Double Trouble

I don't own pokemon. Got it? I hope so, because I'm not writing it again.

"Mum! What time is it?" said the bored boy. He had longish, black hair, brown eyes. His mother sighed.

"Ten to nine."

"Oh." He stopped.

"Mum, what time is it?"

"Nine to nine."

"Oh." He stopped again, and then, with an evil grin, said

"Mum, what-"

"Felix, if you ask me that again, I won't give you your leaving present." Said his mum, with a grin, knowing she had won. The boy, Felix, stopped talking.

A few minutes pass.

"Now what time is it?" His mum rolled her eyes.

"Five to. Why, when are you going?" Felix had already got up.

"Now. I'll come back to introduce you to my pokemon! Bye." And he ran out of the house into the morning light, and across to the lab on the other side of town.

"Welcome!" Said Professor Elm, throwing the doors of the lab open to the two waiting trainers-to be. "Come in, come in!" He ushered them into the lab, and towards a table.

"Now, I know you've worked very hard to get here. And I have two pokemon left for you to choose. There's Chikorita, and Cyndaquil." He walked over to the corner, opened a door, and started to walk through. He noticed they weren't following.

"Come on, come on!" Felix took an uneasy look at the other trainer. She had black hair and bluey-silver eyes. She looked at him.

"What are you looking at?" Felix jumped, and looked quickly over to the Professor. He didn't seem to notice, and stood up, beaming next to another door. He opened it.

"Come on! What are your names, anyway?" They answered.

"Felix." Said Felix, as he walked towards the door.

"Ari." Said the girl, slightly annoyed. "How far is it, anyway?" The professor smiled.

"Just through this door." Ari followed Felix and the professor through the door, and stopped suddenly.

"Whoah…" The door opened on into the forest behind the lab. There was a lake, a hill, a cave, every habitat imaginable, and it was full of pokemon. Neither of the two had time to look closely as Elm took them closer to the furthest corner of the clearing. There was a small hut there, and elm entered. The two trainers followed.

"And here we are. Ari, Felix, I'd like you to meet Cyndaquil and Chikorita. Totodile and Mareep were taken by the two that got here early." Ari laughed.

"It doesn't bother me, I didn't want them anyway. I want Cyndaquil." Smiling, Elm said

"Well, go up to him and ask him, them." She nodded, and walked over to the fire pokemon.

"Hello. How would you like to come with me?" The Cyndaquil thought for a moment, and then nodded. "Great! Do you have a name?" This time, the Cyndaquil shook his head. " Ok, you can be called... Coflain! That's a good name. Do you like it?" The Cyndaquil nodded, happy.

"Cyn! Quil!" Ari beamed at the pokemon. "Great! Let's go. If I can find the way back…" She left the room with Coflain on her shoulder. Elm smiled as Felix said

"So that leaves me with Chikorita. That's fine. I like Chikorita." He knelt down in front of the Chikorita, now alone in the middle of the hut.

"Hello. Would you like to come with me?" The Chikorita nodded quickly. "Great! Do you have a name? No? Ok, how about… Viretha! Do you like it?" The Chikorita smiled, and she leapt onto Felix's shoulder. He stood up, and turned to Elm, who smiled.

"Good, good. I remember one year, when none of the pokemon liked any of the trainers. They had to wait an entire year. Heh, they weren't happy." Felix rolled his eyes.

"Can I go, professor?"

"Yes, yes. Can you find your own way out?" Felix nodded. "Good. Have a nice journey!" Felix walked back out of the lab, smiling, with his new friend Viretha on his shoulder.

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