And the return of the Fee! Nyaaaaa!

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Chapter 7-Long Journey

"I cannot believe you talked me into this." said Ari.
"Come on, it'll be awesome!" said Felix, climbing over a pile of rocks.
"If you do something stupid… no, WHEN you do something stupid it's your problem."
"I know."
"And did I mention what I was going to do to you if you tried to kiss me again?"
"Yes. In excruciating detail." said Felix, shuddering.

* * *

"That was so easy. We only found one pokemon in the entire cave." said Felix, as they finally saw some light in the end of Dark Cave.
"I know. I caught her." said Ari, a little proudly.
A noise rang out.

"Vul!" it said.
Felix heard it properly.
"Stop!" called a female Vulpix. "I challenge you!"

"What's she saying?" said Ari.

Felix picked a pokeball from his belt.
"She wants to fight."

He threw it, the Horsea appearing and instantly shooting a water gun towards the Vulpix.

On impact, the Vulpix collapsed to the ground.

Felix threw a spare pokeball, capturing the Vulpix.

He returned the Horsea.

"Showoff…" said Ari.

Felix stuck his tongue out, and opened the pokeball.
An annoyed Vulpix appeared, and a pair of pink hearts flew towards Felix from her.

"So…what do you say we go off somewhere?" asked the Vulpix, trying to sound sexy.

Viretha slapped Felix and the Vulpix with a vine from where she was sitting on a rock.

"Huh. Cheat." said the Vulpix.
Snapped out of it, Felix asked the Vulpix' name.
"Elena." she said.

"Kay!" said Felix brightly, returning the perverted pokemon.

* * *

"Azalea Town! FINALLY!" cried Ari. "I'm gonna get somewhere to sleep…" she started.
"Away from you…" she muttered, so he couldn't hear her.
"See ya in the morning!" said Felix.
Damnit, did he know how annoying he was?
On reflection, probably.

* * *

"Morning!" said Felix.
"Get out." said Ari, slamming the door to the room in his face.
"But I thought we could start early… it's only seven..." he said through the door.

No answer.

"Oh well…"

* * *

"Thunder Vine!" said Felix.
"Poison Sting." said Bugsy.

The Kakuna of the Gym leader dodged the electrified vine, slamming a stinger into Viretha.

She had time to call Felix an idiot one more time before she fainted.

"Oh well… worth a shot." said Felix. "You win."

Bugsy smiled. "Nice try."

* * *

It was a couple of hours later, maybe ten o clock.

Felix was waiting by Ilex Forest, wondering if Ari would yell at him if he tried to get her up now…

He heard a voice.

"Give me the pokemon, get out of my sight, and get out of my town." it said.

Felix stood up, looking around.

He saw someone dressed in a black costume, with a large red 'r' on the front, giving a pokeball to Bugsy, and running away.

A Scyther was next to Bugsy, looking menacing.

He turned and saw Felix.
"Hey. Listen, could you do me a favour?" he asked. "I just confiscated this pokemon from a Team Rocket member who was mistreating it, but I'm no good with non-bug types… can you look after it?"

"Sure." said Felix. Free pokemon? Go for it!

* * *

"How? The hell?" asked Ari, as they were sitting in the lounge in the Pokemon centre later.
"Right place right time, I guess." said Felix smugly.
"So, what pokemon is it?" she asked.

"…I don't know." he admitted.
"You boasted before finding out?"
"You're an idiot." said Ari.

Felix threw his hands up in annoyance.

"So everyone keeps telling me!"

I hope that was funny, at least.