-MATURE CONTENT WARNING: This fanfic WILL contain extremely descriptive yaoi (boy x boy) elements in later chapters. If you are not of age, and your parents catch you reading this, I CANNOT and WILL NOT be held responsible for the consequences! You have been warned!-

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Hello everyone! This is my first -official- fanfic that I have created. And, yes. There will be some romance in it between who I consider to be my favorite paring in Megaman NT . Of course, it goes without saying that it is Megaman (Rockman) and Lan (Netto).

This being my first fanfic that I have written on my own, I am attempting to NOT make it a one-shot fanfic. Rather, I am shooting for having it be an actual story with a plotline, making the Lan X Megaman aspect of the fanfic more of a side story.

This is my first fanfic! You may R & R if you like. I want to see how people think I did. Enjoy!


Chapter 1 – Rush to School

"Lan, if you just learned to get up on time, you wouldn't have to rush off to school every morning, not that it isn't good exercise," called a voice from Lan's PET.

Lan kept looking forward, making sure that he didn't fall over anything or hit anyone while he was rushing off to his school, DenTech Academy. The last thing he needed right now was to be delayed even more and have Ms. Mari be even more upset than she most likely is right now. "Maybe if you learn more effective ways to wake me up, this wouldn't happen," he retorted back at the voice.

"Hey. I can't MAKE you wake up. You have to do THAT on your own," the voice called back from the PET attached to Lan's arm.

"Oh, come on. You're my NetNavi. You're supposed to be there for me, Megaman," Lan replied, still looking straight ahead.

"I am there for you, Lan. But, more importantly, YOU have to be there for YOURSELF," Megaman shot back.

"…" Lan knew that Megaman was right. He always was right. There was rarely ever a time when Megaman didn't know what was best for Lan. However, for him, it was always easier to blame Megaman for when he didn't get up in the morning, neglected his homework, or when he was just late in general. Megaman didn't mind being blamed for such things, though. He knew that he was right and Lan was wrong, and he took some degree, however miniscule it was, of pride in knowing that he knew he was right. But, despite that, he still admired that the boy was able to keep up with other things in his life, such as his friendship with Maylu, Dex, Tory, and Yai, as well as Maysa, Miyu, and Sal.

"!" Lan came to abrupt stop on his skates as he crashed into a person walking on the sidewalk. He must have been too caught up in thinking about what Megaman said, another rare occurrence, to be paying full attention to what was in front of him.

"Sorry, my bad," Lan said as he rubbed his forehead. Wow. That really hurt. The last time he hit his forehead that hard was…well…he couldn't remember at the moment. The pain from the impact made it so that he couldn't quite get all of his thoughts in order for the moment. He was able to open his eyes shortly after the pain subsided. He took a quick look at the ground and saw dozens of BattleChips lying on the ground in front of him. "Wow. Look at all these BattleChips."

"Hey! Keep your hands off them! I hope, for your sake, that you didn't leave any fingerprints on them, Or, worse yet, scratch or break any," an older voice said to Lan, in a rather angry tone. Lan looked up from the ground to see none other than Mr. Higsby sitting on the ground in front of him, inspecting all of the BattleChips for any kind of damage.

"Higsby! What are you doing out here?"
"Huh? Oh, Lan. It's you that ran into me! Watch where you are going next time! There are some very rare chips I have that I am bringing back to my shop."
"What? Don't you have enough rare chips?
"You can never have too many rare chips! Anyway, where are you off to in such a hurry?"
"Oh, man! I totally forgot! I'm late for school!"

Megaman called from the PET, "Then you better hurry before Ms. Mari gets REALLY upset. Hey! If you are more than 15 minutes late today, you might set a new record!"

"Hey! When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it," Lan shot back at Megaman. But, Megaman was right, yet again. If Lan didn't hurry, he would most definitely be 15 minutes late, since this most recent collision with Higsby set him back a few minutes, and he was already 10 minutes late, as it were. Megaman couldn't help but laugh a little at Lan's reaction.

"See you later, Higsby! Let me know if you get any good BattleChips in this week!"
"Sure, Lan. Make sure you stop by!"

Lan looked a nearby clock on his way to DenTech Academy. '7:57am. I just need to move quicker, and I might make it on time,' Lan thought to himself. He then started to pick up the pace on his skates, hoping that he was right and he would be able to bridge the time gap in such a short amount of time. Megaman, however, knew what Lan was doing, and decided to make his presence known once more.

"If you think that speeding up will save you from being late, then you have another thing coming to you, Lan," Megaman stated, with a slight hint of amusement in his voice. Lan, however, was not all that amused by the comment Megaman had just made. In fact, he did not respond to Megaman at all. He was completely focused on getting to school on time today. He wanted to make sure, at least, that if you DID happen to be late, that it would only be one or two minutes. He knew that if it was such a small tardiness, that Ms. Mari would not be so harsh when she gave her usual "Tardiness" lecture to him.

"Lan, are you ok? You've been a little quiet since you ran into Higsby," a worried Megaman called from the PET. Lan, however, still ignored the NetNavi; still focused on the task he set for himself. 'Lan seems unusually determined to get to school on time. I wonder if I made me mad at me.' Megaman couldn't help but think that something was wrong. However, Lan didn't seem to be in a talkative mood. He seemed to be…

"There's the school! I still have 50 seconds to get there," Lan exclaimed as DenTech Academy came within site. Megaman, who was deep in thought at the moment, was suddenly ripped from his train of thought thanks to Lan's outburst. A small smile appeared across Megaman's face. It wasn't that he was happy that Lan might actually make it to school on time, but rather, than Lan might have actually been right in thinking that speeding up would save him from another Ms. Mari lecture.

Feeling the need to give Lan encouragement, Megaman called out from his PET once more. "You can make it, Lan. Just stay focused on the goal!"

'30…25…,' Lan was counting down in his head. He just made it into the courtyard of the school. There still wasn't a second to lose. '20…15…' Now inside the building, he needed to get to his classroom, 6-A. '10…5…!' The numbers still dwindling, Lan kept moving as quick as he could! He wanted to be on-time today! He wanted to show that he was right for a change! He wanted…

-bing, bing, bing, bing-

"I made it! I'm finally on-time!" Lan yelled as he ran into the classroom, almost out of breath, but filled with excitement. He was actually right! Megaman was wrong! He was able to make it to school on-time today. He was able to prove Megaman wrong today! He…

"Well, you certain are on-time today, Lan," a pleased voice came from behind him. Lan turned around and his eyes met with those of his teacher, Ms. Mari. She was a little taller than Lan, which was obvious as most adults were. Her usual demeanor always included a smile on her face. Lan rarely saw that smile when he came to class, since he was almost always late. Lan being late usually made Ms. Mari mad, and she would lecture him on being more punctual when it came to getting to class on time.

"Well, seeing that you are here, Lan. Go take your seat so we can begin class," Ms. Mari said as she began to walk towards her desk at the front of the classroom.

Lan quickly made his way to his deck, which was next to Maylu's desk and in front of Dex's desk. Yai's desk wasn't immediately adjacent to either Lan's, Maylu's, or Dex's desks. Rather, her desk was in the in the back left corner of the last row. Tory wasn't in the same classroom as Lan and company. He was in classroom 6-B. Though Tory was in a separate classroom from Lan, Dex, Maylu and Yai, they all remained in close contact throughout the school day via their PETs' e-mail capabilities, as well as their NetNavis.

"I'm surprised you were actually able to make it on time, Lan," Dex exclaimed as Lan took his seat. Lan, still trying to catch his breath after that race against time he just had, was still able to comment back on Dex's remark.

"Give me a break, will ya, Dex? I had to literally go faster than a car to get here."

Inside Lan's PET, Megaman couldn't help but chuckle at his NetOp's over-exaggeration. Megaman know that, if ANY speed that Lan was moving at, it wasn't close to how fast a car would go. But, nonetheless, it was a feature about the boy that Megaman couldn't help but admire. Lan's excessive over-exaggeration of many situations gave Megaman lots of laughs, as it was humorous to see Lan react in such situations.

"I heard that, Megaman," Lan barked while looking at his PET, still strapped to his arm.

"Quiet, you two. Ms. Mari has an announcement she is going to make," Maylu pointed out to Dex and Lan. This comment made Lan a little upset, but the fact that Ms. Mari has some kind of announcement for the class took away that upset and replaced it with interest. The only times that Ms. Mari had an announcement for the class was when either there was a new student, or there was going to be an upcoming field trip.

Lan looked around the room quickly, scanning the desks and the people who sat in them. He then focused his attention to the front of the room, seeing if anyone had followed Ms. Mari inside. If there was a new student, they would have been up there with her. No dice. There wasn't a single person in the classroom that he didn't recognize. From that observation alone, he had a suspicion that there was an upcoming field trip.

"Settle down, everyone. Before we begin class, I have an announcement to make."