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Summary: He was a debonair in despair. She was the unlucky princess to save her. With her brute strength, knocking all those fangirls away would be a piece of cake. SxS Formerly entitled Save Me




A Debonair In Despair




Chapter 1: The Chase

Whoever brought about the existence of fanboys and fangirls must be killed. He, Uchiha Sasuke, must add that culprit on his death list.

Who could blame him?

It's not his fault that he be given such heaven sent genes that made his features way better than Adonis (Okay, I know. I'm exaggerating. But hey! This is my story). Not to mention his super overwhelming genius mind. Just don't include his stinking cold attitude and he'll be near to perfection.

On second thoughts….

His attitude was already well compensated so it could now stay. Besides, it served as another plus factor for him to attract girls. Bad boys seemed to be an enticing option for the female populace so to date.

But then again, the downpour of blessings on the 19 year old Uchiha was the main reason why he was in this predicament in the first place. Why can't his blessing, turned to a deadly curse, be taken from him with just a snap of a finger.

If only I wasn't wounded from my mission, I could have already burned these girls into crisps.

Unfortunately for him, he simply can't. No can do. His body was not in good shape to put on a struggle. Hell, he barely have chakra left in his system. He was left with no other choice so he err…ran?

As Uchiha Sasuke turned to another block, he was half wishing that someone would show up and help him.

And as if the heavens heard his plea, someone whom he was familiar with came walking his path. A girl to be precise. Haruno Sakura to be exact.

Sasuke ran towards the unsuspecting female and he did not haste to ask for her help.

"You!" Sasuke rudely called to the beautiful medic nin.

"Heh?" Sakura innocently uttered as the Uchiha debonair neared her.

"Haruno Sakura, if you save me from them," he pointed at the flock of fangirls running straight to their direction. "I would most definitely do you favors and treat you like a queen!"

Haruno blinked as she tried to process the information that she just heard. As the realization hit her shortly, she formed a mocking grin before saying,

"Are we not being desperate now Uchiha Sasuke?" she asked.

Uchiha Sasuke found himself having conflicts with himself.

He was an Uchiha for crying out loud! Uchihas don't ask for mercy jut to be saved. And them lowering their pride was not part of the clan's vocabulary. But hey, desperate situations call for desperate measures. So in the end, whether he liked it or not; whether this would really hurt his pride; He was forced to say the infamous one word that Sakura needed to hear.


"Very well then Sasuke-kun. You've got yourself a deal." Sakura said as she prepared herself from facing the uncontrollable felines.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Sakura shouted on top of her lungs.

The incoming stampede of girls stopped immediately.

"What do you think you girls were doing?!"

An anonymous fangirl replied. "We just wanted to have some quality time with Sasuke-kun."

"Yeah!" the rest of the mob agreed.

Sakura quirked an eyebrow.

Sasuke gave them an exasperated look.

These girls were beyond impossible.

"Can't you see that he just came from a long mission?! He's hurt! Have you now gone that blind?! Why don't you just resume your crazy chase tomorrow?" Sakura asked.

"Hell no!" they chanted.

"We won't take chances of being attacked with his katon no justsu!" one of them shouted.

"Yeah!" they once again chorused.

"Now I understand why they won't think about quitting today." the pink haired girl hissed at her teammate.

"So where are you trying to get at?" Sasuke asked.

"Nothing." Sakura responded. "And let me remind you, it was you who needed my help." she pointed out as-a-matter-of-factly

Sakura brushed off some of her waist length pink tresses occluding her eyes before turning back her attention on Sasuke's pursuers.

"You girls won't quit on chasing him around. Or would you now?" she asked.

"Not a chance!" they said in unison.

"You're quite persistent. Aren't you? Are you girls really looking for trouble?" came the pink haired kunoichi's question.

One of the girls was courageous enough to answer back.

"What if we are looking for trouble?" it was their turn to ask her. "What are you going to do with that?"

Sakura stared at them.

"That is a good question." She honestly told them. "What I'm going to do is this."

She clenched her hand into a fist which at first seemed like it was intending to hit one of the girls in front of her. But instead of hitting a fangirl, she directed her right arm on the wall near her. She plainly pressed her fist on the solid wall and then


A portion of the wall was pulverized. Thus, leaving a big hole in it. It looked like she had already mastered the use of her inhuman strength. All thanks to her sensei, the godaime of the Konoha village.

"Who the heck broke down my wall!" a middle aged man shouted as he stepped out of his abode.

"I did it Mr. Takjima." Sakura said as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "I'm sorry."

Upon seeing the person who dared to destroy a part of his property, Mr. Takajima's expression turned from anger to an apologetic look. At some point, Sasuke swore he saw a hint of fear on the poor man's face. Too much for the used to be sweet and charming cherry blossom.

"I-t's o-kay Ha-runo-san." He stuttered. "I'll just fix it later. No need to worry." He said.

"Okay." Sakura innocently uttered.

She got away just like that?!

The middle aged man was trying his best stay out of the situation as soon as possible. He was on the act of leaving when Sakura called out to her.

"Mr. Takajima!"

"Yes?" he stiffly turned his head to face the female kunoichi.

"Sasuke's going to pay for the damage." Sakura said as a matter-of-factly.

Sasuke was about to put up a protest but later on, he decided against it. Not with Sakura giving him a threatening look. Which by the way, scared the daylights off of the Uchiha prodigy.

So after a few seconds of interruption (I would like to call it a… uhm…. commercial), Sakura once again focused her attention to Sasuke's fangirls.

"Where was I again?" Sakura pretended that she was deep in thought. "Ah yes, you girls were asking me something. What was that again?" she hissed.

"Oh nothing!" the girl from earlier told her. "Forget about it. We're going anyway." She nervously said.

The pink haired girl shook her head.

"No honey, I insist. Tell me what it is again. It's my pleasure to indulge you with whatever you wanted to know. Whether you seriously wanted to cross me and get your necks broken in the process. Just feel free." She said.

Now that was a threat.

"Thanks, but no thanks." The anonymous girl said then dashed off.

The girls that were with her followed suit. In a matter of seconds, the crowd of girls were out of that area. It was like they were never there before.

"There you have it Sasuke-kun. You're safe." She said while stressing the suffix –kun on her statement.

"Hn." He said and it was followed with nothing.

Sakura took Sasuke's silenced as her cue to leave so she was about to go on her way when,

"What is it this time?" Sakura asked as Sasuke gripped her arm.

"Come with me." He said.

And that was how Sakura found herself being dragged by the 'handsome' Uchiha Sasuke to somewhere that she didn't have any idea where to.

To be continued...

A/N: This was supposed to be a oneshot... But then, I decided to composed this story for about 2 or 3 chapters. Don't worry. I was on my on writing the continuation. All you have to do is pray hard that I would be able to type this as soon as possible.