"Birthday Wish"

Author's note: This story was requested by Labev. She wanted me to write a story about Cody. This is actually going to be a three shot. Do those even exist? Well anyways I hope you guys like it because I had a blast writing it! I will be completing this story within twenty-four hours so that I may resume "So called forbidden love" so look out for the next chapters and look out for the update for SCFL! Please enjoy! Hope you like it Labev!

Chapter 1 "Excused"

I glance at my wrist watch. It is 11:45 AM. In fifteen minutes I will face my destiny, take a huge risk; walk into the lion's den. I am in the apartment bathroom checking my hair, my teeth, and pretty much everything for the 8th time this morning.

In fifteen minutes – wait no 10 minutes, I just looked at my watch. In ten minutes all of my dreams could come true,…….or they could be blasted into oblivion. No gamble there! My heart rate has increased immensely and my face is reaching a temperature unknown to the human world! In other words, I'm nervous; extremely nervous!

I'm about to tell London Tipton how I feel about her,…..well not actually. I'm actually going to ask London to my huge sweet 16 party tonight where I plan on professing my feelings for her at. I am so nervous. I love the girl for heaven's sake!

That's right! I love London. I love London Tipton! Gosh it feels so good to say. I'm in love with her. I've been in love with her for about 3 months now and it's tearing me apart. And the fact that I have to see her everyday just makes it ten times worst. But wait you don't know what I mean; see over the last two years London and I have become very close.

First of all we went to the same school, before she graduated last year, and we saw a lot of each other. Second of all, my brother has been dating Maddie for about a year now. Maddie and London are best friends so again we saw and still see each other a lot. London and I eventually got tired of watching Maddie and Zack swap chewing gum, or spit; or whatever they call it and that's when we started to talk. And we've been talking ever since.

And that's how I've ended up in the sucky situation that I am in. Spending all that time with London and talking so much with her, I've really gotten to know her very well. I know things about her that no one else knows and the same with her about me. I love our friendship don't get me wrong but it's just that. It's a friendship. I've placed myself in the oh so loathed "Just friends" category.

I should've known better! I've seen that movie! What a tragedy! Okay so he did got the girl in the end. But the guy was freakin' old! It was a tragedy, a melancholy tragedy and I refuse to end up like him!

'Okay five minutes left.' I just looked at my watch again. Anyways back to the story. It's hard to spend so much time with London and not fall for her. I mean for starters the girl is beautiful, absolutely stunning. And it's not just the supermodel stunning. She has natural beauty. You could see her in the morning with no make-up on and morning breath and she still looks absolutely breath-taking.

And she's also got a great personality. She really does! She's not just dumb! Okay she is still very dense at times, but that's London and her ditzy characteristic only makes me love her more. Besides her dumb tendencies though, she's actually very caring and very real. She doesn't lie to you. As Nia puts it, "She tells you like it is." And I love her. I really do.

We've been through so much together. I was there when she almost failed calculus her senior year. I tutored her and actually helped her get a "B" in the class. She was there for me when Barbara and I broke up. That was a rough time for me and she really helped me through it. I was there for her when the four of us went to this party and this guy tried to feel up on her. I beat him up! Okay I hit him in the head with a beer bottle. But it got the job done!

So basically we know each other. We know each other so well that it's a wonder she doesn't already know how I feel about her. 'One minute left.' I'm going to the lobby at twelve because London doesn't really get up until 11 so by now she should be down in the lobby. I check my breath. Okay minty fresh! I don't know if London has feelings for me or if she ever will but I've got to give it a shot or I'll never know. Well…..here goes!

I enter the lobby clad in dark blue jeans, a black collar shirt underneath my lucky red sweater vest. I see her. She's sitting on one of the lobby couches reading a book. She doesn't normally read books unless they are romance. She loves romance. She's a sap. But then I start to panic remembering that she only reads romances when she's troubled or bothered with something. I wonder what's eating at her.

I walk up to her. "Morning sunshine." I say as I sit down beside her.

She looks up from her book and smiles. Oh how I love that smile. "Morning." She says brightly.

"So what's up?" I ask deciding to start things off casually.

"Um nothing. Just sitting here enjoying a good romance." She answers. What did I tell you, a romance.

"Yeah exactly…….You only read when something is bothering you. So what's up?" I ask again.

She abruptly closes her book as if this will make me drop the subject. "Nothing." She says quickly.

"Okay SOMETHING." I clarify. "And you obviously don't want me to know about it."

"Yeah so please drop it." she says and I can tell she doesn't want to talk about it.

"Alright." I groan giving in. "But I'll find out. I always do." I say the last part teasingly and she rolls her eyes at me. She does that a lot and I absolutely love it. It's so cute. Okay I'm sprung, sue me!

"Sooo……." She starts.

"So…….." I repeat.

"So what brings you down here?" she asks and I frown.

"What do you mean?"

"Well for starters you're usually an early riser. You know all that "Early worm get's the bird" stuff…….." she says and I smile at her mix-up. "And today your up late and you're here at my normal wake up time so you obviously want to talk to me so…….what's up?" she asked. Why?1?! Why does she have to know me so well.

"Well first of all…….I……..had a headache!...And and I wasn't feeling well until later……so that's why I'm down late actually……..so there!" I defend miserably praying that she bought that.

"Riiight' she says giving me a disbelieving look. "Cody you suck at lying. How many times do I have to tell you that." She deadpans and I sigh in defeat.

"Can I get away with a "Please drop it?" I ask pathetically.

And she shakes her head unmercifully. "Spill." She orders.

"Ummm……..Ummmmm…….." I stall trying to think of an explanation.

"Oh will you look at the time!" I say looking at my watch dramatically. "I have to go um wash the couch!" I sputter jumping from the couch and making a run for it. 'Gosh I'm a spaz! Now how am I going to invite her to the party?!'

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