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Author-chan's note: THIS MUST BE HEAVEN!!! I mean, I have a new chapter, I'm almost done with this fic, and Bunny can't torment me today because she's on a date! That's right, a DATE!!! My friend Meilin-chan just happened to have a Pikachu who liked Bunny! And believe it or not, Bunny actually agreed to go on this date! I'M JUST SO HAPPY!!! (*Suddenly, a carrot hits Author-chan's head.*) OW!!! Where did that come from?! (*Pan over to Bunny and Pikachu holding carrots. It seems that Bunny and Pikachu wanted to have their date at Author-chan's house!*) NOOOOOO!!!!!

1500 Years in the Future

(Chapter 7)

"Whoa, brat!" Kero said when Syaoran ran into the parlor.

"Something wrong, Syaoran-san?" Merlin asked.

"It's the evil magician!!!" shrieked Syaoran.

"What?!" Kero and Yue cried.

"Did he bring Suppi?" Kero asked.

"Did he bring Nakuru?" Yue asked.

"No, I didn't," Eriol said as he walked into the parlor, grinning evilly. Sakura and Touya were behind him.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Syaoran screamed. He quickly ran and his behind the couch.

"Something wrong, Syaoran?" Sakura asked.

"He's going to turn me into a dog!!!" Syaoran shrieked, pointing at Eriol.

"I couldn't do anything to my favorite cute relative," Eriol said, smoothly.

"Then what did you do with those strings four years ago?!" Syaoran shrieked. (If you're wondering, I'm referring to the episode where Eriol puts an enchantment on Syaoran using strings.)

"Um, I turned you into a living puppet?" Eriol said with a finger in his mouth, pretending to look thoughtful.

"That's right, you evil magician," Syaoran cried.

"You know," Eriol said, with an evil smile, "I still have some strings left." Syaoran turned pale.

"Now, Eriol-kun," Sakura said, wagging a finger, "None of that. We have guests."

"I'm so sorry," Eriol said as he turned to Merlin and Arthur with a smile, "I brought oatmeal cookies to welcome you."

At the words "oatmeal cookies", Yue went rigid, and his skin went several shades paler.

"Not –again," Yue muttered. Then before anyone could move, Yue turned back into Yukito.

"Hi everyone!" chirped Yukito, with a smile, "What did I miss?" Everyone started staring at him. Yukito continued to smile, then saw Eriol with the cookies.

"Oh! Oatmeal cookies, my favorite!" Yukito cried. Everyone else "sweatdropped".

"What?" Yukito asked as he shoved a cookie in his mouth.

"Ask Yue," Touya said, still "sweatdropping". Yukito stopped in mid-bite and closed his eyes, as he talked to his other half.

"Oh. That's why," Yukito said after Yue filled him in. Then, to everyone's surprise, he continued to shove cookies into his mouth.

Sakura stared at Yukito. She had managed to have him sit on a chair, while Syaoran took his place back on the couch and Eriol took the armchair. Sakura was sitting on another chair, while Touya leaned against the wall, glaring at Syaoran. Syaoran, however, was glaring at Eriol, and Eriol was watching Yukito and Kero shovel down his cookies. Arthur and Merlin just sat on the couch, not quite sure what has happened.

'I wonder how Yukito-san can eat so much, and not gain any weight,' Sakura thought.

'Eriol's up to something, I can feel it,' thought Syaoran, glaring at Clow's reincarnation.

'What is the brat thinking about?!' Touya wondered.

'These cookies are yummy!!!' Kero and Yukito thought at the same time.

'Why did Clow create a false form that is such a pig?!' Yue thought.

'I'm glad they like my cookies,' Eriol thought, 'Maybe I should have made more.'

'What happened?!' Arthur asked himself.

'Isn't this a coincidence,' Merlin thought, 'An oatmeal cookie was Yue's downfall, and then a young boy, that is obviously a magician, shows up with oatmeal cookies to welcome us. That's exactly what Clow would have done!'

"'There are no coincidences in the world'" Eriol quoted out loud, "'Only the inevitable.'"

"Strange," Merlin said, looking at Eriol," I was just thinking of coincidences. I was also thinking about Clow, and then you go off and say one of his favorite sayings. I call that a coincidence."

"'There are no coincidences in this world,'" Eriol said again with a smile, "Clow used to tell that to you over and over again, Merlin. I'm surprised you forgot so quickly."

"How did you know about that?" Merlin asked.

"The same way I am able to know that oatmeal cookies and Yue do not mix," Eriol answered with a laugh.

"But there were only four people there when we tried that!" Merlin protested.

"Who were they?" Eriol asked, smiling.

"Well, there was me, Yue, Cerberus, and –" Merlin choked on the last name. He looked at Eriol. Then he turned to Sakura, then to Syaoran. All three teens nodded to him.

"I told you that we learned more about Clow Reed then we wanted to," Syaoran muttered.

"Merlin? What's going on?" Arthur asked.

"I-it can't be!" Merlin sputtered. Yukito stopped demolishing the cookies for a second to grin at Merlin.

"Now you know how Yue and I felt when we saw you!" Yukito laughed, "Don't worry, Eriol-san isn't all of him. Fujitaka Kinomoto is also a reincarnation of Clow Reed. That might not be very consoling, but it's the best I can do."

"You always were a crafty old cheater," Merlin muttered to Eriol, "I should have known you would have cheated death, as well as make your daughter you heir all at the time."

"What can I say?" Eriol said with a grin, "I love surprising people."

"You nearly give everyone you meet heart attacks," Syaoran hissed.

"Can some one please tell me what's going on here?!" Arthur cried.

"I believe re-introductions are in order, Merlin," Eriol suggested.

"Quite right," Merlin agreed, "Alright, Arthur, let's first introduce ourselves. I am Merlin, the magician of King Arthur and his Court."

"I am King Arthur Pendragon, king of Britain, I think," Arthur said.

"Well, I'm Sakura Kinomoto, Mistress of the Sakura Cards," Sakura said.

"I am Syaoran Li, a magician of the Li Clan," Syaoran said.

"My name id Touya Kinomoto, a medium. That means I specialize in seeing ghosts," Touya shrugged. They waited for Kero and Yukito to introduce themselves. Unfortunately, both were still stuffing their faces with Eriol's cookies. Everyone "sweatdropped".

"Um, okay, I'll speak for them," Eriol offered, "Cerberus, or Kero-chan, is the Sun Guardian of the Clow Book. Yukito over there, shares a body with Yue, the Moon Guardian of the Clow Book."

"And who are you?" Arthur asked.

"Hiiragizawa over there, is the insane reincarnation of Clow Reed," Syaoran said, "I don't understand how Kinomoto-san, who happens to have the other half of soul of the world's craziest magician, can be so –normal!" Arthur just gaped at everyone.

"So much for people not having any magic in the year 2001," Arthur muttered, "I'm the only one in this room without magical abilities."

"Hmm. It looks like I made some horrible mistakes today," Merlin sighed, "I bet that aura I felt wasn't the time crystal, but the auras of Sakura-san and Syaoran-san."

"Wait a second," Touya ordered, "Are you saying that you found Sakura and the brat together? Alone?!"

"Yes," Merlin answered.

"What were they doing?" Kero asked, his left eye twitching slightly. Touya's eye was twitching too. Syaoran began to inch slowly towards the doorway.

"They seemed to be on a date," Merlin answered. Touya and Kero exploded. Kero changed into his big form, while Touya whipped out the ward papers he had learned to use. (If you're wondering about the ward papers, well Yue has been teaching Touya battle magic, remember? And I wanted him to bring out something, like a wand. But then I thought a wand with Touya just wouldn't look right. Ward papers would, though.) Syaoran ran towards the door, and Touya & Cerberus followed.

"WHAT'S THIS?!!" Touya and Cerberus cried when they found they couldn't move. Looking behind them, they discovered that Yukito had grabbed Cerberus's tail in one hand and Touya's shirt in the other.

"LET CO, YOU SNOW BUNNY!!!" Cerberus and Touya shrieked. Yukito smiled as he began to drag the two upstairs. Arthur blinked. Yukito was stronger than he looked.

"Li-san," Yukito called, "I'll go take these two upstairs to go to sleep, while you kiss Sakura-chan goodnight. Don't forget to give her three extra kisses from Touya, Cerberus, and me!"

"Just you wait until I get my hands on you, brat!" Touya threatened, "When I do, you'll be shaking hands with the moon itself! The sun too!"

"When I get through with you, brat," cried Cerberus, "there'll be nothing left to bury!!!" The two continued to threaten Syaoran, until they couldn't be heard anymore.

"That was interesting," Arthur commented. Sakura sighed.

"It happens whenever go out with Syaoran," Sakura muttered.

"It must be annoying," Arthur said.

"It is," Sakura sighed, "Well, thanks, Arthur-kun."

"What for?"

"For making me feel better," Sakura answered with a smile. Arthur smiled back.

"No problem, Sakura-chan," Arthur said, "After all, what are friends for?" Syaoran began to glare at Arthur for "flirting" with his girlfriend. Arthur accepted his challenge.

"Hoe!" Sakura cried, "Wherever I go, I'm always in the middle of a glaring contest."


"Look at those two," Merlin told Eriol, "Fighting over Sakura-san!"

"Well, most glaring-contests around here are about Sakura-chan," Eriol shrugged.

"Who's to blame them?" Merlin said, "Your other half's daughter is very beautiful."

"Now, don't you start too!" Eriol cried pretending to be angry, "You're over two-thousand years older than her!"

"Of course not, Eriol," Merlin scoffed, "Sakura-san's heart already belongs to Syaoran-san."

"Indeed. My cute relative does look even cuter next to Sakura-chan," Eriol said laughing.

"I wonder if we'll ever see our time again," Merlin murmured.

"Of course you will!" Eriol said.

"Not if we can't find the time crystal," Merlin muttered.

"Ah. About that crystal," Eriol said, as a mischievous smile crossed his face, "I have it." Eriol pulled out the light blue crystal from his pocket.

"Where did you find it?!" Merlin cried.

"When I was coming over, I passed through the park and found it. Some coincidence, huh?"

"You planed this, didn't you?" Merlin accused, "You knew my dratted sleeves would push over the wrong bottles."

"Of course!" Eriol grinned, "You see? There was a reason why I never wore loose sleeves when I did my experiments."

"Did you know that you're evil?" Merlin asked. Eriol grinned.

"Yep!" Eriol chirped, "Besides, I wanted to talk to my old friend, and meet the baby that gave such interesting memories." Eriol and Merlin chuckled. Clow had baby-sat Arthur when he was a baby. Merlin had found out that Clow was a natural when it came to taking care of a baby. His creations, however, where not.

"If I remember correctly," Merlin began, "Baby Arthur used to sleep in Yue's hair."

"And he used to drool in it too! Ha ha!" Eriol laughed.

"A much as I would like to reminisce with you all day," Merlin said, wiping tears of joy from his eyes, "Arthur's and my time here has ended. It's been wonderful seeing you again."

"Merlin. Wait," Eriol ordered, his voice becoming stern, "This will be the last time we will meet on this plane."

"What do you mean?" Merlin asked, confused.

"I mean, the next time we will meet will be in the Land of the Dead," Eriol whispered.

"You can't be serious!" Merlin cried.

"I'm sorry my friend," Eriol whispered.

"We will meet again, won't we?" Merlin asked.

"Of course we will!" Eriol cried with a smile, "You can't get rid of me that easily!"

"Then until we meet again, Clow Reed," Merlin extended a hand.

"Until we meet again, Merlin, magician of King Arthur's Court," Eriol said with a sad smile as he grasped his friend's hand.


"Wart!" Merlin called, "It's time to go!" Arthur waved to his friends as he went over to Merlin.

"Good-bye, Sakura-chan, Syaoran-kun!" he called.

"Ready to go, Wart?" Merlin asked.

"Yes, Merlin," Arthur answered.

"Then, let's go!" Merlin cried.

"No! Wait!" Sakura called, running over to them, "I want to give you something." Merlin nodded to her to proceed. Sakura cupped her hands, and closed her eyes. Suddenly the Sakura Cards appeared in her hands. Sakura's golden seal shimmered under her feet, as the Cards began to glow. Then something began to rise up, through the Cards. Arthur gasped in awe. A golden star now floated between Sakura's hands. Sakura grinned happily.

"It worked!" Sakura cried. She handed the star to Arthur.

"For me?" Arthur asked.

"Yep!" Sakura said, "Whenever you look at it, you can remember your time here. It also protects you from bad dreams, and some minor spells. I hope you like it."

"I love it, Sakura-chan," Arthur whispered, "Thanks."

"Good-bye, Arthur-kun," Sakura cried, walking back to Syaoran, "And may the best of luck go with you and Lin-san!"

"Let's go, Wart," Merlin said quietly. With a briefly chanted spell, they were gone.



"We're back!" Arthur exclaimed.

"That we are, Wart," Merlin said.

"Was it a dream? An illusion, perhaps?" Arthur asked. Merlin simply smiled, and pointed to his hand.

"Look at was you're holding," Merlin said. Arthur looked. It was the golden star.

'Good-bye, Sakura-chan' Arthur thought, 'I hope you're happy with Syaoran-kun."

the end

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