2nd Eclipse: Kill Me, Kiss Me

How utterly, simply, remarkably, foolish. To think that it would be approved of such an act would be out of ignorance. Kaname calmly opened his blood stained pupils, the scent of blood was near.

And he knew just whom the owner was of the delicious fountain of youth belonged to. And it didn't surprise him at all over the fact that it was being given to the person he never felt fond towards.

"Zero..." He thought, sighing angrily before reclining in his Victorian armchair. Tonight was an interesting one indeed.


The water begun to run from the shower head again, and held the heated moment between the two Guardians. The sensations Zero was feeling, was certainly alien, unfamiliar to what he was used to.

Yuuki could feel he was somewhat, relieved that his thirst had been fulfilled, and by no one other than herself. She smiled silently while gazing upward toward the shadowed profile of the vampire.

"Are you...okay?" She whispered, shyly placing the back of her hand on Zero's cold cheek.

He nuzzled against her warm limb, careful not to seem too forward toward her. He only nodded before bringing his lips onto hers again. Zero blindly traced a finger along the open flap of Yuuki's drenched school shirt, the hushed strokes tempting to push back the buttons that confined his touch upon her virgin skin.

She instinctively shivered, from either the booming water or his hand she was unsure of. It didn't matter much to her surprise. It only excited Zero more.

He leaned away from her moist lips to gain oxygen much to his displeasure; he would choose Yuuki over air any day if breathing wasn't necessary. "Yuuki..." He started, but the girl curtly shook her head.

She was clearly sending a message to him: no words, more action.

He closed his eyes for a few moments, trying to gain his strength long enough to keep his ever-growing urges from possessing him again. Yuuki could easily tell just what he was doing and felt worried in the situation.

Before she was given the opportunity to ask what's wrong with Zero, a loud knock came onto the door. "Yuuki!! Are you still in the bathroom? I need to use the shower!"

It was Headmaster Kurosu; in other words, BAD timing to be together in the restroom.

Yuuki had gone rigid, shaking from the presence of the Headmaster on the other side of the door. Zero quickly twisted the knob shut and slapped his hand over Yuuki's mouth to prevent further sound.

She lifted his hand and quickly responded. "I'll be out in a minute!"

He looked toward her, eyebrows creased in an annoyed expression. Yuuki winked clumsily and stuck her tongue out. "Ha ha..." She teased, and Zero pursed his lips, further knitting his thin eyebrows together.

The young woman cutely kissed his nose. "No complaining, if the Headmaster notices something strange, well, he'll know. Don't be such a baby." She began to stand until Zero pulled her down again, this time onto his upper thighs.

He held her close, nosing against the confounded strands of hair and soaked collar. "I liked it better...when it was quiet..."

"Yuuki? Are you okay? Yuuki!"

The two were still embracing each other, until the girl calmly pulled back. Zero followed, but not long before kissing her one last time.

He kept control of her loose gasps, deftly brushing his large hand against one of her warm breasts.

She clenched her fist by the first touch and let out a small squeak. "Did I...just do...that?"

Zero smirked, trailed lazy kisses along the curve of her chin to the beating pulse on her neck. He stopped short there, and instead of biting her like she expected, he caressed the sensitive skin before coming back into view.

"Be more careful when you're willing to give up your blood. It shouldn't be treated like charity." Zero said, leaping out of the tub and opening the nearby window.

He looked back at her from behind his shoulder, kept that beautiful smile on his masculine features and jumped without a second thought. As soon as he disappeared, the door had been forced open.


The Headmaster looked around for his daughter in dismay, until he quickly discovered her huddled body in the bathtub. He was panicky and practically shaken out of his wits, worried about why she hadn't spoken again.

She explained she hadn't heard him over the running water, but then noticed a mistake in her..."explanation". The water wasn't running anymore!

Her face flushed to a bright maroon, and she began to look around at her surroundings instead of straight at her adoptive father.

"Yuuki...? You really shouldn't leave the water running for so long, and with your clothes on! Perhaps you should lie down..." Headmaster Kurosu laid a hand on her shoulder, concern written on his face.

The tips of her hair still dripped with water, and the air around her still felt thick, it empty without Zero by her side. Just thinking about him made her even more embarrassed and she stood up abruptly.

"I forgot! Sorry Headmaster! I'll be late for school!" She said, completely forgetting her school overcoat and slamming the door behind her. Finally on the opposite side, she leaned against it and held a hand to her forehead.

Now, it was quiet enough for her to think without any kind of distraction...

"Yuuki? Are you...feeling okay? When I mentioned takoyaki to you in class you didn't budge. You sure are overworking yourself; both you and Kiriyuu-san." Yori sighed, looking at her best friend from across the table during lunchtime.

"Well...we have been...working a lot more these days." Yuuki's voice drifted and she stirred her bento box, uninterested with her food at the moment.

Earlier that morning was certainly...quite a shock in her opinion. But, not something she would regret...right? The bell had rung for class and Yori stood up form the lunch table.

She turned and still saw Yuuki staring at her unappetizing food. "Yuuki? You coming?" The girl snapped her attention toward the brunette, nodded nonchalantly and closed up her lunch box.

The two walked together in an awkward silence, the wisps of the wind the only voice between them. A distance away, a pair of silver eyes kept their sight upon the back of Yuuki's black school uniform, and hadn't moved since then.

Her figure disappeared, and Zero could feel the urge coming to life again, this time stronger. He clutched his vibrating tattoo, and hastily sifted through his coat pocket for the blood tablets.

After fishing them out, his vision blurred, the temptation progressively overcoming him. "Dammit..." He cursed under his breath, the pills slipping from his fingertips and onto the grass. They lay there, abandoned.

"That night was the last..." Zero declared, biting the inside of his cheek and drawing blood. This time, he would be in control.

This time Yuuki wouldn't have to be game for him. This time, he was going to cure his disease another way. This time, insanity wouldn't be an option, but neither would temporary pleasure.

This time...it would be different.

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