I will from my command,

Stop and make a stand,

No evil come this way,

As I may say,

Life in my perspective,

Makes life more effective,

The way natures put,

I write it in my book,

Our life is a story,

It may seem that way,

Not written perfect everyday,

Writing and not knowing whats going in,

We stay up late just to see the break of dawn,

What beauty do we see,

In some of our eyes the world is beauty,

But look deep in it,

There is destruction,

In our lives we face difficulty,

In our lives we face danger,

Just like Jesus when he was in the manger,

Thinking about this world we call home,

We then start to roam,

Trying to find a new home,

Life is many different things,

Scientist can't explain,

But we need to stick together,

If were going to get through.