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And now, I present to you: Chapter 17 – A Night to Remember!


-Friday Night-

The house was quiet that evening. Dr. Hikari was back at SciLab doing some more research into the problems that Megaman had been encountering with the M-Program recently. The Navi was having more and more difficulty in establishing a NetLine and using it to get to the human world and back to the Cyberworld. When it was first installed, Megaman had absolutely no problem. In fact, it had gotten easier the more the Navi used the program. However, something seemed to be off, and it was starting to become a worry to both Dr. Hikari and Megaman alike.

Mrs. Hikari was finishing up some cleaning in the kitchen. It was normally the last place in the house that she would clean before relaxing for the rest of the evening, which consisted of mostly sitting on the couch and watching some TV before she went to bed for the night. Normally, she would be getting tired right now, but since Lan had still not come home yet, she decided to push herself to stay awake until the boy returned.

Megaman, on the other hand, was upstairs. There wasn't much for him to do inside his PET. So, instead, he decided to stay in the human world and just sit at Lan's desk. 'If I love him, then I have to set him free...' The thought was running over and over in the Navi's mind, constantly and seemingly without an end. His talk with Protoman had had such an impact on his thinking recently. He was thinking more than he was acting, which was something that he thought he would not be doing much of.

"Lan...I love you...but, if you want to be with Maylu..." He couldn't finish his sentence, not because he was speaking out loud, but he wasn't sure if he could. He loved the boy, more than anything in the world. But, was he really at the point where he could accept that Lan could never possibly love him back again? The mere thought was tearing at the Navi from the inside out.

While still deep in thought, Megaman heard the front door open. He knew that Dr. Hikari was not going to be home anytime that night. So, there was only one other person that would have come inside the house.


He got up from the chair and started walking towards the bedroom door, which he had closed behind him. Opening the door, Megaman could hear Lan and his mother talking. They weren't talking loudly, but the Navi was still able to hear their conversation.

"How was your date, Lan?"
"I...don't want to talk about it."
"You don't want to talk about it? Was it bad?"
"I...I just don't want to talk about it. I just want to be left alone for a little bit..."

Megaman slowly walked down the stairs, seeing that Mrs. Hikari had nodded her head in understanding. She had figured that the boy's night out did not go as planned and, therefore, found that it would be best to wait for him to open up rather than push the issue anymore. The boy walked by his mother and towards the stairs, where he saw Megaman at the top.

Then, something strange happened. When Lan looked up, he immediately turned his head away, not making any kind of eye contact with Megaman whatsoever. The Navi couldn't figure out why Lan would do that, not to mention that he felt hurt that his best friend wouldn't even look in his direction. 'Does he still not trust me that much?' Megaman couldn't figure it out. Aside from lying about the M-Program, he had been completely honest with the boy.

Lan slowly ascended the staircase, not moving his head in the direction of Megaman. Even as he past the Navi at the top of the stairs, he did not even bother to say "hello" or anything. It was as if the Megaman was completely non-existent to the boy. And, that alone made the Navi feel even worse than he already did.

So, instead of waiting for Lan to make the first comment, Megaman did instead. "Hey, Lan. How was your date with..." The Navi was quickly interrupted by the boy.

"I don't want to talk about it."
"Come on, Lan. You have to."
"Who said I have to? I don't want to, so I won't."
"Lan...I just want to know if things went ok."
"I'll talk about it when I want to, alright Megaman?"

There was a cold tone in Lan's voice. It was a tone of voice that the Navi had rarely, if ever, heard come from the boy. He knew that something must have happened on the date with Maylu, but Megaman couldn't for the life of him figure out what it was. But, he did figure out that whatever it was, it had to have been something that was having a considerable impact on the boy.

As much as Megaman wanted to know what it was, he knew that if he kept pressing the issue, that things might not work out for the best. His thinking was starting to mirror that of Mrs. Hikari, who was downstairs watching the evening news.

Quietly nodding his head, Megaman went over to Lan's bed and sat down, while the other boy sat at his desk. Both of them were completely silent. The only sounds that were heard in the room were that of what was coming from the downstairs TV set and their own breathing. Megaman was deep in thought, unable to find a way to coax a response out of Lan concerning how the date with Maylu went. There just didn't seem to be anything that could be said or done to get the boy to open up about the evening.

But, that was all about to change. "Megaman...what is our relationship like?" The question elicited a response for the Navi, who turned his head to face the boy in the chair. It was question that was not expected in the least. Needless to say, Megaman was taken aback by it.

"Yeah. What do we mean to each other?"
"Well...we are best friends. We have been for almost 2 years now."
"Is that so?"

The boy looked up towards the ceiling. Megaman wasn't sure what he meant by that. Was he starting to doubt him? Did Maylu say something to Lan while they were on their date that was causing this sudden change in the boy? There were so many questions running through the Navi's mind. It was starting to get hard to keep track of them all. And, the worst was, he didn't have an answer to any of them. It was as if the universe was trying to stop him from getting the answers that he wanted to badly.

As moonlight started to creep into the room, the silence also crept back in. Both of the boys were waiting for the other to say something. For Megaman, he was hoping that Lan would continue to talk, which might give him clues as to why there was such a change in his mood that night. For Lan, he was hoping that Megaman would give in, and finally say what he already knew.

The light in the bedroom was still on. Even with the dulled beams of moonlight that still came in through the window, the mood didn't seem to change for either of the two boys. "Megaman...Maylu told me." Lan had finally spoken the words that were on his mind for a long time. The Navi almost jumped at the words, as he was getting accustomed to the silence.

"Wh...what did she tell you?"
"She told me everything, Megaman."
"Ummm...that a little vague."
"I mean everything about us, Megaman. Stop trying to hide it."

There was a detectable sense of frustration and anger in the boy's voice. To Megaman, things were starting to clear up. He knew what Lan was talking about, and it was something that he wished he would have been able to hold off in talking to the boy about. However, it seemed that Maylu had spilled the beans. One part of the Navi knew that he had to talk to Lan about it, since the boy obviously knew. Unfortunately, another part of him said that he needed to play dumb for as long as possible.

Whether it was right or wrong didn't matter at this point. 'If you love him, you will set him free.' The comment from Protoman resonated inside Megaman's hand. 'But...if I talk to Lan about it...am I really setting him free?'

"Well...are you going to say anything, Megaman?"

Lan looked at the Navi with sharp eyes, almost piercing his own. It was a look that Megaman had never seen in the boy before. At least, it was a look that was never directed at him. Sure, he might have had this look when he was battling someone from Nebula, Grave, or even Neo World Three. But, never at him. "What do you want me to say, Lan?"

"I want the truth, Megaman."
"The truth..."
"And, nothing but the truth. No more lies."

Feeling like he was on his way to a death sentence, Megaman hung his head. It was the conversation that he hoped he would be able to avoid. But, now that Maylu had said something, whether intentional or not, it was a subject that could no longer be avoided.

But, wait. What if Lan wasn't talking about his and Megaman's love life? What if Maylu had said something completely different, and that was what Lan was upset about? It was a far-fetched idea, but it was worth some kind of investigation. But, how was he going to get Lan to tell him what Maylu said? That was the main problem. He needed to get that out of Lan, but make it seem as though he wasn't trying to get around talking about it. Lan was upset enough at it was. Megaman didn't need the boy to get even more angry than he already was.

So, it had to set his plan into action. "Lan...how much did Maylu tell you?" Megaman could only hope that his plan would not backfire. After all, when it came to reading people, even when Lan did have his memory, he wasn't that good at it. So, this might be a plan the Navi could pull off.

Upset over the comment, Lan replied. "She told me enough to know that you have been hiding it from me since I got out of the hospital. She told me enough to know that the way you feel about me is...deeper...than just plain friendship."

As Megaman thought, it was finally that time. He cursed to himself in his mind. He was hoping this could be held off, or even completely forgotten if he fell in love with Maylu. But, as fate would have it, that was not going to be the case here.

The Navi sighed, knowing this was going to be a hard discussion to have. "She's right. We were best friends...but that was a year and a half ago."

"Hold on. She said that we got...together...only a few days before my accident."
"Well...That's right. However, I had developed my feelings after the N1 Grand Prix. But..."
"But, what?"
"You didn't develop your feelings for me until after the Grave Virus Beast incident. I'm sure Chief Keifer told you about that."

"And, we never said anything to each other?" Lan's voice now showed signs of doubt. He was getting the answers he wanted from the Navi, but it seemed as though the answers were not what he was expecting. After all, both of them waiting so long to tell the other how the felt seemed a little off to the boy. He figured that one of them would have slipped up at some point. But, he was willing to give Megaman the benefit of the doubt and let him continue on.

"It wasn't that we didn't want to say anything. It's just that...it was because we didn't know how the other felt."
"So, you're saying we both wanted to tell the other, but we were both too afraid to say it."
"Yeah. That about sums it up."

The two just stared at each other. Once again, they were at a point where they were waiting for the other to say something. There seemed to be a lot of that going on, and it was starting to get really old, really fast. And, it seemed as though it was finally too much for Lan. He soon broke his gaze on Megaman, turning his chair around and looking out the window of his room.

There was another bought of silence in the room. The sound of the television downstairs was the only sound they could hear, once again. However, this time, the sound was not heard after a few minutes. Soon after, the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs were heard.

Both of the boys knew it was only one person.

"Lan, are you ok? You have been quiet since you got home."

Mrs. Hikari knocked on Lan's bedroom door. She heard what sounded like a faint "come in" from the other side. Opening the door, she took immediate notice to where Lan and Megaman were sitting. She saw her son sitting at his desk, whole his Navi was on the bed. Both of them looked as though they had just had a fight. It was something that a mother was just able to pick up on.

"Is everything alright? You two look like you just had a fight."

Lan was going to speak about what he had just talked to Megaman about, but the Navi immediately jumped in quickly. "Oh, it was just a tough day for Lan. And, it wasn't the best date for him..."

"Really? Oh, Lan! I am so sorry to hear that! Is there anything I can do for you?"

The boy wasn't sure how to respond, and he also wasn't sure why Megaman had just jumped in and started talking like that. It was as if the Navi was trying to hide something and also stop him from talking. That annoyed him, more than he really wanted to admit.

But, the only thing that he could do was simply go along with it. There was no point in trying to go against it. "Oh...I'm fine. I just want to talk with Megaman about it and maybe just sleep on it."

"Oh, you go ahead and do that, Lan."
"Thanks, mom."
"You're welcome, dear. If you want, you can me can talk about it in the morning."
"That sounds good."

The woman smiled and exited the room. Almost like clockwork, Lan shot Megaman a look. It was a look that was said many different emotions, and they were all negative. It made the Navi feel extremely uncomfortable. "Why did you do that?"

"Lan...I did it to protect you."
"Protect me? From what? My own mother?"
"It's just that...she doesn't know."
"She...doesn't know?"

Megaman sighed. "No, Lan. Maylu is the only one that knew about our...relationship. No one else knows about it. And...I didn't want you saying anything to your mom about it." It was a moment that was actually surprising to Lan. Due to everything that had happened that day, it was somewhat shocking to see that Megaman was actually trying to protect Lan from something. Then again, it could have just been another lie. After all, the boy had already caught the Navi in the middle of one, and he was sure that Megaman was going to try it again.

"So...you and me were in a relationship, only Maylu knew, and you think my mom wouldn't like it?"
"Well...a relationship like ours isn't exactly...something that happens everyday."
"How so? Oh...you mean..."
"Yeah. NetNavis and humans don't have romantic relationships with each other, let alone two boys. And, it isn't because they can't love each other, but...it's just not the social norm."

"I see..." The boy's comment put him in a bit of a daydream, as well as causing him to stare up into what seemed to be nowhere. He was thinking of the next thing to say, but to him, there was just so much to ask that he couldn't decide on what to talk about next. After everything that had gone on that day, it was hard for Lan to concentrate on just one thing at a time.

So, instead, Lan simply waited for Megaman to make the next comment. There seemed to have been a lot of waiting that night.

However, much to Lan's disappointment, Megaman did not speak soon after. The Navi simply kept on looking in Lan's direction, who was still staring up at the ceiling. It seemed as though the words that both of them needed to speak had already been spoken, and all they were waiting for was to get tired and fall asleep, thereby ending the night and putting all of the tension in the air to rest.

There was another knock at the door soon. It was Mrs. Hikari again. "Lan? Are you still awake?" Her voice was just as gentle as it ever was. It was a voice that the boy had grown use to, and even to the point where he welcomed it anytime it had something to say.

"Yeah. Come on in, Mom."

The door slowly opened. Strangely enough, Lan noticed that his mother wasn't dressed for bed. Instead, it looked like she was ready to out. "Sorry to bother you two, but I wanted to let you know that I forgot to pick up a few things for dinner tomorrow. So, I am going to make a quick trip to the store. I shouldn't be more than an hour." The smile on her face accented her voice, giving a sense of ease in the room.

"Alright. I'll probably be in bed when you get home."
"I'm sure you will, Lan. From what I heard, you had a long day."
"...I guess you can say that."
"Well, don't worry about it, dear! Tomorrow is another day to start fresh."

Her words of encouragement rang in Lan's ears. It was just the thing that he needed to hear. "Thanks, Mom." The two said their goodbyes, as well as Megaman saying his goodbye to Mrs. Hikari on her way out.

With Mrs. Hikari out shopping, the house was now empty.

Megaman was starting to fidget on the bed. Even though the tension in the room had died down somewhat since Mrs. Hikari had talked, there was still enough in the air to make both of the boys uncomfortable. Lan just seemed to be handling it better than the Navi.


The sudden mention of his name snapped the Navi out of his thoughts and involuntary fidgeting. He looked at Lan, who had gone back to staring at the ceiling after his mother left. The Navi looked at the boy, wondering why he would suddenly just call his name out like he had just done. Considering that Lan was still upset over Megaman lying about his past, the Navi figured that the boy wanted nothing to do with him for the rest of the night.

"...Yeah, Lan?"
"I have just one more thing to ask you."
"...You do?"

For the first time since their initial fight that night, both Lan and Megaman looked at each other. "Out relationship...be it whatever it was...did we love each other?" The question sent a shock throughout Megaman's system. He had never expected Lan to ask such a question. The fact that the boy was still suffering from Amnesia had completely left the Navi's mind at that moment, forgotten to the unexpected question. 'What does he mean by that,' Megaman though, trying to sort out the inquiry in his mind.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the Navi did not have much time to think about it. This wasn't the kind of question were he could just create a long silence and expect Lan to forget he even asked it. No. This was something that he had to answer. "Of course we did..."

"No, Megaman. I don't mean it like that."
"Well...what did you mean?"
"Were we in love with each other?"

Now, things were starting to make sense. 'I see...' That was the only thought that crossed the Navi's mind. Thankfully, it was the only one that he needed to concentrate on, and it was the only thought that made sense out of all the other ones he had that night. "Yes. We were in love. It wasn't just feelings out of loyalty. We both...deeply felt that we would do anything for the other...feelings beyond just normal friendship."

"...Is that so?"
"Lan? You don't think that's true?"
"No...it's not that. It's just...well..."

With an undivided look, Megaman awaited to hear the rest of Lan's statement. He was expecting something along the lines of him saying that it was, in fact, too weird of a situation for him. In fact, Megaman was almost worried sick that Lan would finally come out and say that it was something he didn't want to get involved in, that it was something he couldn't do again, even if he didn't remember the first time. To the Navi, his fears may have been coming to pass at that moment.


Without warning, Lan stood up from his chair and walked over to the bed where Megaman was still sitting. The sudden movement was something that the Navi was not expecting. In fact, he half-expected Lan to simply stay in the chair until he was finally tired enough to go to sleep. Then again, could that be why he was walking towards the bed? Was he finally sleepy enough that he wanted to turn in for the night?

Still lost in his thoughts, Megaman did not realize that Lan had already gotten to the bed and sat down. It seemed as thought there wasn't anything that could bring the Navi out of his current state of mind. That was, until Lan decided to go a little further than just sitting by him.

Much to Megaman's surprise, not just from the action, but from getting ripped from his train of thought, he felt Lan's hand rest on top of his own. His eyes widened at the sudden touch. He hadn't expected the boy to make such a move.

"Ummm...Lan? Are you ok?"
"I'm fine, Megaman."
"Are you sure? You look a little...dazed."

He couldn't put his finger on it, but Megaman saw that something was different about Lan's face. He wasn't mad or angry anymore. If anything, he looked...intrigued. There was almost no other emotion in the boy's face. "Megaman...I want to find out something."

That statement alone seemed to change Megaman's mood. Now, he was interested in what Lan meant. From the sound of it, the boy didn't come over to the bed in order to sleep for the night. But, if didn't come to the bed to sleep, then why did he make his...

It was at that moment that something completely unexpected happened. The only thing that Megaman saw that the look on Lan's face...and that his face was getting closer and closer as he leaned forward. And then, it happened. Lan's lip finally made contact with Megaman's. The Navi was in total surprise and shock. He had not expected the boy to make such a bold move, especially since they had just had an argument not too long ago.

Megaman's eyes stayed open the entire time, as wide as dinner plates. Lan's eyes, on the other hand, seemed to have closed the moment his lips pressed up against the Navi's lips. Even amid the shock and surprise, Megaman could see it on Lan's face. The boy was enjoying the moment. Or, it looked like he was.

A few moments later, they finally broke apart. Lan opened his eyes and looked at the other boy's face. It wasn't exactly what he was expecting to see. He had figured that Megaman would have been filled with happiness that he finally got kissed again, and that things might be going back to normal. At least, that is what Lan thought. However, the opposite seemed to have been evident on the Navi's face. The boy could only think that maybe he did something wrong, or that Megaman just didn't enjoy the contact.

"Megaman...why...why don't you look happy?"

Megaman didn't know how to respond. Sure, he should have been happy. He wanted to be happy. It was the first time since Lan's accident that he was able to have an intimate moment with the boy. He should have been jumping for joy all over the room, kissing Lan more, and even shedding tears of joy from his eyes. He should have been doing all of that. But...he wasn't. He couldn't.

And, the worst part was...he didn't know why.

"Lan...why did you do that?"
"I thought that was what you wanted."
"What do you mean by that?"

"Megaman...if we were...'together' like you said, then me kissing you should have made you happy about everything. Why didn't it?" It was the question the Navi still had no answer for. For the moment, all he could seem to do was stare into Lan's eyes, hoping that the answer to the question would just come to him. After all, thinking on his feet was something that Megaman was good at. So, this shouldn't be any different than a NetBattle where he had to think on his feet. Then again, this wasn't a NetBattle. This was Lan. This was about whether or not he would be able to salvage his relationship with the boy or not.

After a few moments of staring, Megaman knew he had to say something. The uncomfortable silence was starting to get to both him and Lan. "It's just that...that..." He paused, waiting for the right words to come out of his mouth. "...it took me by surprise. That's all." 'There. That should be good enough...at least until I find out why I reacted like that.'

"But...I thought you would have liked it."
"What do you mean, Lan?"
"If we were together, then we probably did stuff like that, right?"
"Well...we did..."
"Then why was it such a surprise for you?"

That exact same question just kept running through Megaman's head. He didn't have the answer. He was trying with all of his energy to find out why he reacted like he did. He had been waiting for Lan to finally do something like that for a while, and the Navi thought that it was going to be the moment that he would be looking forward to. And, true enough, it was the moment. But, something about the moment just didn't seem right. Megaman couldn't put his finger on it, but the moment...felt like it shouldn't have happened. It felt like it was almost...

...a nightmare.

Remembering that Lan had just asked a question, Megaman tried, once again, to state why he reacted with what seemed like terror. The Navi opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. His brain just would not allow him to say what needed to be said, even if he didn't know what it was that needed to be said.

Lan looked at Megaman, still waiting for the response to his question. He took immediate notice to the Navi opening his mouth to speak, but then closing back up after a moment of silence from the orifice. "Megaman...is it that you don't like me anymore? Is that why you did what you did?"

Now, that got Megaman's attention and mouth working. "Wa...what? No! That's not it. I still like you, Lan. My feelings haven't changed."

"Then what is it?"
"What was it that made you react like that?"
"I...I don..."
"What was it, Megaman?"

"I don't want you to like me!" The words blurted out of Megaman's mouth. Of course, it was completely involuntary. And, naturally, it wasn't until after he had spoken those words that he realized what he had done.

Realizing what he had said, Megaman looked directed at Lan, who now had the same look of shock on his face that Megaman had only a few minutes ago. The boy couldn't believe what the Navi had just said. He was sure that this was what Megaman wanted. But...it was completely different. Now, there was another question that popped into Lan's mind.

'Does that mean...he doesn't like my anymore?'

"Lan...I didn't mean to..."
"Don't say anything, Megaman."
"Lan, please. I'm sorry I said that."
"If you are, then why did you say it?"

The Navi was at a slight loss for words. All he could seem to do was dwell on the words that would now inevitably end, not only their relationship, but also quite possibly end their friendship. But, all of his thoughts and feelings were starting to come back together. After a few moments of thought, a familiar saying started to repeat itself in his head. 'If you love Lan, you will let him go.' Megaman finally understood what he meant, and what he needed to do.

"Lan...I still like you. I still love you. But...you can't return those same feelings. Not right now."
"Megaman...why can't..."

The boy was quickly interrupted by the Navi. "Please, Lan. Let me finish." The boy was slightly taken aback by the remarks, but figured that letting Megaman speak would hopefully solve all of the questions that he had running through his head.

Megaman continued to speak. "It isn't that I don't want you to return my feelings. I really do. But...I want it to be on our own terms. I don't want you returning my feelings simply because you were told that we were a couple before. I don't want that, Lan." The Navi paused in his speech, if you could call it that. And, as he was talking, Megaman realize why he reacted the way he did to Lan kissing him.

He wanted Lan's love to be his own feelings, not what someone else said they were.

Lan stared at Megaman's face. He didn't know what to say to the Navi. Sure, the boy got what Megaman was trying to say. That was perfectly clear now. 'He wants it to start from the beginning.'

Megaman looked into Lan's eyes. He could see that the boy understood how he felt about the situation; the feeling that he didn't want them to do anything simply because they did in the past. No, Megaman could see that Lan understood that he wanted things to start again, from the beginning, with no outside influences to say who felt what about the other. However, it would seem that things like that were not going to last.

'I understand, but I have to know...I just have to...' That one thought crossed Lan's mind, as he unexpectedly leaned in and kissed Megaman again. And, just like time, the Navi was just as surprised as before. However, Lan did not see the reaction in Megaman's face. He closed his eyes and try to enjoy the kiss as much as possible. '...I have to know...' The thought resonated throughout his mind.

Their kiss didn't last too long as Megaman broke it off before he became too engrossed in it. "Lan...I thought you understood..."

"I do, Megaman. But..."
"But what?"
"But...I have to know for myself."
"Lan? What is it?"

The boy didn't answer at first. He was silent for a few moments as he stared deeply into Megaman's eyes...that was, until he expectedly kissed the Navi for the third time that night. Unfortunately, as if expecting it, Megaman quickly broke the kiss and gently pushed Lan away. There was a hurt and dejected look in Lan's face. The moment that just shared, if only briefly, was a moment that seemed to have been enjoyed by the boy.

The Navi looked into Lan's eyes, a look of sadness and hurt could be seen inside the brown orbs. He didn't mean to, but he had his reasons for doing what he did. "Lan...you can't...we can't. You can't do this just because you were told you use to."

"Megaman...I am doing this because I want to."
"No, you're not. If Maylu didn't tell you about our relationship, you wouldn't be doing this."
"Maybe...but, then again, maybe her telling me showed me how I really do feel."

There was another moment of silence. Megaman didn't know what to say. Sure, Lan's reasoning did make sense, but the Navi was absolutely sure that what was happening was only because Lan believed what Maylu said, and that he thinks he should be in love with the Navi simply because he was before the accident. To Megaman, that wasn't how he wanted Lan to remember.

Lan soon spoke, breaking the silence between the two of them. "Look, Megaman. I'm not kissing you because someone told me to..." There was a pause in his voice. The Navi noticed that Lan didn't stutter at all. That could have only meant that, for once during this whole time, the boy might have been fully aware of what he was talking about. This was only reinforced as Lan slowly started to move in towards Megaman's lips once more.

"I'm doing it because I want to."

And, with those words, Lan pressed his lips against Megaman's once again. The contact was something that the boy could get use to, especially with someone that was as kind, well-mannered, protective, and caring as the Navi was. It was a feeling that he had finally filled a void in his life. He felt like he was...

...in love...

To add even more surprise to the moment, the boy noticed that Megaman was not pulling away from the kiss this time. Lan had closed his eyes in order to take in the moment, so he hadn't seem the expression on the Navi's face during the while time their lips were connected...and still connected, as the case were. Opening his eyes, Lan discovered that Megaman had done the same as he did. His vision was greeted to the sight of the Navi's emerald green eyes being cover by his fleshy eyelids, completely blocking out any visuals his eyes could get.

Their shared moment of euphoria lasted longer than either of them had realized. Both of them had to break the kiss in order to get a breath of air. Both Lan and Megaman had a slight pant in their breathing as their lungs begged for more air to circulate to the rest of their bodies.

Lan looked at Megaman in front of him, happy that he accepted the kiss this time, but curious as to why he did accept it. The boy spoke in almost a whisper. "Why...why didn't you push me away that time?" There was a moment of silence between the two. The boy figured Megaman was trying to find the right words for the moment, but those thoughts went out the window when he got an unexpectedly quick peck on the lips.

"Lan...if you really are doing this because you want to...then I'll help you."
"Help me? With what?"
"Lan...I'm your NetNavi, and I am...was...your boyfriend. If getting you back to normal means I have to...kiss you, then I will do it. I'll do anything you help you, Lan...I love you."

With the words spoken, Megaman wasted no more time, not even giving the boy a chance to respond. He moved in closer and planted a fiery, yet passionate, kiss on Lan's lips. The movement was slow and paced, as if it was rehearsed at an earlier time. But, it wasn't Megaman was acting completely on his feelings. The only thing that he had on his mind was that he couldn't go too quickly, or else he might scare Lan, thereby ruining not only the moment, but also any chance of getting the Lan before back.

There was a silence in the air as the only hint of sound came from the quiet moans of the two boys and their locked lips. Megaman put one arm behind Lan and slowly lowered him to the bed below them. As the boy was being lowered, the Navi slowly made his way on top, but the movements alerted Lan, as he soon broke the kiss and inspect what was going on.

Orbs of brown looked at Megaman. "What...what are you doing?"

"Lan...do you trust me?"
"Trust you? I...I..."
"I won't hurt you, Lan. All I ask from you is that you put a little bit of trust in me."
"That's...gonna be hard to do. You lied to me since I got..."

The boy was cut off by the Navi. "I know I lied, Lan. And, I hope you can understand and forgive me for it. But, right now, I don't want that to matter. Right now...I just want us to matter."

Their eyes kept staring at each other. Neither of the two wanted to say anything. Consequently, neither of the two also wanted to just stare at each other all night long. Whether Megaman knew it or not, Lan was looking forward to going a little further than where they were right now. However, the boy wasn't sure if this was all still something that was true about him before the accident, and his caution was starting to get in the way of his desire.

But, Lan would soon have to make his choice, as Megaman started to get closer and closer to his lips once again. "Please, Lan...just trust me..." With his words, the distance between his lips and Lan lips closed almost completely. There were only mere centimeters separating the two of them. However, the Navi seemed to be waiting for something, as if there was some kind of sign that Lan was suppose to give before he could proceed.

And, Lan seemed to have caught on.

Without much warning, the boy wrapped his arms around Megaman's neck, pulling his head the rest of the way down, forcing their lips together. The feeling of Lan's lips against his one was something that Megaman had been waiting to feel for such a long time. And, it was absolutely painful for the Navi to push Lan away the first few times. But, this time...this time was the moment that he had been waiting for.

However, as their kiss kept going, so did Megaman's desire to continue and go further. He slowly pulled his lips away from Lan's, trailing down the boy's chin and neck. For Lan, this was something that he hadn't done before...not that he could remember if he had done this before or not.

His eyes were closed and his breathing started to get a little more rapid and deep. The touch of the Navi's lips on his neck sent waves of euphoria throughout his body. It wasn't long until he felt a hand go between his shirt and chest, snaking it's way up from the bottom of his shirt, carefully and gently inching past his navel and stomach. Of course, he knew that it wasn't his hand. And, this was more evident as the hand reached his chest, several fingers running across his nipples.

The sensation was too much for Lan to keep to himself. "Uhhh..." A low moan came out of his mouth, enhanced by the feeling of Megaman's tongue moving across his jawline and around the front of his neck, leaving a slightly wet trail of saliva in the process. The stagnant air in the room only served to carry the silent moan, it's sound waves bouncing off each wall and window, object and screen, and even each other. It was a sound that only served to further increase the Navi's desire to go the extra mile...or even more.

Another hand was felt against the boy's chest. And, once again, Lan knew that it was not his own. However, this time both of the intruding hands seemed to have been moving in unison, one snaking up the left side of his stomach and chest, while the other moved upwards on the right side of the same areas. Before Lan could decipher what their motives were, both of the hands reached their objectives. As the boy's thoughts came to a conclusion, Megaman's hands had moved all the way up Lan's body and across his own arms, completely parallel to one another.

Lan's eyes searched in front of his own face to find Megaman's, needing an explanation as to what was going on. Unfortunately, his vision would not be granted the answer that it was seeking. Without warning, Megaman grabbed the sleeves of the boy's shirt and quickly tugged the restricting article of clothing off.

The rushed movement broke whatever skin-to-skin contact was occurring between the two boys. The sight of Lan's bare chest was something that nearly drove Megaman to the point where he just wanted to take the boy right then and there. It took a good majority of his willpower to stop himself from doing such a thing. He had to think hard about how much he loved Lan, not how much he thought he lusted after the boy's body. Emerald green eyes stared deeply at the smooth flesh in front of it, taking note of every inch.

However, it wasn't long before Lan's silence became a voice in his throat...an objection.

"Megaman...stop...we can't...we can't do this..."

There was a mix of shock and disappointment on Megaman's face. He had been looking forward to this movement for a while now, almost two weeks, and now, Lan wanted to stop because he thought that they shouldn't be doing what they were doing.

But, the Navi wanted to get to the bottom of the boy's objection.

"Why do you say that, Lan?"
"It's just...it doesn't feel right."
"You mean...this isn't what you wanted?"
"Well...I wanted to know if I really did have...feelings for you. But...I don't see how this is the way to do it."

Megaman stared into his NetOp's eyes, trying to see what was the root of this sudden change in mood. Most often, all the Navi had to do was look into Lan's eyes or study the boy's face, and he could normally tell why there was such a change in his mood or tone of voice. But, this time...this time was different. Megaman found it extremely difficult to read Lan. It was almost like trying to study the face of a complete stranger.

However, Megaman knew that this might be the only way to get Lan back, if you could even call it that. Mostly, it was just the Navi's hormones talking. (a/n: Considering that Megaman is "human" when he is outside his PET, he can have normal human emotions, bodily functions, and yes, even hormones.)

"Lan...do you trust me?"
"You...already asked me that."
"I know I did. It's just...you seem like you don't."
"I do...but..."

Megaman soon cut Lan's statement off before he could finish. "Then believe me when I tell you this...You won't get hurt. I won't push you too far. And...I love you." The Navi took his thumbs and stroked the side's of the boy's face in sync, as if trying to express his point even more.

The boy looked up at his Navi...possibly boyfriend...and tried to force himself to smile, trying to tell the body above him that it was ok, and that he did believe him. But, this experience was still worrisome to the boy, and he wasn't sure if he was ready for it. 'He did promise me...but can he keep it?' Lan's own thoughts were contradicting themselves, making it extremely difficult for him to decide whether he should allow Megaman to continue on.

However, Megaman wasn't going to wait much longer. He decided to take Lan's silence as a means of telling him to continue on. He lowered his head down to the boy's still bare chest, brushing his lips across the flesh, all the while taking his hands away from the boy's face and using his fingers to caress the sides of his torso. The touches were delicate, almost in a scripted manner as though they were out of some movie. The sensations caused Lan to close his eyes and quietly moan in his throat. It wouldn't be too long before Megaman started to kiss certain areas on the boy's stomach.

However, there was a nagging thought in the back of Megaman's head. He couldn't help but think that the air in the room was too tense from earlier in the evening. He had to find a way to lighten the mood a little, but not too much that it would spoil the moment. So, he went down to the boy's stomach once again and started blowing, like a mother would do her newborn baby to get it to smile and laugh. He hoped that maybe Lan would response in somewhat the same manner, hoping to get rid of the tension in the air.

For the most part, it seemed to work. As Megaman started to blow, he could hear Lan trying not to laugh. But, soon his silent giggling came out in a laughing fit. "Ha-ha. Sto...stop it, Megaman. That tickles!" Lan started to squirm a little below Megaman, who had still been blowing on the boy's stomach.

Feeling that he did what needed to be done, the Navi lifted his head to speak. "You're a little ticklish there, eh?"

"Hey! It's a sensitive area. I'm sure you are, as well."
"I don't know. You never did that to me. So..."
"So, I guess this is the best time to try, right?"

Without any more warning, Lan quickly got up and attempted to pin Megaman down to the bed. 'I guess this isn't all that bad. It's kinda fun...' The boy started to feel that things were starting to fall in place, and he also thought about what Megaman said. So far, he hadn't hurt the boy, he wasn't forcing him forward into anything...and right before the Navi started blowing on his stomach, which resulted in the situation and position that they were in at the moment, Megaman showed the boy that he was held in a very high regard...he could even say that Megaman...loved him.

'He loves me...he loves me...' The thought resonated inside the boy's head. He looked at the happy expression on Megaman's face; an expression that he found to be quite comforting. Without realizing it, he leaned down to get a closer look, but soon found that his lips had made contact with Megaman and that they were now in the middle of a passionate kiss.

Neither of the two boys even bothered to move from the position they were in. Neither of them even needed to thinking about what was going on. Their passionate movement turned even more intimate when both Megaman and Lan moved their tongues into the other's mouth, completing the French Kiss.

The moment dragged on and on. One kiss, two kisses, three kisses, and still, neither Lan nor Megaman bothered to move from their current position, which was Lan on top and Megaman now on bottom.

And, it was only a matter of time before Megaman started getting a little more adventurous.

As they were kissing more and more, he moved one hand between their bodies, snaking it's way down to Lan's waist, and even further. Shaping his hand into a cup, he moved it over the boy's crotch area and, sure enough, he noticed that Lan was getting hard. In fact, he guessed that the boy was almost completely hard, judging by how much his penis was sticking up.

And, like clockwork, Lan felt the hand on his pants. It alerted him quickly, causing him to pull back from their make-out session that seemed to have lasted a whole ten minutes. Lan looked down at Megaman, a slight blush could be seen across his face.

Megaman, however, simply smiled.

"You don't need to be embarrassed, Lan."
"Well...it's just that..."
"Hey. I know how it is. And, you don't have to worry, Lan."
"...Are you sure?"
"Of course, I am."
"Then...what do we do now?"

The Navi smiled again. He had been hoping for that question for a good while, and he had the perfect answer. "I know what to do." Just like what Lan had done earlier, Megaman flipped the two of them around, back to their original positions of Lan on bottom and Megaman on top.

With a smile on his face, the same smile he had on when he told Lan not to be embarrassed, Megaman spoke again. "Let me take over from here..." With that, the Navi, using only one hand, unbuttoned Lan's shorts and, now with both hands, pulled the shorts and boxers down a little. The boy was a little surprised as the quick movements, and they caused him to jump a little bit. Megaman caught the movement and looked at Lan for any indication to not continue.

However, there was no such indication. Lan simply put a hand over his chest to catch a breath, then nodded his head.

"Don't worry, Lan..."
"I'll try not to, Megaman..."
"Lan...just remember that I won't hurt you...and that I love you..."

With one of his fingers, Megaman ran it across the sensitive tip of the boy's hardened penis, sending a wave of pleasure up and down Lan's body, causing him to involuntarily shake a little from the sudden touch. But, more and more as the moments passed, Lan couldn't help but think to himself that this might not be a bad thing, that it might actually be something that he might enjoy.

But, the only way he knew if that was true or not, was to keep going.

"!" The boy was quickly pulled out of his thoughts when he felt more than one fingers on his crotch. This time, however, they were not on the tip, or even stroked or rubbing the head. This time, the fingers had wrapped themselves around his shaft and started moving, slowly up and down with the fingertips attempting to tickle the sensitive flesh every now and again. The sensations from the touches were getting more and more intense. In fact, they were already intense enough to the point where they were causing pre-cum to start making it's way up and out of his member.

And, Lan could feel it making it's way up.

And, Megaman could see it making it's way up.

To the Navi, the sight was rather tempting. It was a sight that he had grown to like since he was able to come to the human world. It made his heart beat fast when he saw Lan enjoy the treatment he was getting, but the sight of Lan's erection getting harder and oozing the sticky pre-cum...it made his heart beat even faster and faster.

Giving in to his desire even more, Megaman removed his hand from the boy's shaft. Lan breathed a heavy sigh, more so from the pleasurable feelings ending than his own disappointment. However, it wasn't long before he felt something warm and wet touch the tip of his penis.

Gazing down, Lan saw that Megaman's mouth was hovering extremely close to his member. Looking even further, he saw the Navi's tongue sticking out slightly. He wanted to look even further, but the sudden feeling of something wet and warm against the head of his penis sent another wave of pleasure across his body, forcing the boy to toss his head back onto the bed, loosing sight of what was going on below his waistline.

"Uhh...Mmm" Low moans were escaping Lan's mouth as Megaman's tongue continued to lick the tip of his member, tasting the pre-cum that continued to ooze out. The Navi was loving the taste of the clear fluid. And. He realized the more that he licked, the more that seemed to come out. He could tell that Lan was almost ready...

And it was time to go to the next step.

In what seemed like an instant to Lan, Megaman slowly moved his head lower, putting the boy's member in his mouth. Slowly and carefully, the head moved inside, followed by the top of his shaft, then the middle. The Navi was taking his time, all the while using his tongue to tease the sensitive tip of the appendage.

By this time, Lan was tossing his head back and forth, from left to right, extending his neck and contracting...anything that his body would do to release the pinned up moans that he tried to not let escape through his mouth. However, that was going to change.

Megaman used his hands once again, pulling the boy's shorts and boxers completely off, carelessly tossing them aside, all the while gaining speed as he continued sucking on Lan's member, teasing the boy's penis even more with his tongue by moving it more quickly and intensely over the tip.

"Ahh..Mega...M...Man..." Lan could barely say the Navi's name. The sensations were overwhelming him, and he could feel that something bigger and more intense than his pre-cum was starting to gather at the base inside his penis. The more Megaman teased the head of his member, the more intense the feeling inside him got. But, Megaman wasn't quite finished yet. He knew what was coming just by listening to Lan's voice, and he knew that there was something that would push the boy over the edge.

Once again, without any warning, Megaman moved a hand into another sensitive area on the boy's body. At first, he just brushed his fingers lightly over the area between the boy's sac and hole, but the Navi soon moved to his destination. Feeling around and slightly digging between Lan's cheeks, Megaman found the boy's hole and quickly inserted his middle finger.

"Ahhh! Mega...Man!" The sudden intrusion made Lan shoot his eyes open. There was both a mixture of euphoria and pain from Megaman's movements, more pain than pleasure, as it would seem. To get Lan's mind off of his current actions, Megaman started sucking harder and more intensely, actually putting the tip of his tongue inside Lan's peehole.

Lan could barely get any words out, but he knew that it was soon time. "Some...things hap...happening...Megaman!" The boy screamed the Navi's name as it finally happened. Megaman heard and moved his tongue quickly, giving a few thrusts into Lan's hole with his finger and licking the underpart of the head on the boy's member.

In only an instant later, Lan started to cum. The orgasm was like nothing the boy had ever experienced in his life, granted he couldn't remember half of his life at the moment. But, that didn't matter. The feeling of the cum quickly moving up his shaft and shooting into Megaman's awaiting mouth made Lan's entire body spasm. His hands got caught in the bedsheets and tangled themselves up, grabbing whatever there was to grab.

The creamy liquid came out in spurts, one after another, about five in total. All of it had ended up in the Navi's mouth, although Lan didn't know this as his mind was spinning in a whirlwind of ecstasy.

Finally, after a moment of waiting, the boy was able to catch his breath. His most recent experience had literally taken his breath away. His pants were staggered and deep, but gradually became more silent and shallow as his body started getting the much needed oxygen. Opening his eyes, Lan found that Megaman's head was still around his penis, but the Navi's eyes were focused on him. The emerald green orbs could be seen as clear as daylight, staring directly at Lan's brown eyes.

Their short-lived staring contest seemed to have been Megaman's queue to lift his mouth off of the boy's now softened member. A thin string of semen could be seen, one end attached to the tip of the boy's head, and the other hanging slightly off of the Navi's lip. It didn't take long for the string to break, as Megaman moved his head closer to Lan's head. The boy wasn't sure what the Navi was up to, but he could see a smirk across his face. He had figured that Megaman probably swallowed all of the substance that came out, a substance that he didn't know came out of him.

"Megaman...Did you..." Lan's words were cut off as Megaman quickly locked lips with the brunette below him. With Lan's mouth still open, the Navi shot his tongue into the awaiting orifice. Unbeknownst to Lan, Megaman did not swallow all of the cum. Instead, he had gotten the idea in his head to let the boy get a taste of what he enjoyed more than the food Mrs. Hikari cooked up.

At first, Lan's reaction was not very pleasant. He wasn't sure what the substance was, but given where it came out of, the place he peed from, he could only guess that it was probably going to be disgusting. He even thought about smacking Megaman across the face for making him taste such a thing.

However, it wasn't as bad as he thought it to be. While the Navi's movements were quick, they were still gentle and caring, and Lan could feel it. So, he decided to go with it.

And, to his surprise, it wasn't all that bad.

Initially, the taste was a little on the bitter side. But, the more he tasted the seed, the more he began to get use to it, maybe even enjoy it himself. He moved his own tongue around, brushing up against the Navi's tongue, getting more and more of the taste on his own. Lan even went as far as to bypass Megaman's intrusion and scope out the Navi's mouth on the other end.

And, not to his surprise, the taste of the cum was still fresh inside the Navi's mouth.

It wasn't long before the kiss wasn't about giving Lan a taste of himself anymore. Rather, it had finally turned into a kiss of passion and romance. It was no longer fulfilling a desire on the Navi's part. It was no longer about giving the boy the taste that Megaman enjoyed so much. It wasn't about any of that. It was now about the two of them, sharing a moment that Megaman wanted to make sure that Lan remembered.

Their passionate moment lasted for much longer than either of them had realized. Almost an entire minute had past since the "cum-tasting kiss" turned into a full blown make-out session. But, things were going to heat back up, as Megaman could feel his own member twitching more and more, wanting to go that last mile to make Lan's world explode.

It was getting to the point where it was unbearable, and Megaman knew that it was time.

The Navi finally broke off the kiss, needing to speak and let the boy know just what was going to happen next. "Lan...there's one more thing we can do...if you want to..." The Navi was reluctant to speak the last part of his sentence. He wanted to go all the way more than anything, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that Lan would never forgive him if he forced the boy into doing something that he didn't want to do. Megaman knew that he had to ask Lan before he went the final step.

"You mean...you want me to finish you, right?"
"Well...no. Not quite."
"Then, what is it?"
"Umm...you know how I took my finger and put it inside you?"

Lan remembered that. It was the thing that pushed him over the edge quicker than he thought. It was also on the painful side. Although, the boy had to admit in his mind that after the initial push, it didn't feel all that bad. In fact, he might even say that it felt good, and that it was a feeling that he might even come to like, so long as it wasn't anything more than just a finger.

"Well...I want to go further than that."
"Further? What...do you mean by that?"
"Lan...I want to put myself inside you."

'Put himself inside me?' The thought came into Lan's mind, trying to figure out what kind of coding that way. However, he quickly figured it out. The only thing that would actually fit in his hole, even if it was a long shot, was Megaman's penis. Even though the boy had Amnesia, he still had some common sense and reasonable deduction skills.

The idea sort of worried Lan a little. "Wait...you want you...stick me with your..."

"I do..."
"But...it's bigger than a finger. It's gonna hurt."
"I may at first, Lan. But, it will get better."
"But, what if it doesn't? What if it really hurts?"

Megaman could hear the distress in the boy's voice. But, his own urge was getting the better of him, and the Navi really wanted to go all the way. "Lan...I know it will hurt. But, I'll do everything I can to make sure it doesn't hurt long. I know you will like it. Please...trust me on this."

There it was again. Megaman was asking for Lan to trust him. And, true enough, the boy had trusted Megaman this entire time. He trusted him in taking his clothes off. He trusted him in handing his private parts. He trusted him in getting a taste of himself. So, why was it different this time? The only thing that Lan could think of was that when Megaman was using just his finger, the initial pain was the one thing that really stuck out to him. And, the boy didn't want to go through that again.

However, something inside Lan told him that this was something that he can trust Megaman on. It was a quiet, but very nagging voice inside his head. He couldn't seem to get rid of it, but it was there, urging the brunette on to keep going...and to trust what Megaman was doing.

Brown eyes focused on emerald green eyes. Lan had to say something. And, he did, with reluctance. "Ok...Let's give it a try." The words made Megaman almost ecstatic. He had been hoping Lan would say yes. And, now that he did, he could finally show Lan just how much the boy meant to him.

With a quick kiss on the lips, Megaman soon went to work. He didn't see much of a need to take off his shirt. So, instead, he unbuttoned his pants and tried to slide them down, but another pair of hands came out and grabbed his own. He followed the arms to see that Lan was holding his hands...and smiling. 'What is he...ohh. I see...' There was a slight tug on the Navi's hands, trying to move then downward while they still had a grasp on the waist of the pants.

Both pairs of hands moved downward, both grasping the pants. As the waist of the fabric got lower and lower, a bulge could be seen on Megaman's boxers. Sure enough, the Navi had gotten an erection, and it was just now starting to show. Although, Lan hadn't even paid much attention to the Navi's body, since he himself want too busy enjoying the treatment Megaman was giving him.

A little fascinated by the sight, Lan take one of his hands off of the pants and cupped it over the bulge. He could see the tip of the head, as well as some of the shaft on the appendage. Aside from his own, Lan couldn't remember ever seeing another boy's penis. His curiosity got the better of him as he took his hand and snaked it past open seam in the boxers, gently feeling around and touching Megaman's member in certain places. The Navi moaned very lowly at the touching, so low that Lan, thankfully, did not hear it.

The boy kept touching and feeling, but soon decided that he wanted to see more. Without warning Megaman one bit, Lan grabbed the hardened penis and pulled it through the open seam. At last, he stared at the now exposed and hard member, curving slightly upward and even starting to slightly drip pre-cum.

Things were starting to get to be too much for the Navi to handle. He wanted to get to the "grand finale", and the urge to get to that point was getting stronger and stronger the more Lan simply stared or touched his hard member.

He pulled himself back a bit, giving his back room to bend so that he could give the boy beneath him a kiss on the lips. But, unknown to Lan, the kiss was merely a distraction.

The Navi knew that Lan was ok with what was going to happen, even if he was a little worried about it. However, with his distraction in place and already set in motion, Megaman knew that it was time to continue on. Taking one of his fingers, he felt around Lan's butt, getting between the two cheeks, and finally finding his destination.

With a gentle push, Megaman moved the finger inside the boy's hole. It was still a little loose, but still tight enough that he knew that it would take a little effort to get Lan fully stretched.

Peering down at Lan's face, Megaman could see that the boy was feeling the pain from the intrusion. And, their kiss was starting to turn sour, given that the pain from Megaman's actions was something that was still foreign to Lan. The Navi knew he couldn't keep his distraction up since Lan was aware of what was going on. So, he reluctantly stopped the kiss and pulled his head away.

Without the Navi's lips on his own, Lan's face started to contort, the pain from the intrusion being to blame in its entirety. "Ahhh...ahh..." By now, Megaman was moving the finger in and out, trying to get Lan use to the feeling. Lan, however, didn't seem to enjoy it all that much.

"Oww...Megaman...it hurts..."
"I'm sorry, Lan. But...this is the only way..."
"Are you...sure?"

Lan's sentences were short, as Megaman was still moving his finger and and out, and it was starting to gain speed as the ring muscles inside the boy were loosening up. The Navi didn't answer the boy's question, opting to continue on and hoping that things were going to turn out for the better. This became evident as he took another finger and moved it into position.

The boy felt the new finger, and braced for another round. He was getting use to the first, relaxing himself a little. But now, it seemed that his relaxing was going to be for not. The Navi pulled the first finger back, put the two fingers together, and pushed both inside Lan's hole. This caused the boy even more pain than the first finger. Megaman could feel that Lan was not relaxing as much as he should have. Even as he was attempting to stretch the boy, he could feel the ring muscle tensing up more and more.

"Lan, I know it hurts now. But, you have to relax."
"It's hard, Megaman...it just hurts..."
"Don't think about what I am doing. Just relax and don't think about anything."

The boy wasn't sure if he could keep his mind off it. After all, the Navi was going to be going all the way with him soon. How could he not think about what was going to happen. However, Lan tried his best to not give it a thought. Instead, he focused his mind on other things, trying to not pay attention to the work Megaman's fingers were doing to his hole.

It seemed to work. Lan didn't even noticed that Megaman had started to make scissor motions with the two fingers he had inserted. The sight of Lan's awaking entrance was hard for Megaman to look at. It was something that was taking all of his willpower to not just go for, given that it would put the boy in a lot of pain.

Figuring that Lan was finally stretched enough, Megaman stopped the scissoring motions, keeping a small space open, which was soon filled with a third finger. Even with Lan thinking about other things, he felt the third finger put in. The boy let out a slight yelp, muffled by his own closed mouth. He didn't want to tell Megaman that it hurt for fear that he might stop. Even if it was painful, Lan couldn't deny that after a little while, it felt good, and he was starting to take a liking to the treatment.

The Navi still heard the yelp, though. However, since he did not hear a single objection from the boy below him, he continued his work. The ring muscles were getting more and more stretched, becoming very loose. It also felt like the insides were starting to self-lubricate themselves.

Everything going on was finally too much for Megaman to contain. His throbbing erection and twitching with anticipation, and he soon caught his fingers moving at a rather quick pace while inside Lan. He knew that it was finally time.

Removing his fingers, Megaman moved himself into position, lifting Lan's legs up so that his knees were almost resting on the boy's chest. Lan, however, a little disappointed in the removal of the fingers. The feeling was something that was was getting use to, and was enjoying more than he thought he would. But, as his mind came back to him and realized what was next, he shifted his attention to the waiting Navi between his legs.

"Lan...are you sure you are ready for this?"
"I am, Megaman. I'm ready for you."

There was a hint of doubt in Megaman's voice, and Lan could hear it. The Navi was a little hesitant, simply putting the tip of his member on Lan's hole. Noticing his hesitation, Lan leaned upward, as much as his back would let him, while at the same time, wrapping his arms around Megaman and pulling his down. With the distance closed, Lan pressed his lips against Megaman's, locking themselves together. The boy forced his tongue into the Navi's mouth, hoping to show that he was alright with what was going to happen next.

With their lips still locked, Megaman finally went forward, pushing the head of his erected member into the boy below him. The kiss muffled the moan of pain Lan had let out. But, Megaman did not stop there. He continued forward, pushing himself more and more inside the boy, almost halfway before even stopping. The Navi looked at Lan, whose face was contorting from the sudden intrusion. Lan hadn't expected Megaman to go so quickly.

The kiss was soon broken, as both of them needed air. However, Megaman soon spoke. "I'm sorry, Lan. I didn't mean to..." The Navi was cutoff by Lan speaking.

"Don't apologize, Megaman. Just...go a little slower..."

With a nod of his head, Megaman slowly pulled out, leaving only the head inside, then, in an slow and gingerly manner, pushed himself back inside Lan. The motions were still making Lan's face contort in a mixture of both pain and pleasure. His mind couldn't focus on just one feeling at a time. As Megaman kept pushing in, he went past the halfway mark, going even further into the boy below him. He could feel the friction of his member rubbing against the inner walls of Lan's hole. It was a feeling that almost made the Navi want to move quicker. But, his willpower was stronger than that.

Finally, he pushed all the way in, his pelvis coming into full contact with Lan's body. The feeling of Megaman's entire length being inside him made Lan's face contort even more. He tried not to make any moaning or crying sounds. Even though Lan knew that it was going to be this painful at first, he really did want to see what the entire experience was going to be like. So, he resolved to himself to endure everything until the very end.

Slowly, Megaman started to pull and out, almost all the way each time. "Uh...uhh..." Completely unintentionally, Lan started making sounds, all of which were being triggered by the Navi's movements. Wanting to do more, Megaman bent over slightly, lowering his head down to Lan's chest, giving the boy's nipples some attention by gently licking and sucking on the nubs. This caused even more moans to escape the boy's mouth.

Keeping his hips moving and his thrusts getting more rhythmic as each moment passed, Megaman continued to give attention to the boy's bare chest, kissing and licking what he could. The sensations of pain that initially cased Lan's face to contort were beginning to subside, giving way to the more pleasurable feelings of the intimacy of their moment together.

As he was continuing with his thrusting, Megaman lifted his head up. "Lan...I love you. I just...I love you..." As if trying to express his point even more, Megaman made a sharp thrust into the boy, causing Lan's eyes and mouth to both open wide, mainly due to the rush of friction, not to mention his body itself trembling slightly.

At that moment, Megaman held his position, not making anymore thrusts, worried that he had hurt Lan in some way. "Lan...are you..." Once again, the Navi was cutoff by the boy, who almost seemed to have expected Megaman to say something.

"Megaman...that was...wonderful."
"Are you sure? It looked like..."
"Please...do that again."

Not waiting to disappoint, Megaman pulled out and did another sharp thrust into the boy below him. Yet again, Lan's face showed an expression of surprise, which seemed to have quickly turned to what Megaman though was a face showing pain, as the boy's eyes quickly closed and started to squint. To Megaman, this could only mean one thing. 'I found his spot. Hehe.'

Pulling out once again, Megaman pushed the entirety of his member back into Lan in the same manner as he had done the past two times. Once again, Lan's face contorted, both a mix of pain and euphoria. And, then something caught Megaman's attention. He looked down his and Lan's bodies, and noticed that everything that he was doing to the boy was causing the body below him to become hard once again.

He smiled inward, knowing that he was doing something that was making Lan, for lack of a better word, happy. "Lan...you look like you need a little help..." The boy looked down to see that he was, in fact, hard. He started to blush a little. Even though Megaman was having sex with him, Lan was still subconsciously shy when it came to revealing his naked body to the Navi.

Megaman stopped his movements momentarily, giving him time to lean down and give the boy below him a kiss on the lips. It was only for a moment, as he started to speak again. "You don't have to be embarrassed, Lan. I love you..." The Navi took one of his hands, gently brushing it against the boy's cheek. Lan could feel it Megaman's touch. The Navi truly was caring. He really did love him. 'I...I love him...I love him!' Lan screamed those words over and over in his mind, until he finally spewed them out of his mouth.

"I love you, Megaman!"
"Lan...I love you, too."

Without anymore delay, Megaman and Lan locked lips, while the Navi also started up his thrusts into the boy below him. They were faster and harder than they were before, gaining speed and power from the heat of their passion at that moment. And, as Megaman was pushing more, he also took the opportunity to grab a hold of Lan's now erect member, giving it several strokes in sync with his own movements.

The new treatment was more than Lan could contain to himself. He broke their kiss, breathing heavily as the Navi worked the boy's member and hole at the same time. "Uh...ah...uh..." The sensations of being penetrated and stroked were getting Lan to his breaking point. He could once again feel his seed gathering at the base of his member, waiting for that one final push so that it may reach it's release.

Both Lan and Megaman were in almost complete ecstasy at that moment. With Megaman thrusting and stroking Lan's member, there was much enjoyment on both sides. It had finally gotten to the point where Megaman's thrusting was almost slamming into Lan. And, every now and again, he would strike that one spot that never failed to make Lan's world explode. Each time Megaman hit that spot, Lan's breathing got even heavier, as well as deeper. The Navi could tell that the boy truly enjoyed having that one spot touched.

Much to Megaman's surprise, Lan took his hands, grabbed onto the hand Megaman was using to stroke the boy's member, then took it off. The Navi didn't have time to think as he soon saw that Lan started using his own hand to stroke himself.

He smiled inward, but soon felt that he had to do more. Keeping up with his thrusting pace, Megaman leaned forward once again, kissing and licking the boy's neck. "Ahhh...ah..." Lan couldn't come up with any words. The sensations and attention that he was getting was just weighing too heavily on his mind for it to even form a complete sentence.

However, as he was panting and breathing heavily, he managed to get some words out.

"Mega...I'm gonna...I can't..." Megaman knew right away what Lan was going to do. The boy had reached his limit, and his climax was only a few very short moments away. In the heat of their passion, Megaman didn't have to think about what to do. With a quick movement, he moved himself upwards a little, locking lips with Lan.

And, as their lips met, Lan's body spasmed, his erect member reaching it's limit.

Megaman could feel Lan's muffled moans as the boy started cumming. The Navi released the boy's lips, letting him get air that he surely needed at that moment. One spurt after another, Lan's creamy white seed began to cover his stomach and hand, some of it even shot far enough up to end up on Megaman's chest.

With Lan hitting his climax, his muscle inside tightened up, causing even more friction inside. And, for Megaman, the sight of Lan cumming and the increased friction and tightness caused him to finally reach his orgasm.

As he pushed himself deep into Lan one more time, he began to cum. Unlike Lan, Megaman's seed was shot into the boy as almost one solid stream. The boy could feel Megaman's cum, the warm sensation of the fluid could be felt all over his body. If it could have aroused him again that night, it would have. However, he was too spent to even "get it up" anymore that night.

Taking his hand off of his now softening penis, Lan panted heavily. It was an experience that he would never want to forget.

Megaman removed his now softening member from Lan, noticing that some of his cum spilled out of the boy as he removed himself. His arms, which had been supporting him for the duration of them having sex, finally gave way, causing the Navi to collapse onto the bed beside Lan.

There was a silence in the room as both of the boys were left lying on the bed. Their heavy breathing had finally stop now that their lungs were able to catch up on their breathing. However, something wasn't right. Megaman couldn't place it, but there was something that was...off. He couldn't explain it.

But, there wasn't much explanation needed. Megaman's ear did the explanation for him. Right beside him, he could hear Lan making noises. 'What's he doing?' The Navi wasn't sure what kind of noises they were, but it almost sounded like Lan was upset. As the Navi turned to his boyfriend, he took immediate noticed of the source of the noise.

Lan was crying.

Megaman wasn't sure why the boy was crying, but he turned onto his side, wrapping his arms around Lan's bare torso, embracing him in a manner that said everything was ok. "Lan. Please, don't cry. Everything is ok."

"It's...that not...Megaman..."
"Don't worry, Lan. And, don't cry. I'm right here."

The Navi gave his NetOp a soft kiss on the cheek, trying to see if he could calm him down. Megaman wasn't sure what got Lan so upset that he had to cry, but there wasn't much that he could do about it now except hold him and make sure he knew everything was ok.

Lan's sobbing didn't seem to slow down too much after Megaman wrapped his arms around him. If anything, it seemed to make the boy cry a little more. Megaman couldn't figure out why.

"Lan. What's wrong? You can tell me."
"It's...nothing wrong...It's...something right."
"..What do you mean by that?"

Still sobbing, Lan pulled Megaman's ear to his mouth very slowly. Megaman wasn't sure what the boy was doing, but he could give it a decent guess. As his mouth got closer to the Navi's ear, Lan started to whisper something into the Navi's ear. It didn't take more than a moment for Megaman's eyes to widen, almost in shock. And, that feeling quickly passed as his own face started to contort.

And there, the two of them held each other, sharing in each other tears.


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