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Wilson made his way out to the living room alone as House slipped into the bathroom once more. He settled down on the couch and locked his eyes on the TV. He closed his eyes for a moment, biting his lower lip. He wasn't able to see what it was like when House was bitten (for all he knew, he was bitten sometime as a child) and part of him reached out to Chase. In all his years of being a doctor, of seeing patients suffer from the after effects of chemo and radiation, of seeing families torn apart by the death of a child, a parent, a lover; nothing he saw in his life could compare to the pain that he saw in Chase's helpless eyes. He looked up as he heard footsteps followed by the thumping of a cane.

"You okay?" Wilson murmured as House slipped on the couch.

House nodded closing his eyes for a moment, "It really could've been worse. He'll sleep through the night. The entire ordeal is exhausting and he could've done damage to himself. He's lucky he wasn't alone."

Wilson nodded "We'll feed him tomorrow then?"

"Just not as the wolf. I don't know how his body will react to the changes so quickly. Once he learns how to control his forms, then we'll feed him. The human side wont be too happy with a plate of raw meat but the wolf will be ecstatic...then again, we're feeding him venison so he'll be happy. Deer is one of the first meats a pup gets to taste."

"His first meal," Wilson said fondly. "We should get one of those baby books and keep track of all of this: first meal, first howl, first mistaking a skunk to be a kitty and chasing said kitty until it sprays him, first tomato juice bath…"

"We're wolves Wilson, not mongrels."

Wilson chuckled, reaching around House's body, scratching at the back of his ears, "You'll like it too, wont you? We'll have more meat in the house and everything."

"Better then when you tried to feed me tofu," House snorted.

"Nothing wrong with tofu."

"Wolves eat meat Jimmy."

"There was meat in there."

"Covered in vegetables. I'm not a rabbit, I eat rabbits."

"Wolves should have a well rounded diet," Wilson argued before returning to the petting, smiling as House leaned into his touch.

"Look who's talking," House grumbled before poking Wilson's stomach.

"Be happy I still gave you desert that night," Wilson smiled, took House's hand and kissed the intruding fingertip.

"We haven't had venison in a long time…" He trailed off before looking up at Wilson. "Are you sure you're okay with all of this?"

Wilson shrugged, "I like you, I like Chase. As long as you two are still my human mates, then it's fine." He paused, blushing slightly, "And…if I can be with you two once in a while."

House let out a laugh that sounded a lot like a wolf barking. He leaned in, pulling Wilson into a deep kiss, his tongue darting past his lips to swipe over the other's teeth and tongue. His hand moved down to Wilson's thigh, moving upwards and traced along the bulge of the crotch of his slacks.

"First time...of course. Chase'll be skittish. It's not that he's a puppy but…he's not full grown either." He grinned, moving up to whisper in Wilson's ear. "Do you want to hold him when I take him Jimmy? Do you want to hear him beg and plead for us?"

Wilson let out a choked sound, rolling his hips upwards to grind into House's touch.

"Yes…You said that you would…tell me …what happened when you-House!" He groaned as the older man slipped his hand into his pants, wrapping his fingertips around his arousal. "Not now..Ch..Chase is right in the other room-"

"And will be sleeping for the rest of the night," House growled in his ear before taking the lobe between his teeth and giving it a tug.

"You promised after we turned Chase…you'd tell me." Wilson pulled back, House's hand slipping from his pants. "I've waited long enough Greg."

House sighed, biting his lower lip before pulling his pills out of his pocket. There was no getting out of this one. If Wilson felt this was more important then sex, he really had no choice. "Can't it wait?"

"I've waited long enough," Wilson repeated.

"It wasn't like Chase's. I'll tell you that much."

"Were you alone?" Wilson asked, resting his head on House's shoulder. House had never told him how he was changed from man to beast. Wilson tried to ask thousands of times but House would make the same excuses over and over, I'm tired, I don't want to talk about it, go make some pancakes, shh I'm trying to watch the game.

"It was in Egypt, I was seven."

Wilson nodded, tracing his fingers up and down House's forearms.

"Dad was always working on the base, Mom would always be cleaning or cooking or washing, keeping the house clean so that Dad wouldn't start screaming. I was curious. Egypt's a land of opportunities, discoveries, and mysteries. All I wanted to do was explore."
"And you couldn't alone?"

House shrugged, his eyes fixed on Wilson's fingers, "Wasn't as fun. There was another boy on the base around my age. His name was Hayb and his family came from Turkey. He was my ticket to the pyramids."

"How so?" Wilson asked.

"Language barrier. Hayb was born on the base so he knew Arabic. I came straight from America so I didn't have a chance to learn as quickly as he did. He would talk to the locals there; I still don't understand how he had those connections at that young age. Anyways, he always managed to get us deep into the bowels of the pyramids. We'd spend hours in there, not really taking the danger into consideration. We were two boys who wanted nothing more then have adventures, get dirty and live without a care in the world."

"So you were bit by a mummified wolf?" Wilson asked, raising an eyebrow.

House shook his head. "Hayb in Turkish means wolf, " he explained, his voice becoming softer. "Through he couldn't transform out of free will."

"I thought you all could."

"Wolves are like people Wilson, we're all different. Watch when Chase changes. Yeah I bit him, but we won't be the same breed. Each Wolf has a different personality, a different soul, different DNA, all of that."

Wilson nodded, "Go on."

"As I said, Hayb would only change on the full moon. We were out in the desert when it happened. Mom saw I was missing from my bed, told Dad who went out with a convoy. He saw his only son on the ground, blood dripping from his neck." House pulled down the collar of his shirt showing the faint yet visible scar.
"And he gave a damn?"

"At the time…I was still normal." House spat the last word out. "He saw the wolf leaning over his son's body. It was Hayb's first and last bite. He opened a few rounds on him."

"I thought that-"

"If you say anything about silver bullets, I'll thwart you." House glared. "It's another folklore. We can be killed with regular bullets, just like a normal wolf or man. Mind you, it does take a bit more then normal." He passed before continuing. "By daybreak, when they realized Hayb was missing, they went looking for him. They found his body and just put it together that he was killed by Islamic Fundamentalists."

"Didn't they know that's where the wolf went down?"

House shrugged, "I'm sure Dad put two and two together but he never said anything. That morning they kept me in the hospital, in ICU alone. Dad was still working on the base, Mom was still cleaning the house so he wouldn't bitch and I was strapped down to the bed, going through exactly what Chase went through completely alone. They thought I was just suffering from some form of post-traumatic stress disorder. It wasn't until they came in the next morning and saw a wolf laying in my bed that they even began to think differently."

"It never slipped out?"

"It's the government Wilson, if they can make us believe that there are weapons of mass destruction to get into a country filled with oil, or that life from other planets doesn't exist, they can certainly cover up a story about a werewolf. Haven't you ever heard of Area 51?"

Wilson chuckled and nodded slightly. "What happened afterwards?"

"Moved to Japan for a while and then back to America," House gave a final sigh before resting his head on Wilson's shoulders. "Am I done now?" He asked dramatically.

"Yes," Wilson replied, trailing his fingertips up and down House's back. "See, that wasn't so bad now, was it?"

House snorted, "Made me relive one of the worse days of my life."

"What are the others?" A soft, heavily accented voice came from the hall.

House jumped out of the seat, wincing as his thigh angrily reminded him that he was missing a muscle. Wilson rolled his eyes, walking past him to where Chase was standing. "How are you feeling?" He asked, looking over the bandages that he and House placed on him.
"Tired," Chase murmured, rubbing his eyes. "Tired and sore. Like I ran a marathon ten times."

House managed to grab his cane and limped heavily to where his two lovers were standing. "You need to sleep this off Chase. More you sleep now, the easier it'll be for your first transformation."

"Feels like my mouth is filled with cotton." Chase complained, rubbing his eyes again. "The lights hurt."

"Sensitivity," House nodded, wrapping his arms around Chase's torso. "One of the side effects. You'll see how heightened your senses will get."

"Do you want me to get you some water?" Wilson asked.

Chase nodded, looking up at the both of them. "Can you…will you two sleep with me tonight?"

Wilson hesitated before looking over at House who gave him a curt nod. "Go get him some water. Keep ice out of it or he'll have the worst case of brain freeze ever." He glanced at the bandages on his arm. "We'll change those too."

"Shower?" Chase murmured, looking up at the two hopefully.

House paused, "Do you think you can stand up that long?"

Chase nodded.

"Worse comes to worse, he can sit on the ledge," Wilson pointed out, heading to the kitchen.

"True," House murmured, steering Chase into the bathroom. "Now…" He sat him down on the toilet seat, giving a light wince as he kneeled in front of him, gently unwrapping the bandages and gauze.

"'m sorry about your friend," Chase whispered.

House shook his head, "Nothing for you to be sorry about. You didn't kill him, you had nothing to do with it."

Chase shrugged, "Still sorry." He paused, glancing down at the wound at his arm before raising it up to his lips, lapping at the blood.

"Ah! Don't make me get the cone," House said, holding Chase's wrist to bring his arm back down. "Licking it isn't going to make it better. You're more of a pup then I thought."

Chase's eyes widened, as he turned pale, "I have…no idea why I did that."

"It's the wolf in you," House explained calmly as he threw the soiled bandages out. "In the beginning, you're going to do some things that you don't understand." He gave a chuckle as Chase reached down with his free hand to stroke at his head. "Like that for example."

"No, I know why I'm doing this." Chase grinned, running his fingertips through the locks of hair and down to the stubble of his chin. "Almost as soft as your fur…hell your fur is almost the color of your hair. Only difference is there's more grey in your fur."

"The breed affects that too. I'm a Mackenzie Valley Wolf."

Chase raised an eyebrow, "Will I be one too?"

House shook his head, "Not for me to say. You could be, or you could be a completely different breed. Thing is, those who are meant to be wolves have the wolves inside them already. People think that the biting changes you into a wolf. Instead, it's chemical reaction in the saliva, mixing with your blood that releases the wolf inside of you."

"I think I understand…" Chase replied, giving a soft sigh.

"You'll get it all eventually," House said as he stood up and turned the faucet on, the bathroom filling with steam. "Let's get you out of these clothes then."

Chase blushed hard as House pulled off the T-shirt that they threw on him before placing him in the bed.

"Nothing I haven't seen before," House teased as he pulled down the sweatpants. He paused for a moment, his eyes fixed on Chase's cock. He didn't have a chance to look at it before due to how hurried the atmosphere was with he and Wilson trying to get the bleeding to stop and hold Chase during his spasms.

"House…" Chase blushed harder, giving a strangled moan as the older man wrapped his fingertips around him.

"You two starting without me" Wilson's voice came from the doorway.

House looked up, giving a rather wolfish grin as he pulled back to give Wilson a view.

Wilson rolled his eyes before pulling off his own clothes, working on House's.

"What…are you two," Chase blinked, giving a low groan as he watched Wilson press his own nude body up to House's, wanting nothing more then to be between the two men.

Wilson chuckled as he slipped his hands up and down House's chest, kissing down his neck.

"We're going to have to help you in the shower…your muscles are still pretty weak. You may not feel it now but…oh fuck Wilson!" House grunted, grinding up against the other man.

Chase hesitated, giving a soft whimper before standing up and walking over to House and Wilson, his eyes fixed on the floor. "I've…well not that I'm a virgin by any means but…not with."

"We're not doing anything tonight for the most part Robbie," House explained as he pulled him into his arms. "No, not tonight. You're still weak and I'm not playing with the transformation."

Chase nodded against House's chest. "Can…I see you two…make out?"

"You sound just like a high school girl," House teased before giving a wolfish grin, tilting his head back to capture Wilson's lips with his own. Chase shivered, his eyes fixed on the mouths of the two men, tongues fighting for dominance, the soft, almost silent wet sounds that they made. House paused before looking down at Chase and pressed his lips to the blonde. Chase had kissed other men before; he just never really felt a connection with them. Then there was Cameron who just wanted sex and nothing more. Chase needed a relationship. He needed stability and a sense of "grounding".

House pulled away, letting Wilson lean over his shoulder to press his lips up to Chase's Wilson's lips were different, not as rough as House's. Chase really didn't mind the stubble but it was a nice change when Wilson kissed him. It was more tender, not as aggressive as House's tongue. Wilson pulled back and he and House pressed their lips to each other's once more, House's hand on Wilson's cock and Wilson's hand on House's cock. Chase looked down at House's arousal hard and swollen against his stomach, his eyes fixed on Wilson's hand moving up and down, twisting towards the tip, giving a tug at the base. He tried to memorize every movement that Wilson made. He sniffed at the air, the smell of arousal filling his nostrils. He could feel himself harder as he gave a low whine and dropped to his knees.

House pulled back and looked down at Chase, threading his fingers through his hair. "You know where your place is already, don't you?" He murmured, giving the blonde locks a slight tug.

Chase nodded, his eyes fixed on House's bobbing erection, before leaning in to lick at the tip. Wilson smiled, keeping House's cock still in his fist, rubbing it up to Chase's lips. House gave a slight moan, his knees buckling.

"Open a little" Wilson murmured. Chase blushed and opened his mouth slightly as Wilson pushed House's hips forwards, wiping the tip of his cock, as well as a few droplets of pre-cum along Chase's tongue. "That's a good boy," He murmured, doing it once more before pulling House back to give Chase a moment to take in what exactly just happened.

"Not..bad…" Chase murmured after a moment, licking at House's cock once more, then again, over and over trying to keep a steady rhythm of his tongue, like a dog lapping at his water bowl. He gave a whimper before maneuvering Wilson so that he could see him as well. Wilson was different then House. There was a different scent, not as musky, almost smooth. He didn't taste as …manly as House did either. Wilson was also a big smaller in length but thicker in width. Chase paused before taking hold of both Wilson and House, licking at each arousal alternately before placing both the tips in his mouth.

House shuddered, trying to deepen the kiss with Wilson and keep his eyes on Chase at the same time.

Wilson chuckled, groaning as he felt the sensitive tip of his penis brush up to House's, then to Chase's tongue, then back to House's cock, his hands slipping down to Chase's hair as well. "He'll have soft fur," he murmured.

This chapter was written by my friend Leah and I'll be writing the next chapter and alternating like that through out. Anyway this chapter is amazing so please review.

House nodded, giving the blonde locks an experimental tug once more, "Long haired, he won't be a desert variety. I'd say somewhere more northern, up near my region."

Chase looked up at them before standing up, rubbing his jaw "Could we be the same breed?"

Wilson laughed before pulling Chase into a deep kiss. "It takes a bit of practice but you'll get used to it."

"Just don't bite off more then you can chew…actually, don't bite at all. As for breeds, "House shook his head, "Doubt it. The chances that the breeds are the same after biting are slim to none. Nothing to worry about."

"But it doesn't matter because we still love you," Wilson chimed in, holding both of his lovers close.

"You're still ours no matter if you're a purebred or a mangy mutt." House reached behind Chase's head, scratching at the back of his ears, laughing as he watched the younger man melt in his touch. "I'll tell you now. Wilson gives the greatest head scratches. He knows exactly where to put his fingers that it feels like you're in heaven…" He gave a soft smile before pressing his lips to Chase's. "Let's get you in the tub."

"Speaking of which, you're going to need one too." Wilson said,. "I'm not sleeping with a wolf with the scent of blood on him."

Chase paused, "You sleep as a wolf?"

House shrugged, "I alternate. It depends on my mood really." He gave a soft sigh before transforming into the wolf. He gave a bark before hopping in the tub, spraying both Chase and Wilson with the water.

Wilson gave a sigh, trying to glare at the blue eyed, tail wagging wolf that he called one of his lovers, watching as his blonde haired counterpart slipped in the tub as well. The wolf sniffed at him and Chase laughed as he licked at his nose, his wet tail sending water everywhere.

And for the moment, he was genuinely happy.