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Skag Trendy- you all know her, how could you not! has come up with this wonderful lil idea...so heres my big story...evil laugh

All credit to Skag, her wow mind has come up with this baby...hehe

Summary: Skag Trendy's fic challenge: the ultimate supernatural disaster. They Hunt. Mr Bean's Teddy. but hes got tricks up his furry lil sleeves, but will Sam and Dean save London...or fall victim themselves...take place from Skag Trendy's Witch finder- amazing

Disclaimer: I lost the ownership deeds in a poker match with kripke...and i wanted to play strip...curse me

Warning: language and extra strange weird happenings probably not found in any sane mind...

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i feel this story is like that rollercoaster you always want to go on, then ya brave enough to, and just before it sets off, your strap comes loose and your up in the air...it never ends well and it wont be a fairly relaxed ride, but ya glad ya did it!

The Toughest Hunt to Crack

The brother's had been taking it easy for a while, a new job presented itself further North, and on to London where a certain circus had been having unfortunate accidents involving sheep and bearded ladies, Sam and Dean found it laid back and quickly finished the salt and burn and the oddest looking remains they'd ever seen, they never in their lives expected to see who they bumped into...well crashed into rather, they didn't intend to stay for a long time in London, Jay was missing Sam and Dean guessed why, the last night he'd shared with Jay he couldn't sleep for the sounds coming out of that room.

This is the story, of the day they met the man who could even beat them, they never thought a hunt would present itself the way it did...they still have the scars.

Metally, so to speak.

June 10th, Picidilly square.

5:05 Am.

"Sam, just lemme' drive, jeesh if i'd have known you'd be this squirmy when we got here i'd have left you with Jay"

That earned a quick fire smirk from Sam as he remembered the nights with Jay, and the mornings...the breaks, the lunches...the 5 minute get togethers.

But Sam wasn't with her, not today and it appeared not for a long time to come, not if their latest hunt proved anything, apart from the phsyco branding beard ladies and elephant jugglers with god knows what else, they'd been picking up a lot of EMF and the closer they got to Picidilly sqaure, the stronger it became.

That and the aggression level currently radiating off both Winchesters.

Due to a large fact it was London...and Dean was driving.

Not good.

Firstly he'd ran over an old ladies foot, thinking it was...and I do beleive his exact words were "You maniacal garden whore, get off the road you witch" and then succeeded into pissing off the police around Buckingham Palace...and ofcourse the whole while, driving on the wrong side of the road and so far taken out:

Two bikes, three horses and four blind mice, although they looked like huge mutant rats and in London probably were the Labour party.

All in all, it started off as a great day, compared to what happened next.

Suddenly deciding he was hungry Dean pulled off endlessly circling the roundabout and jutted to a stop at a spacey alley entrance and exited the car, Sam in tow.

With a blast from a high pitched horn, both brothers immediatley recognised the flying mini as it sped in a zig-zag motion toward the Impala.

"Sam?" Dean almost growled, the driver was...in the back as far as they could see, and only a tuft of brown fur hung over the steering wheel. "Sam...?" Dean insisted.

"I see it Dean...your not mad" But it didn't make the scene any less in-sane.

"Sam...he...it's getting kinda' close..." Dean spared a glance in Sam's direction and the kid almost looked comical, slack hawed and eye's glued.

The next words even shocked Dean, in that I'm-so-not-suprised-i'm-a-Winchester look.

"A teddy bear's driving Dean..." Sam voiced and they both gawped as the car sped past and careened back into a full u-turn.

They heard a garbled and muffled voice scream its horror as the car sped by and a guy pressed against the back window with a big nose and a mole.

"Sam...that's Mr.Beans teddy..."

Sam's neck swung back to look at his brother so fast he was sure it would break.

"You know him!" It just kind of blurted out.

"NO!...everyone know's Mr. Bean...I didn't know his teddy could drive" Dean seemed the ponder it thoughtfully as the mini continued now in circles and its human occupant screaming in his annoying throaty jibberish and being thrown around in the back.

"Dean!...teddy's cannot drive, do you see a camera crew?...no, it's rigged Dean. It's gotta' be. Toys cannot come to life"

Even as he Sam said those words they could feel the world freeze, the internal voice gasping like he'd just said 'I don't believe in Fairies' in front of tinkerbell and Peter Pan.

They'd just fucked with fate, and as the mini engine suddenly stopped its grumble and stopped and the screams ending with a thud in the back, the drivers door opened and the brothers stared.

"Sam...I think you pissed it off" Dean said and involantarilly took a step back, peering over Sam's shoulder Dean witnessed two sets of furry feet touch the ground.

The full bustling street suddenly was empty and the clouds were even starting to grey. Well it was bloody england, picture a murderer losing his faveourate knife...and it's raining.

The mini's door slammed and a hateful black eyed, black eyebrowed frown came into view.

"Oh FUCK. Sam RUN!" The brothers spun and tried to make it into the alley before the little possessed physco bear got to them.

As it happens...luck wasn't on their side, and the author wanted some angst.

Dean felt himself lift off from the ground like he weighed nothing. Slamming into the brick alley wall and sliding onto a dumbster rounded lid and then resting in a boneless heap he got a front row view as Sam was plucked from the ground where Dean was just stood and as Sam flipped in the air he landed with a sickening echoeing thud that reverberated through his chest and as he fell Sam let out an 'Ooomphhf' as he seemed to bounce off the wall and land partially on Dean.

Dean reached half concussed into his pocket and retreived the holy water. At the first sign of the silver flask the bear gave one final fling of its paw and spun on its heels...erm...padded feet?

The last thing Dean saw was a man walking like he had inverted knee's and making 'Oooh' and 'Gah' noises as he walked up close and personal, Dean got a close up of a mole before he fell to oblivion.

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