Author's Note 1: I have no knowledge of the state of Washington and the town of Danbee is made up as far as I know.

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It was a cool autumn night and a storm threatened to hit the little town of Danbee, Washington, where the Winchesters were staying at the local Starlite Motel getting ready for their next hunt. The storm promised to be a fierce one but nothing as fierce as what was going on in Room 208 of the Starlite Motel between Sam and John.

"I just don't understand why I can't go to the movies just this once" said a fifteen year old Sam, feeling let down as he saw the thunderous look on his father's face. "

You know damn well why you can't go to the movie Sammy. You know we're here to hunt the black dog that has been terrorizing this town for the last month!" John was tired of his youngest son's demands for a normal life. It seemed that they have been fighting about every single hunt lately that they went on.

"All you care about is the damn hunt" thundered Sammy! "You could care less if Dean or I ever have a happy moment in our lives."

With an angered look on his face John replied, "You know that's not true. You boys are the reason I hunt; too keep you safe." But Sammy wasn't hearing any of it, he was beyond angry at this point.

Dean sat and watched the fight between his dad and brother with a sad expression on his face. He understood his brother's need for normalcy, but also knew how important it was to take care of the supernatural creatures that lurked out there in the dark. Dean watched with a stunned look on his face as his brother yelled at John

"You're a liar! You care more about those strangers out there that could care less what we do to save their asses! I am frigging tired of hunting and getting hurt only to move on to the next hunt to satisfy your needs!" Before John could think about what he was doing, he slapped a stunned Sam across the face. At the look of hurt on his baby's face, John's heart dropped as he tried to apologize for something that he hadn't meant to do.

"Sammy, I'm so sorry!" Dean sat in disbelief at what happened as Sammy, with tears in his eyes, ran to the room he shared with his brother saying I HATE YOU to their father!

Dean turned to John, "How in the hell could you just stand there and hit him like that? You've never raised a hand to us before!"

John stood with glistening eyes and replied, "I don't know what happened, I was just so damned angry about always fighting with him lately, I didn't realize what I was doing!" "I'll go apologize to him again in a little while. Just give him some time to cool down first" Dean wasn't sure about leaving his baby brother alone for an hour, but then he knew that Sammy would be embarrassed at having Dean see him cry, so he chose to leave his brother alone for the time being. He would go talk with him in thirty minutes and try to ease the pain that Sam must surely be feeling.


Unbeknownst to the older Winchesters, Sam was in his room packing what few belongings he had into his duffle bag. He wasn't going to stay somewhere that he wasn't appreciated. As he stuffed the last of his belongings into his bag he murmured "screw you dad, I'm out of here!" He placed a letter that he had written to Dean on the night stand and stealthily climbed out the window and ran off into the rainy night not thinking about the dangers ahead of him.

As Dean was sitting on the sofa watching television, he noticed that things had gotten pretty quiet in the bedroom. Figuring that Sammy had finally calmed down enough to talk, Dean decided to go to their room and cheer up his baby brother. Upon entering the room, Dean noticed the open window with dread in his heart. As he hollered for his dad, he thought, "Damn it Sammy, what have you done?" He looked around the room with searching eyes to see if he could find some clue as to what Sam might have done. His eyes spotted the paper lying on the nightstand just waiting to be read. Dean walked over and picked the paper up with trembling fingers.

As John came barreling into the room, Dean looked at his father with hot tears streaming down his face! A look of alarm crossed John's face when he saw the panicked look in Dean's eyes! "What is it Dean, what's happened?" Dean couldn't talk past the lump in his throat and handed over the letter for his father to read!

Dear Dean,

I'm sorry to leave you this way, but I can't take the fights anymore between me and dad. He never listens to me or cares about my feelings. All we ever do anymore is fight and I can see the strain that it is putting on you, and for that I am truly sorry big brother because I never meant to hurt you! I hope one day you can forgive me for taking off, but I feel like I am losing myself and I don't like the person I am becoming. I love you so much and this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life! I am missing you already. I LOVE YOU BIG BROTHER!! Please tell dad that I didn't mean it when I said I hated him and that I love him too. I know it doesn't seem like it sometimes with all the fighting between us!

Love, Sammy

After reading his baby's words, John felt his heart plummet as tears rolled down his face! How had he managed to put his son through such despair that he felt the need to run away because he didn't like the person he was becoming. As he read the note again, he heard Dean's anguished words of "We've got to find him dad, he's out there all alone and you know how he feels about storms!"


Sam had always been afraid of thunderstorms since he was a young child of three. He would huddle close to Dean terrified at the sounds of thunder that crashed and boomed as they lay in their beds at night, fingers clutching tightly to Dean's shirt!

As Sam walked down the road and away from his family, thoughts of Dean filled his mind! How would his big brother feel once he found the note? Would he hate him for leaving? Would he forget about him? Sam truly hoped that he didn't because Dean was his world, his hero, the one who always took care of him as he was growing up. As Sam walked, he noticed the rain had started coming down in torrents and he wished that he had brought a heavier jacket with him as he was starting to feel a chill from being soaked to the bone!


As they drove through the pouring rain, Dean's fears rose significantly. He had noticed over the past two days that Sammy seemed a little off. He had been coughing a little and sneezing, he was probably catching a cold. He knew that the chilly, falling rain could only make things worse for Sammy. As he watched the road ahead he thought "Damn it Sammy, why did you have to take off on a night like this. I'm worried about you bro!"

John sat silently beside Dean as he drove thinking about his youngest child. Why did he always have to be so hard on his youngest? He knew Sammy needed more, that he craved normalcy unlike him and Dean. Sure, he tried to provide some downtime for Sammy where they could just be a family once in a while, but it wasn't enough. He should have let Sam go to the movies. The sound of Dean's voice broke him from his thoughts.

"Hey dad, how far do you think Sammy could have gotten in this weather. I am really worried about him."

"I wish I knew son. I don't like him being out there alone knowing that a black dog is in the area either." John could only hope that Sam had taken some kind of weapon with him to defend himself until they were able to find him.

"I'm worried about the black dog too dad, but I think Sammy was also getting sick."

John, with a look of panic on his face, turned to look at Dean "What do you mean he was getting sick? What did I fail to notice?" As Dean told his dad about Sam coughing and sneezing over the past couple of days, he noticed his dad tense up and get a firmer grip on the steering wheel, determination in his eyes. They were going to find the youngest Winchester if it was the last thing he did!


As Sam trudged along, he really wished he could find a place to get out of the pouring rain. His head was aching, his throat was beyond sore, and he felt totally miserable in his sodden clothing. All at once he let out a sneeze that seemed to rattle his brain. In his misery, he didn't notice the glowing eyes that were following his movements down the road. He didn't hear the sound of paws as the quietly tracked his every move.

Knowing that his prey seemed to be slowing down, the black dog decided to make it's move. Before he knew what was happening, Sam found himself knocked to the ground by a huge animal. Fear ripped through his mind as he desperately tried to fight the animal off. As his struggles grew weaker, and the black dog sank it's teeth into his shoulder, Sam cried out in pain for his big brother 'DEAN!"