Storm of Emotions Ch. 9

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Previously: Sam left his therapy session feeling better than he had in days. As they left the building and climbed into the impala, Sam truly felt for the first time that just possibly, with the help of his family and his new therapist, he just might have a chance of being whole again.

3 months later

Sam and Dean had just returned to Bobby's place after finishing Sammy's latest therapy session. Sam was making progress and he felt better about himself and his life. John and Bobby watched as the boys got out of the Impala and walked over to the old Ford pickup that they were working on.

"How was therapy today son?" John could tell by the look on his youngest child's face that Sammy was happy with how therapy went.

'It went great dad, Romi put me thru a serious workout as usual, but it felt good. I'm kinda tired so if you don't mind, I'm going to go inside and rest for a while." Bobby and the older Winchesters watched as Sammy walked away, went up the steps leading to the porch, and then inside the house.

Dean joined the older hunters in working on the truck figuring that Sammy could use some peace and quiet while he rested. Dean knew that Sammy wanted to surprise his dad and Bobby tonight with how far he had progressed and he knew that Sam would need to be well rested for that.

Dean thought back on the conversation that they had on the way home.

He had asked his little brother how he was feeling and Sammy, with a twinkle in his eyes, had replied that he was feeling fantastic. Dean had asked him what had him in such a good mood as he hadn't seen Sam so happy lately. Sam had kept a huge smile on his face all thru therapy and he seemed to be bubbling with excitement.

"Dean, I want to surprise dad and Bobby with how much I've progressed tonight at dinner. I know we've told dad that I've made some progress, but he doesn't know how much." Sammy then went on to say, "Do you think he'll be proud of me Dean? I know I've still got a way to go, but I think dad will be happy with how far I've progressed. Dean looked over to see his brother watching him with excitement and said "Sammy I don't think dad will be happy, I KNOW he will be." The brothers then settled into casual conversation for the rest of the drive home.


As Bobby prepared an evening meal of spaghetti with garlic bread and salad, John woke Sammy up and told him to wash up for dinner. John then went down to the kitchen where Dean was setting the table in preparation for the meal. He had put out some cold beers for his dad and Bobby and decided on glasses of Coca Cola for himself and Sammy.

Bobby put the food on the table and John fixed Sammy's plate before fixing his own as Dean and Bobby got their own food. As they ate, John noticed the way that Dean kept glancing at Sammy giving him a weird look and wondered what was up with his two boys. He watched as Sammy smiled at Dean and then gave him a slight nod.

John and Bobby watched in silenced awe as Sammy slowly reached over and grasped his soda glass with his right hand. He slowly lifted the glass and raised it towards his mouth. John noticed the trembling in Sammy's arm with hopeful anticipation as he watched Sammy continue to raise the glass. He watched as beads of perspiration broke out on Sam's forehead and silently prayed for him to be able to complete the task he was attempting.

Bobby quietly watched the special moment that was occurring and as he looked at John, he saw tears glistening in his eyes. He knew how much this moment meant to both John and Sammy and could see the pride showing in both their eyes.

As Dean watched his little brother struggle with moving the glass, he wanted to walk over there and help him so badly but knew this moment was for Sam and Sam alone. He watched as the trembling became more pronounced as Sammy continued with the daunting task of raising the soda to his mouth. Sammy had the glass almost to his lips when he reached over with his left hand to support the right for just a moment. Sam then lifted his glass the rest of the way and sipped his drink while the other three hunters broke out in cheers as Sammy completed his task.

John stood up from his chair and rushed around the table taking his youngest into his arms and said " Sammy, you've just made me the happiest man in the world. I'm so proud of you son. I knew you could do it."

Dean watched with tears in his eyes as John embraced his youngest and spoke the words that he knew Sammy was dying to hear from their dad. Dean felt like this was probably one of the best days of his life, with the best being the day his baby brother was born.


Sammy continued to improve with each therapy session he attended. His muscles became stronger through weight training and he was getting more range of motion from all the exercises that Romi was putting him through. Finally, after 6 months of intensive therapy, Sam had regained full use of his arm once again and his therapy sessions were at an end..

"Sam, I am really going to miss you, You have been my favorite patient for months now and I am going to miss seeing those sweet dimples of yours."

Sammy looked Romi with tears in his eyes. "I'm going to miss you too Romi. You have been an inspiration to me to work harder everyday. I don't know what I would have did without you and my family supporting me thru the whole process." Romi gave Sam a final hug and watched as he and Dean walked out the door.


As Dean and Sam arrived back at Bobby's place. They were feeling kind of somber. They knew the time was arriving that they would be leaving Bobby's and both boys dreaded having to say goodbye. John had talked to Caleb and he needed their help on a hunt in Tulsa. He was trailing a nest of vampires and things were turning nasty. John had agreed to meet him there in two days time.

Bobby and the Winchesters enjoyed an evening of sitting around the table and discussing some of the various hunts they had been on. As the night went on, the stories got more and more outrageous with Bobby and John trying to convince the boys about which one had the worst hunts. Finally, John called an end to the evening as they would be getting up early and leaving for Tulsa, Oklahoma in the morning.

Sammy lay awake in bed that night thinking about everything he had been thru. He couldn't believe how drastically his life had changed from the time he was bit. It had been a while since they had been on a hunt and for just a little while, he got to live that normal, apple pie existence that he had wanted so badly. But now, he had to admit that he was excited about being on the hunt once more. He needed to show his dad and Dean the support that they showed him over the many months it took him to heal.

As morning arrived, John gathered all of their duffle bags to carry out to the car so the boys could say their goodbye's to Bobby.

Sammy looked at Bobby with glistening eyes. "Bobby, I don't want to say goodbye. I've had such a fantastic time staying here with you and you have become such an important part of my life. You have truly become the uncle I never had and I'm truly going to miss you."

Bobby embraced Sam in a hug and said "You've become very special to me too boy! I feel as though you and Dean have become my own children. There will always be a home for you here whenever you need it."

Bobby then embraced Dean in a hug also and said I'll miss you too! Dean, being his usual self, raised his hands and said "No chick flick moments Bobby" to which Bobby and Sam both left.

Bobby walked with the boys outside and shook John's hand. "If you ever need my help again John, you know where to find me." John nodded his head and thanked Bobby once again for everything he had done for the family. Bobby watched as they all climbed into the Impala and drove off.

The End

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