should really just let her rest…training today was brutal." Zero thought, his moonlight pupils glaring at the gold doorknob on the oak door.

Shaking his head hesitantly, Zero decided it was best to not disturb a person he needed to see at the moment. He thought more about her well being than his own needs, so he would allow her to conserve her energy for tomorrow. Then maybe…he would pursue her…

And fulfill his thirst…


His shoulders gradually became rigid. His foot was stopped midway to brushing against the plush carpet. The young man dared not to turn around. If he even had a single thought to peek over his shoulder and come in faint contact with Yuuki's dark burgundy irises, the guardian wouldn't know how to control himself.

"Zero?" She called again, her soft voice unintentionally coaxing her childhood friend on the edge. Yuuki rubbed her tired eyes and yawned casually. "What are you doing here at this hour?"

Her naïve question made Zero think deeply, was he only here to quench his hunger? Or to see how she was doing? He chose the latter just to be safe. "Just checking on you, making sure you were in better shape since training earlier today." He managed above a low whisper. After finishing, he slowly began to walk away, purposely creating a distance for obvious reasons.

Zero could feel his fangs puncturing the inside of his lower lip, but ignored the minor pain to focus on the direction he was walking. As the teenager took a few long strides forward, a hand grasped the middle of his pajama shirt, bunching up the white and black-checkered fabric. "That time?" Yuuki asked, her inquiry catching Zero off-guard.

The level E vampire quickly responded that he should respectfully let her sleep, panting out his response from the sheer pain being inflicted on him at the moment. Just that slight contact from her fair-skinned hand made Zero sweat more, he had to resist, escape, anything but fall prey to his vampire instincts again.

Never again…

"No Zero. You're only torturing yourself like you always have. Don't resort to the pills…please." The young girl mumbled. Now fully awake, Yuuki fisted her other hand opposite from the one currently placed there, and leaned her forehead lovingly in the middle of Zero's back, breathing in his scent slowly to attempt calming his racing heart to a comfortable speed.

"Kaname's blood is running dry…I can feel it." Yuuki thought, closing her eyes, reflecting on what to do next. Zero knew just what she was thinking, and cringed at the true fact that lay before him in the open.

His legs suddenly felt lethargic; he had reached his limit. The cravings that frenzied within increased, forcing the demons in his mind screech mad and inarticulate. "It" was becoming too much to ignore now.

"You don't understand Yuuki! I promised you that I would never take anymore of your blood." His voice shaky from the pressure.

Yuuki protested, strongly stating that her blood can save him and is the only way. She hated how he constantly hurt himself to protect her from harm. It saddened her, to the point that she just felt the need to not comply with Zero's wishes this time around.

Zero quickly turned toward the woman, his large calloused hands in a vice grip around her small and fragile shoulders. "Then what do you make of this? How do you explain what happened to you?" He bit back a shout, yelling loud enough for his voice to echo through the silent hallways, no one heard behind their closed doors.

His strength however, did not waver and accidentally tore the front of Yuuki's top.

Behind it were bruises, cuts, and scars…all of them from the creatures that Zero had truly hated. They had ambushed her earlier; during field training that occurred about a week ago. None had consumed her precious blood, but weren't left empty handed.

It was interesting…truly. To witness the most horrifying nightmare Zero could imagine. This was the reason why he forced himself to take blood tablets for the last few months.

He couldn't even look at himself anymore; it was too painful to bear. When Yuuki had been attacked during their field test, Zero had come too late to protect her.

Yuuki had been knocked unconscious and weaponless. When Zero arrived to aid her, she had disappeared. After reloading his Bloody Rose, Zero clenched his fist in frustration and anger. "Too late…" He whispered, faintly smelling a scent that drizzled the murky air. A scent of nostalgia to all who were creatures of the night…blood.

After running with unmatched dexterity, the guardian could instantly tell he was close by the blood scent getting stronger. Finally, Zero spotted the infernal fiend that had kidnapped Yuuki and battled her to submission.

But it wasn't a sight he had expected.

The vampire had pinned Yuuki to the floor, his body crushing her tiny frame to prevent excess movement. She attempted a matter of escape earlier, but due to severe injuries and lack of blood altogether, she was powerless. Yuuki tried even something as little as breathing, and that was something very difficult to do at the moment as well. She was only provided diminutive amounts of oxygen at a time.

She hadn't noticed Zero enter the bleak alley. However, knew his presence was near.

"Get up, foul demon." His voice said with finality and daring vice.

The vampire responded the only way they could, by simply turning around to meet with their alleged pursuer. "Didn't expect to see you here…dear brother." The last part made the guardian shiver with anticipation.


The statement was far from false. Identical pupils that mimicked the moon's image stared playfully back at Zero. They peered calmly as they never moved or shifted, and stared into Zero's soul, searching for a leeway.

"Ichiru?" Zero choked. It was no hallucination. This was his very own; his brother and blood related kin. The very person he had been searching for other than his enemy to exact revenge against. The lost twin brother that had been missing since many years before.


Empty shells flew to the floor and walls, smoke being tossed about. As he ran out of ammunition, Zero quickly slammed another bullet magazine into his gun and pulled the trigger. Ichiru dodged each bullet that screamed toward him flawlessly.

The battle raged on; neither combatants revealing any sign of weakness or fatigue. It seemed they hadn't lost any stamina, for each one of their steps and movements were as consistent as the next that was inputted.

The air between the two brothers gradually grew resentful, distant, bitter. It was a standoff for dominance; one brother fighting the other, simultaneously internally fighting what he hated most.

Ultimately, a precise shot had imbedded itself deeply into Ichiru's left shoulder, another in his lower right rib and instantly broke it. Zero's victory had become inevitable, but he didn't come out in perfect injury, his being more life threatening than his brother's. His chest had been torn open, pieces of his school uniform fluttering lifelessly to the moist gravel and blood mixing with the fallen raindrops.

The two dared not move; Zero poised perfectly, gun in his left hand in order to let his broken right hand rest. Ichiru stood at the top of a rusty chain linked fence, his hands bloody from the battle and dripping as he lifted his limb to his point of view.

Zero's brother licked up the falling blood from his hand with his languid tongue, purposely enticing his opponent. His fingertips stood proud and tall as Ichiru continued his charade to anger and tempt Zero further until he spoke.

"I'm thrilled to fight over your prized possession brother. However, now that I have what I need from her, she is of no other use to me. I bid you a formal farewell, I do hope to see you and your fair maiden soon."

"Ichiru!" Zero shouted, lowering his gun to his side and running up the brick wall and jumping toward his adversary to prevent him from leaving.

Seeing this ahead of time, Ichiru had gotten away from Zero's reach and slashed relentlessly at his outstretched hand, cutting open the middle of his hand with a sharpened dagger hidden underneath his sleeve.

After cutting Zero's hand open, Ichiru disappeared to an unknown location, leaving his older brother clueless.

Unfortunately, Zero hadn't landed on his feet like he had hoped, and instead injured himself further by crashing painfully onto the asphalt next to Yuuki's unconscious body. He tried to keep his eyes open, his mind focused, but eventually blacked out into obscurity.

In the end, both guardians resulted in traveling to the hospital thereafter.

Yuuki had countless lacerations on her thighs, arms, stomach and shins. She also had minor head injuries around her cheeks, forehead and back of her neck along with a bloody lip and a small cut just above her eyebrow. Her school uniform had been drenched in her own blood and her pursuers, even Zero's. Another factor that had happened at the scene was that Yuuki had also fractured her wrist, and severely sprained her ankle in the process.

Zero had suffered near fatal compared to Yuuki. He had broken 3 bones in his right hand, cracked his sternum in two places, and thrown his knee out of its socket. Two of his ribs were found broken as well, one of them slightly puncturing his lungs. He had to get immediate attention minutes before Yuuki, to check for vital signs. Luckily, none of his organs were pierced directly, but he was guaranteed man scars and bruises from the fight.

The school had been informed shortly as the two were rushed to the hospital, and Headmaster Cross quickly took time off both the guardian's schooling so they could heal.

Even when Zero quickly healed days after the incident, Yuuki had been traumatized. She began to have morbid nightmares, ones that took place ten years ago and fell apart, each dream more diverse than the one before it.

The stress on her psychologically resulted in Zero becoming more distant with her, from purposely finding excuses to only talk to her when they were working, to not coming to class. He would only come when he "needed" her, and then leave when she would fall back asleep.

But now, Yuuki had enough of Zero dodging her with every opportunity given to him.

"You were almost raped dammit!" Zero declared, squeezing the girl's fragile shoulders out of frustration and hurt. He finally said it; that disgusting scene he had witnessed between his brother and childhood friend, had happened right before his eyes.

In his eyes, Yuuki was a pure and innocent soul with the willpower and courage that could amaze anyone. And here she was, a sacrificial naïveté who always gave, while he would constantly take what she offered.

The two young teenagers portrayed an intriguing pair like no other…

For every beauty, needs a beast.

They just stood there, unable to say anything to one another. Zero's pupils of silver shook, searching for a reaction from the woman standing before him. Yuuki finally spoke after a long moment of thought.

"I don't care about that…it happened a long time ago. Everyone has forgotten about it. More importantly, you need to be taken care of Zero." Yuuki whispered, gently taking one of Zero's hands and prying them off her shoulder.

What surprised her was how compliant Zero was after what she told him. But instead of her leading the way like always, the silver-haired vampire firmly grabbed her hand and walked inside her bedroom. They hadn't spoken again until they reached her large bathroom.


Zero lay against one of the glass walls and looked away, distracting himself by glaring at his bandaged hand. Yuuki had shed what remained of her pajama top, and only wore a thin spaghetti strap underneath.

Just like the first time, the two had committed the forbidden act. To keep a level E vampire alive. Zero had bitten Yuuki much harder, forcing her to cringe as she clutched to him for balance.

He loathed what he was doing…with all his being; he wished to never have to take Yuuki's blood again and again.

It gnawed at his side to no end, but Yuuki was stubborn. "Zero…" she fisted her palms tighter around his shirt and closing her eyes from the pain he was incurring. In response, he lapped up her open wound at the base of her neck lovingly and with the utmost care.

He then pierced his sharp fangs even deeper, tasting each drop of her delicious crimson life. When he finished, he felt dizzy from over indulging and leaned his back against the wall in its current position.

Yuuki held and hand to her head to steady herself, feeling her blood trickle from the two small holes that Zero had given her. "Are you…okay now Zero?" She asked, blinking and letting out a breath she had been holding.

He didn't reply, and instead turned the nozzle of the shower's knobs on. Water sprayed out in seconds, raining on both of them. He stood, Yuuki following him. But, she turned to leave so he could take his shower to get the smell out, but he caught her wrist. He pulled her back toward him and tightly held her to his chest.

Zero took in Yuuki's distinct aroma and felt calm, his eyes no longer dilated.

"Don't leave my site the next time we do another field test…" It wasn't a demand or even a suggestion. Zero had told Yuuki and she didn't object. She smiled a little and nodded.

The shower water continued to fall on the two as they embraced each other.

"You missed a spot…" Yuuki announced, turning off the water flow.

Quirking an eyebrow, Zero began to speak. Yuuki curtly cut him off and leaned toward his face with caution. He instinctively backed away a little, until she kissed the corner of his mouth, centimeters from his flush shaded lips.

His eyes widened in late reaction when Yuuki pulled back. She was about to say something, until those same lips she had nearly kissed had covered her own as quick as lightning.

It was dimly lit in the bathroom, and Yuuki had fallen backwards into the base of the tub. She didn't know what to think at the moment, and quite frankly, didn't care.

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