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AUTHOR'S NOTE: OMG, its over, done, finito. I'm kinda sad. :( But impressed with myself and loving you guys because most of you stuck around from the beginning. Well, its not completely done, since I've still got The Wooing of Max which is a spin off of GIRL going. And some people were interested in seeing LAST, MIND, QUARANTINE, AND UMBRELLA continued and I made a few promises about doing those. :) But Dark Angel Alphabetically is finished. Hope you guys enjoyed the ride. :) Also, I just want to say that no, I have not changed my opinion about Logan, I still think he's a self involved ass but I also think that he enjoys feeling like a martyr and if that motivates him to get the hell out of the way for Max and Alec who make far more sense in my opinion, then I'll use it. : P

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Shark DNA or not, a girl still needs to sleep sometimes. Which is why Max was trying to work up the energy to be angry at Alec for waking her up. He'd barged into her room and plopped down on the side of her bed, sitting with his hands tucked under his thighs, bouncing up and down with childlike excitement. She wanted to be mad at him, it was just minutes after she'd fallen asleep for the first time in a week, so mad was what she should feel, she told herself.

"Maxxxxie!" His voice rang out, disgustingly cheerful and far too loud. His enthusiasm and impatience were kind of adorable, not that she'd ever let him know she thought so. And she could hardly blame him, it was the first Christmas he'd ever gotten to celebrate after all. She wanted to be angry but found herself smiling indulgently instead. A glance at her bedside clock showed it was 12:02am, so technically Christmas morning had arrived. She laughed, she couldn't help it, and jumped out of the bed and raced into the living room of the tiny apartment they shared with her partner in crime, second in command, and best friend hot on her heels.

His arms came around her waist and he tackled her to the ground, twisting as they fell so that he was beneath her to cushion her fall, both of them laughing like loons. She rolled off of him so that they laid side by side, looking up at the tree they'd stolen and decorated with their own handmade ornaments, settling into the quiet contentment that speaks of close friendship.

Eventually though, she sat up and grinned at him before moving to the small pile of presents beneath the tree to pull one out addressed to him. She handed it to him with a smile and watched him tear open the wrapping paper with childlike abandon.

A few minutes later he looked up from his haul, a black cable knit sweater that zipped up the front, a few pre-pulse movies, and some popcorn, to catch Max watching him with a strange sort of smile on her face. Her own presents were unopened in front of her and he cocked an eyebrow at her. Her blush was adorable. Max didn't do adorable. Fiesty, bitchy, deadly, yes, but never adorable. He felt strangely honored to be allowed to see that side of her.

It was his turn to watch in delight as she opened her gifts. Upgrades for three of the parts to her ninja, some warm, fuzzy socks (because he knew her feet were always cold), and a basket of some fresh fruit which had taken more than a few of the favors owed to him to procure.

She looked at him and grinned and he found himself leaning forward to kiss her, consequences be damned. And she kissed him back. When they finally pulled apart to catch their breath, they started into each other's eyes with something akin to awe. The spell was only broken when Max was unable to stifle a yawn.

He stared at her in shock as she lifted up her arms, silently entreating him to carry her to bed. He lifted her easily onto his lap and then rose smoothly to his feet. He'd taken no more than two steps in the direction of her room when a shake of her head had him changing course and he soon found himself depositing her onto his own bed. He curled himself around her and help her while she slept, drinking in the sight of her, unable to believe it was really happening.

He still didn't believe it, not really, not until she'd woken up from the best night's sleep she'd ever had and smiled up at him in contentment instead of kicking his ass. The smile lasted only second before slipping away and he felt his chest tighten with trepidation, sure that she was about to freak out and rip him a new one but she just leaned up instead and captured his lips with her own.

All he could think was that Christmas was the best holiday EVER and Max's love was one hell of a present!

.¸¸.·´¨»«´¨·. ¸¸.


Logan had seen Max and Alec coming out of her apartment looking more comfortable with each other than he'd ever seen them and had assumed the worst. Having her confirm his fears had hurt. Bad. He'd believed it too, until the flag raising ceremony when she'd held his hand and when she'd come clean a short while later he'd felt an overwhelming sense of relief.

That hadn't lasted long though. His hope had drained away, leaving nothing but resignation in it's wake when he'd seen her bring Alec his jacket the next morning. It was something that Logan could have dismissed as concern for a friend but then she'd helped him put it on, moving slowly and carefully, movements tender as she did her best not to jar his injured shoulder.

She'd zipped the jacket closed for him, resting her hand lightly on his chest for a moment, her eyes catching his before she moved away.

That's when Logan knew without a shadow of a doubt. Max and Alec loved each other though neither was ready to admit it. Maybe Manticore had had it right, maybe they were made for each other.

Logan moved forward and took Max's hand, savoring the sensation for just a second before drawing her away from the others. He would do what needed to be done, he would end things between them because if anyone deserved a happy ending it was them. He wouldn't stand in their way. Really he didn't believe anything could. The two of them...it just seemed like destiny.