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The Six Princes Chapter 6: Mori

I am not a person who uses words liberally, so when I speak (may it be monosyllabic) or even make a noise, people listen. But the also make assumptions. They assume I practice stoicism, which is an untruth. I feel pleasure and I feel pain, I have just learned over the years that there is a time and a place to show them. Few people actually understand this and those few are the people I hold most dear.

I let a soft sigh escape my normally tightly closed lips, causing Mitsukuni, who was one of the few people who understood my reasons for limited talking, to glance up from his vanilla frosted cake. He looked at me, curiosity apparent on his enormous, honey-colored eyes.

"What's the matter, Takashi?" he asked, adjusting Usa-chan on his lap.

My eyes flicked to the left and he followed my gaze until it reached another person who understood my silences. A small smile appeared on his lips, which made me feel slightly nervous. He was extremely perceptive and already knew about my feelings, as well as the feelings of the other club members.

"Ah. Haru-chan," he stated matter-of-factly. "Just because Kyou-chan, Tama-chan, and Hiku-chan love her doesn't mean you should put your feelings aside, Takashi."

I grunted my disagreement.

"Haru-chan understands you more than anyone in this club besides me!" Mitsukuni exclaimed, chastising me. "You should know that!"

"But – "

"You love her and you need to tell her. I think you hold a special place in Haru-chan's heart, but you're so willing to put everyone else's feelings above yours, you don't realize it."

I stared at my cousin and then glanced back at Haruhi, who was being assaulted on both sides, Kaoru and Hikaru on her right and Tamaki on her left. When I turned back to Mitsukuni, he was smiling widely.

"You see now?"

I nodded weakly, my ears red with embarrassment. I did see it. I was in love with her. Completely and totally. And Mitsukuni was right, as he usually was. I did put the feelings of my peers before my own, which was something that I had been taught from the cradle, knowing full well that they would not do the same for me.

"Should I tell her?"

"That's up to you, Takashi."

"But…" I faded off, looking at my fellow Host Club members.

Mitsukuni sighed. "Takashi, listen to me. You deserve to be happy." He shifted his gaze to Haruhi and smiled widely. "You're more her knight-in-shining armor than anyone else in this room."

"Mmm," I hummed softly, watching her struggle to pull her hand from Hikaru and Kaoru's grip.

I saw the danger before anyone else did. As she gave one last tug, finally relinquishing the twin's grip on her arm, the momentum threw her off balance and sent her flying backwards towards the sharp edge of an ornate coffee table.

"Haruhi…" I breathed, shooting up so quickly that I overturned my chair.

Everything happened in slow motion before me. Haruhi's terrified face and the looks of horror on the rest of the Host Club's faces. If she hit her neck on that sharp edge, she would die.

"Takashi," whispered Mitsukuni, voice frightened.

I raced over to her, my long legs taking me across the room in seconds, and threw myself between her and the sharp edge of the table. I wrapped my arms tightly around Haruhi's thin, fragile body. I grunted as I hit the table with more force than I had originally thought. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I felt her grip my school shirt tightly.


"Are you okay?" I asked, gazing into her wide brown eyes.

"Oh! Yes, I'm fine. Are you okay, Mori-senpai?"

I shifted, feeling a sharp pain in my side and something wet sliding down my back and side.

"Ah! You're bleeding!" she cried.

I glanced down and noted the spreading bloodstain on my pristine while school shirt. Crap.

"Haruhi!" exclaimed Tamaki, rushing to where we were. "Daddy's here!"

She turned with ferocity, still encircled in my arms.

"Not now, senpai," she snapped. "Mori-senpai's hurt and bleeding. I'm taking him to the nurse, so clean up the mess that you and the twins made."

I saw a sly smile spread across Kyouya's face and an eyebrow raised as he wrote something in his ever-present ledger. He looked amused at Haruhi's tone of voice. Tamaki, Kaoru, and Hikaru, however, looked shocked. As Haruhi pulled me to my feet with some difficulty, they began to meekly clean up the mess.

"Hold your side to stop the bleeding," she advised me as we left the clubroom and headed towards the infirmary.

I obeyed with a nod of my head and applied pressure to the sluggishly bleeding wound. I hissed quietly through my teeth as pain shot through my side. My vision went blurry for a few seconds and then I saw white spots, dotting the hallway. That couldn't be good. I let out a small groan, as pain laced through my body again. Haruhi eyed me worriedly, picking up her pace.

"We're almost there," she promised, sounding slightly tearful.

I wanted to tell her not to cry, but could only say, "Ah."

'Idiot,' I thought as we walked into the empty infirmary. 'That's all you can say?"

"Oh ma," she muttered, glancing around the empty room. "The nurse isn't here." She turned to me. "I guess I'm going to have to myself."

I watched her as she flitted around the office, pulling rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and gauze off shelves and out of drawers. She talked to herself as she laid everything down on a rolling table. I stood in the middle of the room, lost in a haze of pain.

I swayed on my feet. Haruhi grabbed my arm and guided my to one of the many beds in the room.

"Sit," she ordered while wetting a flimsy lace handkerchief. I looked pointedly at the fabric. She rolled her eyes. "Ranka."

The bed creaked under my weight as I sat and I hoped it wouldn't collapse.

"Um, Mori-senpai," Haruhi said, fidgeting. I gazed at her, my side throbbing. "You need to take your, uh, shirt off." She flushed and looked away.

"Ah." I tried to hide my grimace as I tried to pull off my shirt. A quiet gasp stopped me.

"Oh! That must hurt! I'm sorry," she sputtered, helping me removed the shirt. "I wasn't thinking and didn't realize it/

I stayed deathly still as she wiped the blood off my back and side, swallowing hard at the awkwardness of the situation.

I shivered slightly as her fingertips ghosted over my skin, checking the gash and I felt my face warm up.

"The good news is that you don't need stitches," Haruhi said, glancing at the puckered and ragged flesh with a smile, pouring some peroxide onto a cotton pad.

"Bad news?" I asked, flinching as the peroxide stung.

"You're going to be in pain for a while. And you'll probably have a huge bruise."


"Um, Mori-senpai?"

"Hmm," I hummed, practically purring as I enjoyed the feeling of Haruhi wrapping the gauze around my chest after she applied the rubbing alcohol.

"Thank you for helping me," she said quietly, tying a knot in the gauze. "You're always there to save me."

I felt a wide smile split my face and I chuckled slightly. "You're very welcome, Haruhi." I paused, hesitant to say what I said next. "And I'll always be there to save you."

Haruhi's smile slid off her face at the out of character statement into a look of shock.

"Wha –"

I shook my head and put a finger to her lips, before she finished her statement. She fell silent and stared at me with her huge, beautiful, and brilliant brown eyes. She had no idea how beautiful she was and how she entranced not only me, but also the entire Host Club with her unfeminine charm. She made me do things that I normally wouldn't even think of doing.

With that thought in mind, I leaned over and placed a light kiss on her soft lips, knowing that I had the advantage over Kyouya (who I deemed to be my biggest threat), Tamaki (who was second after Kyouya), and Hikaru (who would most likely never gain the courage it took to confess) because I just made a bold move.

"Mori-senpai, I –"


"What?" Haruhi asked, startled and bright red.

"Call me Takashi."

"Takashi-senpai." I smiled at her resistance. "I don't know what to say. I, uh, wasn't expecting that."

I smirked slightly at her as I got up and headed to the door, buttoning up my bloody school shirt. I paused and turned back to her.

"Haruhi, I know I may not say much a lot of the time." She quickly covered her grin with a hand. "But I felt that we needed to be on equal footing and that should understand how I feel."

"Takashi-senpai," Haruhi began. "I'm really not good with, you know. This." She gestured between the two of us with her hands.

"I'm not going to rush you into anything, Haruhi," I said slowly, still facing her. "I will wait until you figure out your feelings."

"But –"

"I am a patient man," I said, leaning on the opening into the infirmary. "I can wait for your answer."

Haruhi padded over to me and looked up into my eyes. "You do realize that you've completely thrown me for a loop. You would be the last person I would ever have figured to do something like that."

I smiled down at her, eager for the future. "I'm surprisingly surprising."

She laughed brightly and shook her head.

"I can tell this will be interesting."

A/N: It's finally done and the story has come to an end. Be sad, all of you!!! Just kidding. Thank you for reading this story and I hope you enjoyed it. I'm sorry if Mori seems out of character. It's more of him coming out of his shell to let Haruhi grasp his feelings.