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Over and over and over and over within Tooru's floating awareness, the image rolled.

When dawn touched Tooru's window sill with yellow light, he sensed it through closed eyelids, opened them, hearing then the renewed bustle and hurry in the Yamanaka compound; seeing the familiar patterned beams of his bedroom ceiling.

The hall door opened and Ino-san peered, hair like shaded gold held with the forehead protector at the back, her oval face emotionless and lavander eyes staring solemnly at him. No. It was neither emotionless nor solemn. It was,

Wait. Lavander?

Suddenly, it became dark. What he thought was the sunlight were woods burning silently and his ceiling turned into the rocky surface of the cave. And it wasn't Ino-san, it was that semi-mute ninja, Hyuuga.


He bolted up, his head searching frantically for the blonde.

"You're awake," Hyuuga stated blankly.

I sure hope so. It would be terribly disappointing if you start appearing in my dreams.

"Yes." He felt his blood rushing back and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. She's right beside the fire, sleeping peacefully. It wasn't real. Hopefully, it stays just a dream.

Hyuuga turned and went back to stand guard at the entrance of the tiny cavern they found a few hours ago.

Tooru studied the tallness of him, saw the hint of the tension his shoulders. Most would've missed the feeling of uneasiness, but he proudly has a knack for it--in the minutiae of observation. "Would you like to switch?"

"No." He replied with finality. "Get some rest."

He chose to remain silent. Not wanting to go back to sleep, he stood up and went to sit beside his supposed leader.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"To stay awake." He emerged with a stubborn slowness. Wariness veiled his eyes when he glanced at Hyuuga.

Hyuuga nodded once, as if giving him permission to sit. The silence was deafening, lasted for a good ten minutes or so. A personal record for Hateshi Tooru. But as much as he'd love to bond with pretty boy here, Tooru figured that the man was not much of a conversationalist—nor would he know what to talk about right now. The images are still racing inside his head.

"Do you dream every night?" He found himself asking Hyuuga.


"Good for you, I guess." Tooru sighed. "I can remember all of them. But the dreams that are worth remembering, they're very unpleasant."

"How do you distinguish then?"

"I just know."

Hyuuga glanced at Ino-san and then shifted his attention back outside.

Tooru closed his eyes. "Those dreams worth remembering," he trailed off. "They usually happen. Right to the exact dot. It puts a stamp of strangeness in me, you know?"

"Stamp of strangeness," His senior breathed, and again he shot a glance at Ino-san, and once again returned his attention to him. "Precognition."

He laughed, trying to ease the awkward situation a bit. "It's a gift, actually. I think it's mostly the reason that old bag is letting me run around with Ino-san."

"I believe the reason for that is so you could cater to her every whim."

"Which are surprisingly many, I tell you." He laughed.


Neji woke up, and he was not pleased. His team was incomplete. The first thing he saw was Yamanaka's little puppy grinning at him like he was some sort of idiot. And amusing how one should mention Yamanaka, that woman was missing.

"Ino-san went ahead." Tooru stated as if that explained everything.

Well, it didn't. And Neji was just getting less and less pleased by the second. "And?"

The man in front of him merely gave him a shrug unaware of the slight anger boiling within Neji. After all, the Hyuuga was not known for his temper. "Ino-san said to let you rest for awhile. She said she's going to meet with us in a few."

Even during his time as a genin, he was never fond of working in groups. This was a perfect example of why. Forcing himself to contain his annoyance, he dared to ask another question "Well? Did she say when and where?"


Silence passed. Neji waited for him to say something more, but it seems that's all he would ever get from this man. He silently wondered if he was always this ambiguous or if he was doing this on purpose to further piss him off.

If it was the latter, well, it sure is working like a charm.

Sure, he had to admit, it irked him that they planned and decided by themselves. But what unnerved him even more was the fact that this man in front of him allowed a blind girl travel all the way to Namigakure. Alone. Said blind girl was supposedly someone Tooru should be protecting. And here he was, acting as if it was nothing.

Can't that woman fathom that he is the assigned leader here?

Neji could see a headache coming.

Nara, I can finally sympathize with you.

"Ino-san can handle herself," Tooru assured him. "She was already blind when she became a jounin, you know."

After a split second of feeling something that had any semblance to relaxation, he heard a tortured scream. With one look, they both sprinted up north.

If anything happened that could compromise their initial plan, Yamanaka Ino and Tooru Hateshi would answer personally to his Gentle Fist.

By the gods, he was a precog. Neji would think that Tooru would've seen this coming.


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