9/8/10 - Another that has been fixed.

Tattoos. Part 1

"So, explain something to me," John brought up one evening.

"What, John."

"This." John lowered Maria's sock on her left ankle.

She glanced down where he had pointed out and gave a small smile. "Been five months and now you're asking me about it."

Munch shrugged lightly and replied, "Well, you know about mine and the reason behind them, but I don't remember ever asking you about this." He lifted his eyes to see she had tilted her head slightly. "Unless you don't want to say..."

"No, it's fine. It's just ink needled into my flesh with slight meaning and it's small enough to not be noticed by those who wouldn't understand it." She reached down and brushed his fingers away to gaze at the marijuana leaf etched into her ankle.

Munch observed her carefully as she admired it for a few minutes. "Bad phase in life? Being a rebel?"

"Hardly. Living on the streets for a few weeks isn't what I would call being a 'rebel'. I was nineteen and trying to find something that had meaning to me. A friend who I made on the streets directed me to a homeless man who was allowed to do free tattoos in a local shop in the city. Yes, I'll admit that I did smoke pot back then and it meant a lot to me back then."

"You know about the one on my chest, right?"

"That one is not hard to miss and it was the first thing I noticed that one night. I expect you did that because you are you, John. I did more as a way to express myself in a time when I felt like I had to."

John pulled her leg carefully and placed it on his lap, gently running his fingers along it. "At least the other two you have are not as haunting as this one is, right?"

"I wouldn't call them haunting, but they hold an importance of some sort." She pulled her leg away and tucked it under herself. "Just like yours hold an importance to you." Maria locked her eyes with him and he nodded his head to one side, agreeing. "Well, there we go."

"But I still think it's sexy to have one on your ankle." He admitted, hearing a whining sound coming from near the door. "I guess it's my turn to let Alex out, right?"

Maria could only smile as she looked back down at her newspaper.