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"Good evening." His hair danced with the wind, there was a sparkle in his eye that made him different than the rest, the flamboyance and rebelliousness of youth still resides in those green orbs. Everyone was looking at him. But he approached only one.

"Good evening... Ara, I seem to notice a lot of women staring daggers at me."

Chuckles "Well, I won't pay them any mind if I were you. Haruka Tenoh." He extends his hands to the aua haired beauty before him.

"Michiru Kaioh."

"Well, Michiru, if you don't mind, would you please grant me the honour of escorting you to that lovely garden over there?"

"Michiru? I don't remember ever telling you to be so informal." She teased the blonde. "Well the Ha-ru-ka, shall we?"

"Of course."

They were the envy of many. It is as if God hand-picked them to be together. They simply instigate jealousy and radiate beauty. Hand in hand they chatted away until they reach their destination. They sit at the bench in the gazebo, the view over looking the sea. His hand crept on top of her hand, giving it a light squeeze as if asking for some sort of confirmation from the other woman. She just gave him a smile.

"I like this... you're just... I don't know..." She was thinking of the right words to say.

"What?" He looked at her quizzically.

"To good to be true." Another one of his dashing smile flashed after her statement. The distance between them slowly fading. Until he seals the kiss.

"I don't know what you mean... I am here. With you. Everything feels so right."

"That is why, Haruka, this is too good to be true."

"Well, aren't we the pessimist Ms.Kaioh?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not. Maybe you're just a filandering husband, who knows." Haruka laughed at Michiru's half-meant implications.

"I most certainly am not. Look at my hand- No ring." He showed her his hands as proof but Michiru could only raise her brows.

"Well, who knows, perhaps you put it somewhere when you saw me. " Laughter was once again her intial response to Michiru's tirade of accusations.

"I think you have been hurt, one too many times, I am a hopeless romantic, and that is all. If you think that is too good to be true... let's make deal." Michiru squinted her eyes, interested in what the blonde has to say.

"After this night, we probably won't see each other, let's not ask for any way to contact each other and if we manage to bump into each other, then let's give it a try, seeing as destiny meddled." A smile crept upon the girl's face, unsure if she should agree or not. She likes the blonde. What if they never see each other again? But if it was a challenge this man wants then a challenge he shall get.

"Deal." They shook hands.

"But one last thing."

Before Michiru could react she was pulled into a tight embrace and a deep, passionate and long kiss. Haruka smirking at her. Michiru could only slap Haruka's arm.

"Ow. Just in case I don't see you again."

"Okay. No yellow papers. No internet. No nothing to find out anything about each other." Michiru reaffirmed the deal.


"Well, goodbye then."
"Goodbye, Michiru. See you."


Michiru couldn't stop smiling the whole week. She was standing by the window of her pent house condo-unit. Her friend finally approached her when she noticed her room mate's lunacy.

"Okay Michiru, out with it. You are smiling like a fool. Who are you in love with?"

"He was so handsome Setsuna, blonde, green-eyed, really tall and sexy and smart and gentle and-"

"Wait were you dreaming when you met this man? Coz those type of men, died of extinction." Her friend said in jest.

"Oh I hope not Setsuna-chan, he was so cautious, doesn't want me to be turned off by him... but he kissed me, still it felt so... perfect."

"So what's his name?"

"Haruka Tenoh. We made a deal. If destiny allows us to meet again, then it will be start of something."

"Something what? Corny?"

"Oh hush, old woman."

"You are acting like a child. You're 30 for crying out loud Michiru!"

"So? Love is for everyone."

"Whatever. Im just gonna put these in the fridge then lets go have dinner and talk some more about your "Prince" okay?"

"Sounds good."


"Hey chap! What iz zup? Why are you so... happy today?"

"Beat it. You are ruining the moment Seiya!"

"Aww c'mon, won't tell me? Your bestfriend in the whole wide world?"

"You are not my bestfriend!"

The black haired boy continued to annoy Haruka by pouting and sulking in front of her.

"Fine! I like this girl!" Seiya's ears popped when he heard what Haruka said, with eyes wide opened she fumbled with what words to say.

"You? The rock Haruka Tenoh? You are in love?"

"I said "LIKE" Seiya!"

"So what? You are "inlike" with the girl or something?"


"Fine, still in denial, what's her name?"

"Michiru Kaioh."

"Oh... where'd I hear that name? hmmm..."

Haruka and Seiya's discussion was suddenly put to a halt when their professor entered the room. Armed with a ruler, he threatened every student who daresto misbehave.

"Class!! Music Class is in session, I expect you to listen, and you listen carefully! We have a guest intructor, it is a suprise... one of the most talented violinist in the country, is here to share her knowledge with you. She will be our assistant instructor this term when classical music is involved. Clear?!"

Seiya handed Haruka a note under his desk. 'I understood only about 50 of what he said.' Haruka chuckled at her friends comment, but this goes unnotice by their professor.

"Tenoh! What's so funny?!"

"I... uh..." Haruka bowed her head pretending to look for answers in her desk.

Saved. A knock on the door was heard. Shuffled steps then brief hugs and kisses were exchanged.

"Alright class. This is Kaioh Michiru, she will be instructing you for the duration of this term."

Haruka's head snapped back at the mentioned name. It was indeed Michiru. They met, which means, a go signal on their deal. Michiru noticed a pair of teal eyes looking at her. She gazed at the student who so adamantly focused his gaze on her. When she discovered who they belong to she felt a pang of guilt, embarassment and disgust at herself. 'Haruka is a student?'

"Excuse me professor, I just... have to go... to... uh... the restroom." She exited the room as quickly as she entered it.

The professor noticed Haruka raising her hands in the air. "What do you want Tenoh?!" He asked annoyed.

"Hall pass!" Haruka smiled at him.


Haruka ran everywhere, trying to look for her damsell who looks to be in distress. Finally she found her. Sniffling behind the benches near the music hall.

"Michiru?" Michiru looked at her with hate.


"Why are you mad at me?"

"How old are you?!" Haruka's look was purely of bafflement.

"I'm turning 19... why?" Michiru's eyes showed disappointment and horror.

"My God, 19, this can't be happening! I knew you were too good to be true!" She poointed accusing fingers at Haruka, the blonde still not catching up with Michiru's sudden tantrums.

"Okay? So?"

"I am 30! 30! Do you understand?"

"Yes... so? I still like you..." Michiru nodded her head sideways, frustration building up inside her.

"... do I need to know anything else?" She asked hoping that this would be the last hurdle..

"I...uhmm... Im a girl?" She smiled at Michiru making sure she was as cute as possible. Michiru just rolled her yes.

"Lesbian-cradle-snatcher..." She muttered but it was barely audible. "Look, Haruka, you are too young... and you... I just can't do this. You know."

"But we made a deal. I did not do anything to search for you... you just showed up and we finally meet... don't you think that is still destiny meddling."

"We will have society meddling with us as well, when the time comes."


"Kaioh-san." She corrected.

"Michiru... listen, I know this is hard but I don't care how old you are... I have never felt-"

"Listen! I don't want to get involved with a kid!"

"I am not a kid! I Love-"

Before Haruka could finish her sentence, Michiru walked out on her and returned to the room she happens to share with 50 students plus Haruka. The tall blonde was left there with a broken heart. The first person she fell in love with - rejected her. She usually does all the rejecting but this time it was her turn. Haruka returned to class, making sure she entered after Michiru had left. Seiya noticing the oh so familiar frown on her face, accompanied her home. They drank til they fall asleep. Not a word exchanged between the two friends. Seiya knows this is just how Haruka is and he will be the only one this world who would ever understand her eccentric friend.

On the other side of town, Aqua locks lay as restless as the person below the sheets. She kept on twisting form side to side. Hugging her pillow. Throwing her pillow. Covering her face with the pillow to block all noise coming from her own head.

'Haruka Tenoh... God get out of my head! He- wait he is not even a he... She's a child!' That night Michiru was not able to sleep. The only person who treated her right, was so wrong for her. But still, she can't stop thinking of the blonde.

"Shit!" Was her muffled scream on the pillow, the last effort she made to erase the blonde's effect on her. But to no avail.


There you go people. Yes, Michiru is 11 years older than Haruka. Sorry! Hahaha. Peace 3