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"You've got to be kidding me," Chase groaned as he saw a red iron gate blocking his path. He stopped the car and contemplated going back to the hospital and telling House that he hadn't found anything important in their patient's house but he knew he couldn't do that. With his luck the key to solving the case was in the farm house just beyond the metal gate. So reluctantly he got out of his car, locking the door even though he doubted anyone could even find his car he was so far away from civilization, let alone break in and steal anything.

He shoved his keys in his pocket and climbed over the fence before making the long trek up the dirt road towards the farm house. It seemed as if had been walking forever on the road that was lined with forest on each side.

Chase stopped suddenly as he heard a branch snap somewhere behind him and he looked around, expecting some axe murderer to jump out at him and hack him to pieces. He waited for a moment and listened intently to his surroundings. All he heard was the rustle of leaves in the wind and birds chirping. He shrugged, figuring he had heard a squirrel or some other animal.

He didn't hear any other suspicious noises as he walked and he sighed in relief when the small road opened up to a beautiful green field. He could see the farm house sitting in the very middle of the field, it had a fence around it and he could see animals grazing lazily on the soft green grass.

Chase began to make his way across the field when he heard the animals begin to run around madly, making terrified squealing and screeching noises. Chase stopped, wondering if his presence was causing the animals to be ill at ease. He didn't notice the large grey wolf running straight at him from behind. Chase heard quick steps coming up from behind him and he turned to see the wolf was almost on him. His eyes widened and he began to run towards the farm house in a vain attempt to get away.

He looked behind him to see the wolf still running at him but he noticed that it's back right leg was seemed to be injured so its speed was decreased. He somehow managed to pick up his speed, the serene landscape around him blurred into a see of green and brown and the farm house came closer and closer. 'Almost there,' Chase thought triumphantly to himself. But his internal victory was short lived as he felt his left leg give out from under him and he slammed down onto the hard ground. He looked behind him and saw that he had stepped right into a gopher hole.

"Fuck!" Chase cried as he scrambled to get back to his feet but the wolf barreled into him and he cried out when he felt the wolf's razor sharp teeth dig into his right arm.

He screamed in agony and he felt the wolf's grip on his arm loosen slightly at his cries. He didn't struggle, knowing that if he did the wolf's teeth would shred his arm and make the damage even worse.

'Oh what the hell does it matter, I'm going to get eaten alive by the big bad wolf anyway. I wonder if House will care that I've gone missing or if I'll just stay out here forever and fertilize the grass.'

As he thought about his ultimate death he was surprised when the wolf let go of him and backed away slowly.

The two stared at each other and Chase wondered what was going on with the wolf. He looked the wolf over as the wolf did the same to him. The wolf seemed bigger up close and it was very intimidating and even with the hurt leg it still held a presence of strength and power. The fur was a mixture of grey, brown, and white and looked so soft Chase wanted to reach out and run his fingers through the wolf's fur but he held himself back figuring he'd get his hand bitten off. He looked up at the wolf's face and furrowed his eyebrows as he saw that it had bright sapphire eyes. He had never seen a wolf with blue eyes before, then again he hadn't had much contact with wolves in his life up until that moment so he supposed it wouldn't be odd for wolves to have human eye colour.

Chase held his breath as the wolf sniffed the air before letting out a piercing howl. Fear gripped Chase's heart, he remembered seeing movies that had wolves in them and they usually howled to call their pack together.

The blond watched in surprise as the wolf turned and ran as fast as it could back into the cover of the forest. Chase stared after it for a second before shaking his head and looking down at his bleeding arm. He needed to get back to the hospital and get the wound cleaned and stitched up. As he began to stand he felt the world around him spin and he staggered forward a few paces before stopping and trying to regain his bearings.

He closed his eyes against the spinning of vibrant colours that made his stomach lurch violently. "Help," he whispered but the sound of his own voice was so loud he thought his ears would begin to bleed.

Chase opened his eyes once more and he felt bile rise up into his throat and he hunched over as he vomited up everything he had eaten for lunch. He staggered away from the vomit, the very smell assaulting his senses and he began to heave once more but there was nothing left in him to throw up.

The swirling colours around him began to darken and he wondered if time had passed while he was in this hell of the senses and it was now nightfall. He fell to his knees as the colours became darker and darker and he could feel himself falling to his side as darkness overcame him.

The wolf with blue eyes watched the blond from his hiding place in the thicket of trees and he whimpered slightly as he saw the young man throw up and then finally pass out. His ears perked up as he heard human footsteps coming closer to him. The wolf looked over his shoulder and saw a man coming towards him. The man smiled as the wolf came up to him and licked at his hand affectionately. He lifted his hand and began to scratch behind the wolf's ears, causing the wolf to whine softly in appreciation. The man looked out to the field where the blond lie and he bit his bottom lip softly before sighing.

"Come on, lets get him out of here," the man said and the wolf took off running toward the unconscious blond, the man following close behind.

The pain woke him. It was all consuming and felt as if was being burned slowly from the inside out. His bones breaking and joining back together, just to break again. His muscles shriveled and died before coming back to life stronger. His skin broke open and peeled off of his body before his body slowly made a new one, much like a snake would. His lungs collapsed, his eyes melted out of his head and his brain leaked out of his ears and nose. His blood boiled, his nerves were being sliced down the middle. His DNA was unraveling and dissolving. He was being unmade.

He let out an anguished scream and he felt hot tears make their way down his cheeks. He was in hell, he had to be.

"It's gonna be ok Chase," he heard a voice say through his pain. He barely recognized the voice and somehow he had the strength to call out.

"House…House…hurts so much…help," Chase cried and he could feel arms wrap tightly around him as he continued to writhe and thrash in a vain attempt to try and shake off his pain.

"I know it hurts Chase but it's almost over."

House's voice was soft and comforting but laced with sadness and Chase wondered what had made the older man so upset.

"Can't we give him something?" he heard another voice say.

"No, if we give him morphine it'll stop the transformation completely and he'll never be whole again. He has to go through this," he heard House say.

He felt an extra set of arms wrap around him as his cries of anguish became louder and he screamed out for mercy.

"It's almost over," House whispered into Chase's sweaty blond hair.

"You're going to be fine Chase, just concentrate on our voices ok," the man said and Chase realized he was trying to get him to be distracted from the pain he was in.

"Listen to Wilson, Chase," House said.

"W-Wilson?" Chase asked through clenched teeth.

"Yes we're both here Chase, we aren't going anywhere," Wilson said and he felt the arms around him tighten.

Chase made to say something but he felt his throat close up and his body began to spasm. House and Wilson held him as best they could and waited until the spasm passed.

Wilson's breath caught in his throat when Chase stopped screaming and moving and went completely limp in their arms.

It was quiet in the apartment for what seemed two eternities before Wilson broke the thick silence.

"Is it over?" he asked as he looked over at House who was staring down at the blond in his arms.

"Yes, it's over," he whispered as he lay Chase down on the soft bed before he grabbed his cane and slowly got up and made his way to the bathroom. Wilson closed his eyes sadly when he heard House begin to vomit.

It was nightfall when Chase woke; he felt no real pain just a persistent aching all over his body. He looked around him and saw that he wasn't in the hospital or even in his own apartment. He vaguely remembered hearing House and Wilson talking to him during his pain filled hour but he began to wonder if he had imagined their voices to keep him from going insane.

He groaned as he tried to sit up but he stopped and lay back down as he heard footsteps and a cane thumping against the ground coming from the hallway.

House and Wilson stood in the doorway and he stared at them in surprise, so he hadn't just imagined their voices.

"How do you feel?" House asked as he came closer to the bed.

"Achy and sore all over," he said in a hoarse whisper. House nodded his head "Good, it means everything worked the way it should."

"What worked, what's going on?" Chase asked.

"Do you remember what happened to you in the field?" House asked.

"Yea, there was a wolf, it chased me down and bit me," Chase said wondering what that had to do with anything.

It was quiet for a moment before House asked "How much do you know about werewolves?"

Chase stared up at him in surprise; he certainly hadn't expected that to come out of his boss's mouth.

"Is this a joke House?" Chase asked wondering why the older man was mocking him after all that had happened to him.

"Just answer the question," House said.

"They change into a wolf during the full moon, they have to get bitten by another werewolf to become one, when they're wolves they become blood thirsty, that's about all I know," Chase said tersely.

House nodded "I thought you'd say that."

"What the hell is going on?" Chase asked not understanding why they hadn't taken him to the hospital and why they were asking him asinine questions.

"You're a werewolf Chase," Wilson said and House looked over at the other man crossly.

"Yea sure, look if you two are done making fun of me can you please take me to the hospital, I should get the bite on my arm looked at," Chase said as he tried to sit up once more but winced at the tightness in his aching muscles and he was surprised when House gently pushed him back down onto the bed.

"We're not making fun of you, here I'll show you," House said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

Chase stared at House waiting for the man to laugh at him and tell him how stupid he was. He almost jumped out of his skin when he blinked and as he opened his eyes once more he saw a large grey, brown, and white wolf with blue eyes sitting on the bed where House had been.

Chase's eyes widened in realization as he stared at House, "The wolf from the field," he whispered in shock.

Before he could stop himself, he reached out and tentatively touched House's forehead and was surprised when House leaned into his touch. Chase smiled slightly and ran his fingers through the fur that was as soft as it looked.

He looked over at Wilson who was smiling at the two and he wondered what in the name of God was going on. It certainly wasn't natural for someone you thought to be totally human turn out to actually be a wolf.

Chase pulled his hand back and in the blink of an eye the wolf was gone and the House he was used to seeing was back.

"You bit me," Chase said. It wasn't accusing just a simple statement of recognition and House nodded his head.

"I had to," House said.

"Mind telling me why?" Chase asked.

House shrugged "Cause you're our mate and you were meant to be a wolf," the older man said nonchalantly.

"Um…what?" Chase asked.

"You know how most animals have mates?" House asked and Chase nodded his head. "Well wolves are animals that have one mate, only in this case you have two mates, me and Wilson."

"You and me and Wilson are supposed to be together?" Chase asked in shock.

"Yup, that's why I had to bite you, because you were meant to be a wolf, only people who are meant to be wolves ever get bitten by another wolf, it's supposed to ensure the survival of the species or something like that," House explained.

"So the three of us are mates and are werewolves," Chase said trying to see if he had all his facts straight.

"Only you and I are wolves, don't use the word werewolf that's just degrading," House said as he crinkled his nose in disgust.

"Why isn't Wilson a wolf?"

Wilson smiled "Because like House said only certain people are meant to be wolves."

"And you aren't one of them?" Chase asked.


"Trust me Jimmy you aren't missing anything," House said as he remembered back to the time when he was bitten and had been alone for his transformation.

"From what I just saw Chase go through I'm just going to assume you're right," Wilson said.

"Can you show me how to do that?" Chase asked focusing their attention back to the blond lying in the bed.

"Show you how to do what?" House asked although he had a pretty good idea of what Chase was going to ask him.

"Show me how to change into a wolf," Chase said.

"I will when you can stand up alright," House said as he stood up from the bed.

"Get some sleep ok Chase," Wilson said with a smile and Chase nodded his head slightly so as not to increase the aching.

He watched the two leave and closed his eyes; certain that when he woke up everything would be normal again even though a part of him didn't want it to be.