Finding and Regaining Love

Finding and Regaining Love

Naruto groaned as he scrunched his closed eyes and opened them. Mature and wise yet gentle sapphire eyes looked around at the surroundings. Naturally full pink lips pulled into a line when he noticed the unfamiliar room. The room looked like it was about to fall apart. There were cracks along the walls and windows. The mat that he was laying down on was threadbare.

Naruto frowned as he took note of his condition. His usual high ponytail was down letting the golden strands touch his elbows. His lightly tanned peachy skin, as well as his hair, was covered in a light film of dirt. He looked down and noticed that his ANBU gear was missing and was replaced with a plain black yukata. The yukata fit well on his 5'7" but slender frame.

He brushed his bangs away from his eyes and let them flutter down on his cheekbones. He let his fingers trail down to his whisker marks. They gave him an exotic look now and made him look more like a vixen rather then a kit. They were his only reminder of his late tenant. Kyuubi had vanished along with the seal on his 17th birthday. He missed the old fox a great deal since he was the only one he could depend on, even among friends.

Naruto sat up as he tried to recall what happened to him.

He had just come home from a mission that had used up almost all of his chakra. He went straight to his apartment to rest before giving his report to Tsunade. Then…then he blacked out. When he woke up, he couldn't move his limbs no matter how hard he tried. He was face down on the ground when he felt a pair of hands lift him up to a sitting position. His chin was lifted and he was staring directly into the coal black eyes of his ex-best friend, Uchiha Sasuke. He heard an evil laughter from behind Sasuke and shifted his eyes to the side and saw Orochimaru standing there.

"Well Naruto-kun, I do believe that this is the last day you will ever live. Do you have any last words or request?" the sannin asked.

"Where is everyone? They should've been aware of your presence by now." Naruto said softly.

"They do know, as a matter of fact, Kabuto is leading my men out there as a distraction just for this moment." Orochimaru said then turned to Sasuke.

"Burn down the building with him inside. I'll be with Kabuto. Sayonara Naruto-kun, give your father my regards." He said and walked out.

"Sasuke, I do hope you're content with your decision for joining that traitor. And for what it's worth, I forgive you." Naruto said from his upright position against the wall.

Naruto looked at Sasuke for the last time and closed his eyes.

Sasuke unsheathed his sword and plunged it into Naruto's heart. Blood splattered his face and chest, but he did nothing to wipe it away. He felt the change in his eyes as the life faded out of his one and only friend.

The crimson eyes of the Mangekyo stared at the dead blond, who looked at peace. Sasuke just stood there for an undetermined amount of time before he walked out and burned down the building.

He heard people screaming and fighting around him. The stench of blood, ash, and smoke was thick in the air but he took no notice.

As Sasuke stared as the burning building crumbled and fell. He never noticed as a single tear made a path down his bloody cheek and drop onto the floor. He turned his back to the building and walked into the battlefield.

Goodbye Naruto, oyasumi.