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1500 Years in the Future

(A.K.A. When King Arthur Met Sakura)

516 AD

"I wonder," murmured the young king. The old magician next to him turned to face him.

"What is it, my king?"

"Oh, Merlin!" King Arthur said, "I wish you wouldn't call me that."

"It is your title now," the magician replied.

"But I want to go back to the time when you called me Wart, and I called you Old Lin. And besides, I might not be king," the fourteen-year-old said.

"Nonsense. You are the King of Britain, by birth and many other things."

"Then why won't King Lot and the other kings accept me?" Arthur asked.

"They will," came the reply.


"Soon, my king."

"How soon?!" the young king cried, frustrated.

"Be patient, Wart," Merlin scolded. Arthur smiled.

"You called me Wart."

"Are you not Wart?"

"Of course I am Wart," Arthur's smile faded slightly, "But am I King Uthur's son?" (King Uthur was the King of Britain before Arthur. He also is Arthur's father.)

Merlin sighed, "Wart, since you doubt your identity so much, why don't we go on a trip?"

"A trip? Where?" Wart asked.

"When would be the better question," the magician said.

"I don't understand," a confused Arthur said.

"We're going to go back fourteen years ago, to the time you were born. Then you can see with your own two eyes that you are Uthur's son."

"How are we going to go back in time," a doubtful Arthur questioned.

"Simple. With this time crystal!" smiling cheerfully, Merlin pulled out of his robes a light blue crystal.

"How on earth did you make it?" Arthur asked, staring in awe at the beautiful crystal.

"Who said I made it on Earth?" Merlin asked, mysteriously, "Anyway, I can't take all the credit in making this crystal. An old friend of mine helped me make it."

"Who is he?" Arthur asked.

"He was a very good friend of mine. He was the only person I knew of that could surpass me in the art of magic. Even if he had only half of his power, he could still kick my butt around the world a few times." (Yes I know, that phrase sounds weird coming out of Merlin's mouth, but I couldn't think of anything else!)

Arthur whistled in awe. "So what happened to him?"

"He died," Merlin said shortly. Arthur stared at him if shock. "Oh, don't be surprised, Wart. He was only mortal, like the rest of us. Humans can't live forever."

"I wish I could have met him," Arthur murmured.

"You could," Merlin said. Arthur blinked in surprise, " when you were born, and I had to take you out of your father's castle, guess who helped me?"

"Your friend?"

"Yes," Merlin nodded, "When we go back in time, he would be most delighted to see you."

"Don't you mean surprised?" Arthur asked. Merlin laughed.

"Didn't I tell you that he was more powerful than me? Clow could see everything that was going to happen in his sleep! He probably would make cookies to welcome us."

"Clow? Was that your friend's name?" Arthur asked. Merlin nodded.

"You will never meet another man like Clow Reed in your entire life. He could smile as innocent as an angel as he spoon-fed you lies. He would be more polite than the greatest courtier in the world, yet his twisted mind was always planing the best way to scare you out of your wits. Now don't get me wrong, he was a very good man. He just had a twisted sense of humor. You never could be bored with him around."

"That so?" Arthur raised an eyebrow.

"Yes indeed. I remember when you were a baby, Clow and his creations had to baby-sit you. It really was funny," Merlin said, smothering a laugh. Arthur smiled. He would find out about it later.

"Well, Merlin, let's go!" Arthur cried cheerfully.

"Come. We need to get some things in my lab." Arthur followed his teacher into his laboratory. Arthur always had a felling of awe whenever he entered the lab. All around him were strange bits of equipment and machinery. Odd animal parts floated in jars, while shelves and shelves of strange liquids and powders hung overhead.

"Now, Wart," Merlin began, "there is more to working a time crystal then chanting a spell. Certain chemicals must be poured over the crystal depending on what time and place you want to go."

"Place? I thought we were traveling through time," Arthur said.

"That we are, Wart," Merlin began to explain, "Still we want to move through space as well as time. To save time walking, the time crystal can also transport you anywhere you want to go. It's one of the conveniences Clow thought of."

"Oh," Arthur blushed.

"Alright. I need chemical P.15 and chemical M105," Merlin muttered to himself. He placed the crystal on his worktable, as he reached up to grab two bottles on the top shelf. Suddenly, Merlin's long sleeves knocked over two bottles on a lower shelf. Arthur stared in shock as the bottles crashed over the crystal.

"Oh –" Merlin began, but Arthur couldn't here the rest as the room began to swim.

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