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The next three days were rainy and I couldn't be happier about it. We went to several museums, the capital, and even went up to a volcano.. It was beautiful and amazing. We spent the last two days on the sunny warm beach and at night Edward took me to different nightly activities such as dancing and plays. Though I complained and argued about it, I knew in the end I would never win. Of course he had his ways to convince me and he used them often. I'm surprised we didn't break any furniture.

The last morning we were there we laid in bed. "I don't want to go." I whimpered.

"We can stay forever if you wish. You can tan in the sun and we could swim in the ocean every day..." He traced my stomach with his finger. I was turning a surprising caramel color.

"Tanning? Oh that's okay I'd prefer to glitter..." I trailed off and looked up at him. His eyebrow was raised and he was smirking.

"Tomorrow we leave for Denali, are you ready for that? Are you ready to say goodbye to Charlie, maybe for forever?" He held my face in his hands

I nodded and he sighed, kissing my forehead.

The ride back to Seattle was calm.. I sat in his arms and we watched "Gone with the Wind." Which took up the entire time.

"I remember when this movie first came out. And the way humans freaked out about 'Frankly my dear I don't give a damn!' It seems so silly now. I think Rosalie and Esme saw it twenty times. " He shook his head at the memory.

"I guess Rosalie relates with Scarlet?" I commented and Edward smiled.

Alice and Jasper were waiting for us on the tarmac. She hugged me tight and her musical voice chimed. "I'm so glad you had a good time!"

Jasper and Edward chatted about volcanoes and Alice asked me how I liked the beach. I knew she knew the answer already but I enjoyed the conversation. When the boys stopped talking, Alice looked at Edward, "It'll be sunny tomorrow."

Edward nodded and I looked at the exchange. Edward's eyes were sad and I didn't understand why.

"Bella, you're going to have to say goodbye tonight. We'll have to leave tonight."

"Oh..." I trailed. Edward's hand rested on my knee. I realized why he was sad, he was sad for me. He knew it would be hard.

"We've gotten everything packed for you Bella, and moved onto the truck. We'll go by Charlie's and we'll let you say goodbye." Alice spoke softly, her eyes on the road.

A single tear rolled down my cheek. I knew it was coming but it wasn't going to be easy. As we pulled up behind the cruiser the house was dim, except for a single light in the living room. It was midnight and Alice must of warned Charlie. I swallowed hard and got out of the car. Edward followed behind but I shook my head.

Edward simply nodded, touching my shoulder. I gazed at him for a moment and he gave me a half smile. I leaned up on my tippy toes and kissed him lightly. I knew he would be waiting for me to come out.

I entered the house and went into the living room. Charlie was sitting in his chair, half asleep watching ESPN.

"Hey Bells..." he spoke, sadness spilling from his mouth.

"Dad" I spoke the word but it didn't seem to come from my mouth.

"Alice told me that you have to leave tonight because of Carlisle's job. Something about a sick doctor..."

I shrugged, not knowing the story they gave. "Yeah, dad I've got to go. I'm so sorry we can't do this right."

"It's alright kid. You be good, okay? Don't go to too many frat parties, alright?" He stood up from his chair and took me into his arms. I leaned my head against his shoulder and sniffled. "Don't eat too many pizzas either."

I pulled away from him quickly and said goodbye. My heart ached as I walked out of the house that I would never return to, at least not as a human.

Edward waited outside for me, he opened his mouth to say something, but I held my hand out to stop him. "I need to walk for a minute."

He nodded and followed behind me. I never turned to look at him but I knew he was there. I stopped when I knew I was a good distance from the house and let out a shatter scream. I dropped to the forest floor with a thud and Edward knelt beside me. His arms wrapped around me.

"I'll bring you back when you're ready Bella. I will." He soothed into my ear. I nodded, looking up into his eyes. They were sad but I knew for a different reason. He would bite me tomorrow. Probably less then 12 hours.

I pressed my lips against his, feeling them firm underneath mine. I held his face as I sobbed, still kissing him.

"We don't have to do this Bella." He whispered pulling away from me.

"It's not that. It's just hard. It hurts me to see you hurt."

He held me close, kissing my ear. "Stupid girl, You're about to go through the worst pain you'll ever face to be someone unworthy of your affection and you're worried about me."

"I have no life without you. When you hurt, I hurt."

"I know. I feel the exact same way, Bella." His fingers stroked my cheek gently. His arms scooped underneath me then and he carried me back to the car. He slid into the backseat with me still in his arms. I sat quietly in his lap, wishing we could be alone.

Alice pulled out of the drive way, I took a final look at my home. I began to sob again and Edward brushed my cheeks.

"Sleep Bella..." He whispered into my ear, but I knew he wasn't looking at me. Jasper's head nodded once and I felt the sensation pour over me.. My eyes slid shut, sleeping for the final time.

I awoke in a room I did not know. It was plain, almost in the extreme. White walls and a hardwood floor. Nothing on the walls but a fireplace. The back wall was a huge window. I sat up, examining the mat on the floor I was sleeping on. Edward was sitting beside me.

"Welcome to Denali."

I rubbed my hands over my eyes. Edward was sad, beyond words and it broke my heart.. But in the long run it would be better for both of us. I touched his leg and he placed his hand on mine.

"Alice is making you breakfast. I thought maybe it wouldn't be a good idea but she insisted. She'll be up in a minute."

I nodded. I was in a pair of pajamas I'd never seen before. A simple blue cotton pair of shorts and a tank top. Alice came hopping in. Edward gave her a stern look but she didn't pull back from her happiness.

She brought me a bowl of cereal, a banana and a glass of milk which I ate in silence after Alice left.

I could feel the entire family down stairs. I didn't need Edward to tell me what they were waiting for. I ate quickly, shoveling my last meal into my mouth. I finished in recorded time and he took the tray away. I sat quietly with my knees pressed into my chest.

Edward slid back down next to me gracefully.. I loved how he looked in his jeans and a t-shirt. Everything fit snugly to his body and I was jealous for a moment at his beauty. I would be as beautiful as him in three days, I reminded myself. In three days we would be together forever.

"Is there anything you want to do before hand?" He did not look at me.

I nodded and slid into his lap. I kissed him deeply on the lips,inhaling as much of his scent as I could. I felt dizzy for a moment and flushed my heart thumped in my chest, trying to escape. He held me tight, returning my kiss. I broke the kiss first and looked into his eyes.

"I'm ready."

He nodded and kissed my neck lightly. He picked me up in his arms and laid me down onto the mat. He brushed my hair away from my face and kissed my forehead.

"I love you." I muttered as I clutched his arms.

"I know..." he smiled slightly but it wasn't my smile. He placed one hand underneath my neck and pulled me up so my that my head about about three inches off the floor.The last thing I saw was his teeth glistening, heading painfully slow toward my neck.

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