I step into my suite

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I step into my suite. I actually stayed in the lobby and read that entire, extremely long romance book! Yeah I was that bothered! There is a folded sheet of paper on my floor right next to the door. It looks like a letter.

I pick it up, recognizing the handwriting right away. It's Cody's. The side of the letter that's showing has "London" in big letters in the middle of it. Hmmm I wonder what he could be writing me about. Maybe what he wanted to talk to me about earlier.

There are unavoidable butterflies in my stomach as I open the letter. I always get butterflies when it comes to Cody. I study his neat handwriting and I smile before I begin reading the letter.

"Dear London," I read aloud. "I don't know if you realize or not but today is my birthday." My heart jumps at the realization. I completely forgot and I feel horrible! How could I forget his birthday?! I take a deep calming breath. 'It's okay. I still have time to get him something.'

"I've been trying to ask you to my sweet sixteen party all week long but I kept chickening out." I read on. That's Cody for you. But why would he be afraid to ask me to his birthday? He should know without a doubt that I would come.

I decide to continue reading. "I know your wondering why I would be afraid to ask you," I read on. Wow. Does he know me or what! "Because I should know that I'm your "Cody bear" and everything." I continue to read, smiling at the use of the nickname that I sometimes call him; mostly when I want something.

"But that's just it. I'm tired of being your Cody bear! I don't want to be your Cody bear anymore!" I read on and I am a little confused. Is he saying he doesn't want to be my friend any more?

"I don't want to be your friend anymore!" I read. And my breath hitches. He doesn't want to be my friend anymore! Why?! I thought things were going good between us! Well besides the fact that I fell in love with him along the way!...Oh no! What if he knows I'm in love with him and he doesn't feel the same way! Is that why he doesn't want to be friends anymore?!

I take in a deep breath and let it out slowly deciding to finish reading the letter before I have a panic attack. "Well wait, I do want to be your friend." I read and I sigh in relief. 'Thank God.' "But I also want to be so much more than that!" I read and my heart skips a beat. I swear my heart actually skips a beat. Oh my gosh! Is he saying what I think he is?! I decide that I need to read on to find out.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is I love you." OH MY GOSH! OH MY FREAKIN GOSH!! 'Did I read that right?' And then I go back reading over the line. I read it about 10 times, my smile widening each time until I am standing in my suite grinning like an idiot.

"I love you London. Gosh it feels so good to finally get that out." I continue reading, my heart beating about twice as fast as usual. "I'm so tired of being just your friend! I want to be your boyfriend London. I can make you so happy. I know I can!" I read. 'I know you can too Cody. You already make me feel so happy.'

"And I'm so tired of watching you go out with other guys. It makes me so insanely jealous you would not believe." I read and my eyebrows shoot up in surprise. My mouth is open wide and I can't help being turned on by the fact that Cody doesn't like to see me with other guys. 'Well you don't have to worry about that because you're the only guy I want.' I think to myself.

"Every time I see you I want t kiss you." 'Oh I wanna kiss you too Cody. So bad.' "You are so beautiful and wonderful and I just, I just want to be with you." I finish.

"Wow. I think that's most of what I wanted to say." I continue reading. "And Right now you are either disgusted; repulsed and I have totally ruined our friendship. Or maybe, just maybe you feel the same way. I hope and pray that it is the latter." 'Of course I love you Cody. How could you think I wouldn't?' I wonder.

"Please come to my party tonight at 10 in the new Grand Tipton ballroom to let me know how you feel. Thank-you for reading and I'm sorry if I've ruined our friendship. I will miss it a lot." Is the conclusion of the letter. "Sincerely, Cody."

I finish the letter. There are tears in my eyes. What could I have possibly ever done in my life to deserve such a wonderful guy like Cody? He loves me. He really loves me. I look at my watch. It is 6PM. I only have three hours to get a dress, get my hair done, and get all dolled up for Cody! 'Okay better get started.' I've got a party to get to!


Zack and I are in the hotel lobby preparing to make our grand entrance. Well actually it's not a "grand entrance" we're not on MTV's "sweet 16" or anything so basically we're just entering. I can hear the crowd from all the way out here. And I'm so nervous because I know she is in there. London is in there.

I smooth my hair down and check my breath. "Okay. All set!" I tell Zack as I start to walk forward.

"Hold on a second lover boy." Zack says as he grabs my collar keeping me from walking any further. I stop in my tracks turning around to face him. "There's one last thing you need." He says holding his hand out. It is balled into a firm fist. He slowly starts to open it.

"Uh uhn Zack! I'm not wearing an earring!" I exclaim looking at the single diamond stud he is holding in his hand.

"Aw c'mon Cody! You didn't get the hole in your ear for nothing so why don't you put it to good use?!" Zack argues.

"No! I got it because you made me!" I exclaim.

"I did not! Did I hold you down in the chair and say "stick him good lady?!" No!" Zack defends.

"I'm not wearing it Zack!" I inform, shaking my head for emphasis.

"C'mon bro," Zack starts again bringing his voice back down to a normal sound level. "London we'll like it." he tries. "I promise."

"London…….." I say giving it some thought. "Well anything for London." I groan taking the earring from him and putting it into my ear.

"Okay great. Now we're ready so let's go! You're keeping me from Maddie." Zack says and we start together towards the party. Zack and I get to the entrance of the ballroom. We go to walk in but the guy at the door stops us.

"Hold on right there guys." He says. He's kind of big and intimidating. I wonder where mom got him from. He takes out a cell phone and calls someone. "There here." We hear him say into the phone. He then hangs up the phone and says. "Okay go ahead."

Zack and I give each other confused looks before continuing into the party. As soon as we step into the ballroom a huge spotlight lands on us.

"Wow! This place is awesome!" Zack exclaims looking around the huge ballroom equipped with a huge stage, and great sound system. I nod in agreement.

The ballroom was pretty dark before now so Zack and I really stand out now. "Give it up for Zack and Cody!" we hear someone yell loudly into a mic before the whole crowd erupts into cheers and screams.

We look up to the stage to see our dad standing with the mic looking down at us proudly. We smile at him before smiling at each other. "Looks like we'll get that grand entrance you wanted so badly after all." I say to Zack and he nods his head.

"Looks like we will."

We start to walk down the crowd to get up front where we see our close friends standing: Maddie, Nia, Tapeworm, Max, Bob, Millicent, Estaban, Arwin, and too many to mention. Ferra's - "Hollywood's not America" begins to play. Zack and I love this song. The crowd screams even louder. All eyes are on us as we continue walking coolly down the isle making our "grand entrance."

When we get towards the middle of the room the song changes and Chris Brown's "Kiss kiss" begins playing out of the speakers and Zack goes crazy.

"Ohh weeee!" he sings along with the song and starts dancing down the isle. This is one of his favorite songs and I like it a lot too. The crowd starts cheering for him and dancing along. I begin bobbing my head rhythmically along with the song. I don't really attempt to do too much dancing. I just wasn't blessed with that talent. We finally get to our friends and the crowd goes back to dancing and talking, and eating again.

"My, don't you guys look cute!" Max exclaims hugging us both and we smile.

"Hey back off Max! Zack is mine!" Maddie jokes hip bumping Max out of the way. Max laughs.

"Please! You can have him. I already have a man." She says grabbing hold of Tapeworm's hand. They really are a cute couple, Tape worm and Max. Wow and Tapeworm really has outdone himself tonight. He actually looks nice. His long, usually messy hair is gelled back into a neat pony tail and he is wearing a white suit with a black tie which matches Maxine's white dress.

They all start talking collectively but I can't concentrate on the conversation. I can't seem to find London. She should've been here by now.


It is thirty minutes later than earlier and London still isn't here. I can't even try to contain my unhappiness. Everyone has tried to cheer my up but it's no use. I just wish London was here. I'm sitting down at one of the tables in the center of the ballroom drinking what must be my 10th cup of punch. Oh yeah. I'm going to be glued to the toilet tonight.

Zack comes over to me for about the 3rd time tonight and sits down at my table. "C'mon man you've got to get up! Dance, have fun, be merry!" he says.

"Naw. I don't really feel much like dancing." I tell him and he sighs.

"This is our sweet 16 birthday party. Our SWEET 16" he repeats for emphasis. "You only get one of these bro!...London wouldn't want you to be moping around like this!" he attempts.

"How do you know?" I ask. "She probably WANTS me to be miserable. She probably hates me after reading my letter. She's probably not even gonna show." I say sadly.

"Dude she'll be here!" Zack exclaims. "I know she will. But in the meantime will you please get up and dance with SOMEBODY! I can't have a good time with Maddie cause I have to keep worrying about you!" he tells me and I sigh.

I don't want him to have a bad time. "Fine." I say getting up.

I walk over to this girl. I know her. I think she had a party here once. Oh yeah! She's the girl I use to have a crush on. We let have a party in London's suite and then we had to make up this heinous story about ratroaches. 'London. Where is London…….' I think. Stop it! Pull yourself together!

I quickly ask the girl to dance with me before I completely change my mind and she happily accepts.

The opening to Rascal Flatts "What hurts the most." Begins to play and I put my arms around the girl and we start to dance. I look straight ahead deep in thought as we sway together to the beat of the song. I start to sing the song in my head trying to get my thoughts off of London.

'I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house. That don't bother me. I can take a few tears now and then and just let em' out. I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while even though going on with you gone still upsets me. There are days even not and again I pretend I'm okay but that's not what gets me.'

The chorus starts playing and I break apart from the girl. Megan I think her name is. "I'm sorry. I can't." is what I say before I start walking away from her. Suddenly the whole crowd stops dancing and looks towards the entrance of the ballroom. I follow there gazes and my heart stops. There standing at the entrance in all her beauty and poise is London,

She looks absolutely heavenly. She is dressed in a glittery, light green, halter type dress. Her hair is curly and loose. She didn't wear extensions! She knows I love her real hair and she just looks so beautiful and everyone knows it. All eyes are on her as she enters the ballroom. Our eyes lock and I feel like I might faint right then and there. But that would not be manly. Nope! Definitely NOT manly.

She is headed straight for me.'C'mon you can do this! You can do this! She might say no or she might say yes but at least you've told her!' I say to myself.

She finally reaches me. "Hey." She says smiling brightly. Well that's a good sign right?! She's smiling!

I smile back at her but I can't really seem to get my lips to move or to form any coherent thought for that matter. She giggles, blushing slightly at my state of shock.

"Hey!" I finally manage to say and I blush too at me temporary stupor. "You look beautiful." I say and I see her smile visibly widen. Gosh I love her smile.

So far things are going surprisingly well and it's not even awkward. Maybe she didn't read my letter! Maybe I was worried over nothing. But then again she is here so she had to read the letter right?

"I read your letter." She says. It's like she can read my mind.

"Oh……really?" I sputter, nervously shifting my weight from my right foot to my left.

"Yeah." She answers softly.

"Oh" I say looking down at the floor.

She laughs. "Cody! Geez stop being so nervous! It's just me!" she says.

And look back up at her. "I know. Excactly." I say quietly and she stops laughing and gives me a serious look.

"That was the sweetest letter I've ever gotten." She says looking into my eyes.

"Really?" I ask in disbelief. "Well I meant every word of it." I tell looking at her intensely.

"You did?" she asks softly looking down at the ground, and it is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. She looks so vulnerable.

I move a crooked finger underneath her chin and lift it up so that she is looking back into my eyes again. I am surprised that this is even happening; that we are even having this conversation. I smile at her. "Yes." I tell her and she sighs happily; at least I hope it was a happy sigh.

Could it possibly be true? Could someone as beautiful and wonderful as London actually have feelings for me? She slowly moves her hand up to my face and caresses my cheek. I close my eyes enjoying her touch.

"I love you too Cody." She finally says looking into my eyes. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!! She….She said she loves me! London Tipton said she loves me!! LONDON TIPTON LOVES ME!! I feel like running around and screaming. I feel like doing a back flip and telling everyone at the party that London Tipton loves ME.

My mouth and eyes grow big in shock before I begin to smile, and now I am grinning like I just won the lottery. And that's exactly what it feels like.

"Yeah that was my reaction when I read your letter." London giggles smiling at me. "Well except I cried too." She tells me.

"I didn't mean to make you cry." I say caressing her cheeks lovingly.

"Yes you did!" she argues. "Why do you have to be such a sap?" she says giving me a teasing look.

"Hey!" I laugh. "You're the one who cried!" I say and she starts to laugh. I study her, watching her laugh before grabbing her hand. "Want to dance?" I ask her.

"I'd love to." She says, her beautiful dark brown eyes sparkling.


I am dancing with Cody. I feel like I need to repeat that. I AM DANCING WITH CODY. And God it feels so good. I knew it would. I finally get to be held in his strong arms and I feel so content and so safe; like nothing can hurt me.

And my gosh! Cody just looks so great tonight; so handsome, cute, and sexy. He is wearing a nice baby turquoise tuxedo. His bowtie is black. He matches Zack who is wearing a black suit with a turquoise bowtie. But if you ask me Cody looks so much better. I know Maddie and I will be having many of arguments in the future over who looks better. (It's Cody.)

He is wearing an earring. I've never seen him wear an earring before. I like it on him. It makes him look even more handsome. And he also cut his hair. That's the part I like the most. Who would've ever thought he could look so good. I already liked his hair long but it looks even better now.

It is cut and stops at his ears. His hair is cut neatly around his ears, and in the back, the part below his ear point is shaved low. He looks so much older and he looks really handsome.

I sigh contently, thoroughly enjoying being held by Cody. I am so in love with him. He just makes me feel so incredible. My dad was never really there when I was growing up and I didn't have a lot of friends except Maddie. I only knew how to buy things; money was all I knew, but Cody has taught me so much.

He's taught me that money is not everything. He taught me how to love. He makes me feel so good about myself. He makes me feel smart even when I say dumb things. He makes me feel beautiful. He makes me feel wanted. He makes me feel loved, and I love him so much for it.

Cody backs away slightly. We are still dancing and he is just looking into my eyes and I look back smiling contently. And right then is when Carey's voice comes over the speakers.

"Zack and Cody to the stage please! Zack and Cody to the stage! It's time to cut the cake!" she yells loudly into the mic.


Could she possibly have worst timing?!

"C'mon man!" Zack says grabbing my arm and trying to drag me away. Where did he come from?!

"Could you give me a second?!" I ask kind of harshly but I'm kind of upset. They're ruining the moment!

"No! We kind of GOTTA GO!" he says.

I look at London apologetically. "Go ahead! It's no problem." She says before she kisses me on the cheek and I feel another moment of stupor coming on.

"Alright" I say grinning like an idiot. Zack basically has to drag me up to the stage because I don't think I can walk.

"Alright men!" Dad says taking the mic from mom. "It's time to make your wishes and blow out the candles!" he says.

"Who blows out candles on there sixteenth birthday?!" Zack asks with a repulsed look on his face.

"Do it for your mother." Dad says through clenched teeth, enunciating every syllable.

Zack sighs before turning to me. "Ready?" he asks and I nod.

We both close our eyes and make our wishes before blowing all of the candles out on our first try. The crowd cheers and mom begins to cut the cake. Then some of the people start lining up at the stage to get some cake and I walk back into the crowd to join London.

"So……." She starts, smiling mischievously when I finally reach her. "What did you wish?" she asks.

And I laugh at her in shock. "You know I can't tell you that! It's against the birthday rules!" I say.

She rolls her eyes but smiles nonetheless. "You are such a geek!" she says.

"Yeah? But I'm your geek." I say and she nods her head.

"Yes you are." She says before moving closer to me and kissing me chastely. It is a soft and perfect kiss. It feels so great to finally kiss her. It was even better than I'd imagined it.

We break apart and I smile. "Wow. Those birthday wishes really do come true." I say.

London's eyebrows shoot up in realization. "Oh do they?" she murmurs before closing the distance between us in a more passionate kiss.

I smile contently into the kiss. What a perfect birthday present.

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