"A Week To Remember"

Author's Note: I do not own any characters of the Da Vinci Code; I have not made any money from this piece of writing. The Da Vinci Code characters are owned and copyrighted by Dan Brown.

Robert could scarcely sit still on the long flight to Florence. He could not believe that Sophie had agreed to come with him. He kept reliving their two kisses in his mind repeatedly, like a VCR rewinding and replaying a tape. "What could she possibly see in me?" he kept doubting, "I mean, she's young and beautiful and French! I am an old, stuffy professor who lives in America! I mean, come on!" He kept thinking about their adventure that had happened last month, and he felt awed and inspired just thinking about it. Their adventure had been any history buff's dream. Not only did they manage to find the Holy Grail, they also uncovered an ancient and powerful secret that had been protected by the Priory of Sion for thousands of years. Robert wondered if Sophie was as excited as he was when the plane touched down on the runway, jolting tired and jetlagged passengers awake. He could not wait to see her! As soon as they cleared landing, he rushed to the baggage claim to pick up his luggage. He wanted to be there to surprise Sophie when her flight got in because her flight arrived an hour after Robert's did. He was still very nervous, so he decided to buy water bottles for the pair of them just so he had an excuse to get up and walk around. He looked on the flight information boards and found which gate her flight was landing at. He arrived at the gate just as the passengers were coming off. He decided to wait and surprise Sophie at the baggage claim. He saw her, and his heart went wild! He noted the color of her carry on bag and matched to a very stylish luggage set that had her I.D. on it. He hurriedly ducked out of sight when he saw her coming. He watched her looking around for her bags until he finally went up and whirled them with a flourish in front of her and bowed,

"Your royal luggage, my Princess,"

She whirled around, her green eyes flashing with anger, but then sparkling with delight and cried,

"Oh, Robert!"

She threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly. She felt tears in her eyes as she held the man who had protected her during their ordeal last month. She looked up at him and whispered softly,

"I missed you so much!"

Robert's joy was so great that he barely heard her, but he noted that she had tears in her eyes. He reached down and gently wiped them away,

"Don't cry on my behalf, Princess. I am totally not worth the effort."

"Oh, but you are!" Sophie exclaimed, hugging him tighter, feeling very safe and secure in his arms, "You are!"