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3 months later

The red Audi A4 screeched to a halt in front of Luigi's and then just as quickly reversed into Alex's reserved parking space.

"You do like to make an entrance don't you?" Alex said with a resigned sigh. At least his driving habits hadn't really changed even if he couldn't remember that his 'real' name was Gene Hunt rather then John Hunter.

'Well, Bols if you hadn't cocked it up today, then we wouldn't be late and then I wouldn't 'ave to drive so fast!"

She cocked an eyebrow at him, "Remind me again why you insist on calling me Bols."

He smirked, "Not tellin', you'll only hit me."

"I'll probably hit you anyway."

He turned around to face her as they sat in the car, "You wouldn't would you? Hit your boyfriend and your DCI?"

She reached out and stroked his cheek, "Well we've only been dating for a month, I might get away with it." She leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips but then quickly nipped his bottom lip.


"So tell me – why Bols?" She was determined to prompt his memory at every opportunity.

"'Cos I thought you were as classy as the best champagne?" he said with an innocent face.

She leaned forward and grabbed his ear and gave it a twist. He winced but managed to grab her head gently between his hands and leaned in towards her. His lips found her neck and he nuzzled gently at first but then a little harder so that it would leave a mark. He kissed his way up to her ear and growled seductively, "Don't ever mistake me for a tame pusscycat DI Drake," and then kissed her until she reeled. How they had so far resisted shagging the life out of each other he would never know – so far anyway.

"And yer know the reason I call yer Bolls is 'cos I knew it would take a few glasses of Bolly to get into your knickers!"

She gave him a playful swipe on the arm, 'Some things never change' she thought. "Well, you haven't got into them yet have you?" she laughed.

"Maybe 'cos I haven't plied you with any Bolly…Bolly," he said as they both exited the car, "not that yer deserve any after today's little escapade."

"I don't know what you mean," she pouted.

He stood facing her with hands on hips, "Well just 'ow come I ended up face down on the ground after being 'it on the head with a blunt object?"

She winced, "Slight lapse of concentration perhaps?"

"Yes, thank you very much DI Drake – your lapse, not mine."

"Look, I'm really sorry Ge…er John, it won't happen again. Besides, not my fault if Colin and Roy came waltzing in without their trousers on was it?"

John laughed out loud at that, unable to keep a straight face any longer, "I'll grant you that," he said reaching out for her, "they're not gonna be able to live that down fer a good while – being rounded up and de-bagged by the Ferris gang. Good job Stan the man was there to save the day!"

Alex moved forward into his arms and leaned into his embrace contentedly. He kissed the top of her head and wound his arms protectively around her. He closed his eyes and breathed in her scent, felt the warmth of her body against his and wondered once again why he always felt this when he held her, always felt like he had known her for years, felt like he was home. Her arms snaked up to his neck and they looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

Alex caught her breath as she looked into those blue eyes, those same eyes that she recognised so well, now full of desire and something else? She didn't have time to speculate further as he leaned forward and claimed her lips gently teasing and nibbling until she allowed him access and their tongues met, first gently but then duelling with increasing passion. They bodies pressed closer and closer, not noticing the passing restaurant customers. His hands explored the curves of her body and she felt the hard evidence of his desire pressing against her. 'Tonight', she thought, 'definetely tonight.' She pressed even closer and her hands wound into his hair.

"Oow" he said as he leapt back from her touch, "that 'urts."

"Don't be a baby – come on," she laughed as she made her way down the steps to the restaurant.

His eyes narrowed as he watched her walk away from him, her long legs and pert arse encased in blue denim. Why hadn't he noticed that before or more precisely why did he notice it even more tonight? Probably because she didn't normally wear jeans to work but she had been trying to 'blend in', as she called it, when they had been trying to collar the Ferris bastards. He followed quickly behind, hoping to cop a feel before they got into the restaurant. Damn, too late.

"Ah Alex, I didn't know you were coming in tonight – and bringing a friend I see!" Joe said from behind the bar.

"Last minute decision Joe," she said smiling.

"Well, you are very welcome as always. Are you eating tonight?"

Alex nodded, "Yes please if you can squeeze us in, but something…."

"Something quick," John said with a wink to Alex.

"Joe, can I formally introduce you to, well it's…."

Joe nodded, "Yes its John Hunter, you've told me about him, remember?"

Alex gave a sigh of relief. She was glad that Joe had decided to play along. She didn't know what would happen if Joe started to call him Gene as well!

Joe took John's hand and shook it firmly, "Alex has told me all about you John, I'm pleased to see you at last. It's been a while."

John stared at the hand that the friendly Italian had shaken so vigourously. It felt a little strange – tingling! Not like an electic shock exactly but ….

"You okay John?" Joe said

"Yep, fine." He said shaking his hand a little. Must have something to do with being hit on the head he reckoned. He looked at Joe and narrowed his eyes in concentration. Something tickled at the back of his mind, something he just couldn't put his finger on. "'Ave we met before Joe? You look a bit familiar."

Alex held her breath as Joe returned John's stare.

"Perhaps we met in a past life," he said with a smile.

John laughed, "Yeah, that's what it'll be – 'cos that 'appens all the time." He looked around the restaurant. It was the first time that he had been inside since they had started dating 'officially'. Normally they went out to eat nearer the station and then he would drive Alex home and leave her at the door – although not without one or two goodnight kisses! That reminded him, time to get this show on the road!

"So pasta then Joe and make it snappy! We'll 'ave whatever you recommend."

Joe smiled indulgently and escorted them over to a secluded table.

"And a bottle of your house…"

"Rubbish?" Joe finished.

"Exactly." John said with a quizzical raise of the eyebrow.

Alex stared at him. There he was in all his glory and now in his familiar setting. Dark blond hair, blue eyes, rugged but handsome face and the dark suit and white shirt he was wearing today making him all the more irresistible to her. She smiled – Gene Hunt as he lived and breathed.

"What?" he said

"Just thinking," she replied

"Told yer about that before Bols," he snarked, "thinking about what?"

"Thinking that the reason I love it in here is that I can do this," and underneath the table she ran her leg up his, "and not have to worry that someone in CID will spot us."

He sucked in his breath as the pleasurable sensations she was causing travelled the length of his body. Yes, he was definitely glad there were away from the team's normal grazing ground.

"Mmm, I'm glad too 'cos then I can do this," and he picked up her hand, stroking it with his thumb and then brought it up to his lips and slowly kissed the middle of her palm with soft lips. He was rewarded with a small groan of delight from Alex.

Joe coughed as he approached their table, "A nice bottle of Chianti while you wait," he said pouring two glasses for them.

John stood, "'Scuse me – little boy's room – don't start anything without me," he said to Alex.

Joe watched him go and took his place at the table, "So is everything okay with you two?"

"I suppose so, well…yes, more than okay really. It's just that…it's hard to explain Joe."

"Try me."

"I know he's Gene! I know it! He looks the same; he's got the same mannerisms, same way of doing things. And I feel the same about him – and more besides. I was just hoping he would remember something, remember me."

"Alex if its any consolation, I know its Gene too – I felt it when I shook his hand and of course I recognise him from 1981 – it may be nearly 30 years ago but I would know that face anywhere! "


""Then what difference does it make really – whatever he calls himself? He's still the same man yes?"

"Absolutely," she said nodding her head.

"Then maybe this is his chance to start again eh? A clean slate? Maybe that's what the universe has planned for Gene Hunt…and for you," he smiled at her, "Don't try and fight it or understand it for once Alex, just take the happiness offered and run with it."

She took a large gulp of wine and considered. Joe was right of course –again. She loved him and it felt right – what the hell did it matter what his name was? She smiled as John approached the table and Joe wandered off to attend to other customers.

"Okay?" He said as he sat down.

She looked at him, "More than okay."

"Good, good," he said as he absentmindedly stroked her hand with one finger, "so, is Molly about tonight then?" Because I really would like to give you a good seeing to!

"No, she's sleeping over at a friends tonight." So hopefully a good hard shag will not be out of the question!

The food arrived and they fell into their easy habit of eating, drinking, laughing and discussing the day's events and before they knew it, another hour and passed and the restaurant was empty apart from them. He found himself gazing into her eyes and once again losing himself in their glorious depths. He didn't mind – this was one woman he wouldn't mind losing himself in for a good few years – ooh maybe even 20 or 30 given luck and a following head wind, he thought to himself. Yes they argued, but mostly about work and they always made up at the end of the day and those were the best times. He shifted in his seat as his body continued to remind him of the constant attraction between them.



"I was just wondering…that is, its getting late and.."

"Coffee?" she said suddenly


"Coffee, not here...that is err, upstairs – I could make coffee." God why I am so nervous?

"That would be great" Thank Christ for that, he thought, "You put the kettle on and I'll settle with Joe and then come up then?" Bloody 'ell I haven't felt like this since I 'ad me first shag!

He shook his head as he watched her leave the restaurant and made his way towards the bar where Joe was clearing up. Amazing really – two grown adults, single, healthy and with something special going on – and still nervous as two teenagers!

"So, can I settle up then Joe?"

"Sure, or better still, why don't I open a tab for you" he removed a bottle from the compartment and poured two glasses, "I have a feeling you are going to be a regular around here."

"I 'ope so, I really 'ope so."

Joe gestured towards the glass of whiskey he had poured, "A nightcap – Macallan's finest whiskey – 1946."

"Don't mind if I do" said John. Seemed like a good sort this Joe even if there was something he couldn't quite put his finger on. He took a good slurp of whiskey and nodded appreciatively, "Good stuff"

"Can I give you a little bit of advice John?

"Depends…not about women is it?

"Oh no – I wouldn't dream of it!"


"Its just…well, whatever it is you might be worried about tonight, little niggles or concerns or something you just can't put your finger on – just let them be eh? Leave them alone at least for tonight. Some mysteries are not meant to be solved," he paused and sipped from his glass, "and you do know you are lucky don't you?"

"Waddya mean?" John frowned

"Well, you have a new start in life yes? A new job, a new city, a woman who loves you – a new chance for happiness – what more could you want?"

John considered this carefully and finally knocked back the last of the whiskey, "I 'appen to think you're right Joe, so if you'll excuse me, think I'll just pop upstairs and start proving it."

He found Alex in the kitchen fussing with cups and waiting for the kettle to boil. He smiled as he observed her silently from the doorway, jacket slung over one shoulder and leaning against the door frame. She had changed into something very comfortable indeed, some silk robe thing, he noticed, and with a bit of luck he would find out what was underneath! He threw his jacket on a chair to attract her attention.

"How the hell did you do that? I never heard you sneak in?"

He frowned, "I'm a detective in the Met Bols, I do not sneak!" He made his way over to where she stood with her back towards him. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed closer. He leaned in to kiss her neck and whispered, "You do realise that I don't actually want a coffee don't you?" as his lips continued to drift downwards, planting soft light kisses on her collarbone.

Alex moaned softly in response as his hands tugged at the silky material and kissed the exposed shoulder, one hand still sitting on her waist but the other starting to explore.

"Tea, then?" she managed to squeak.

"Alex," he growled softly and with a sudden movement turned her to face him and lifted her up onto the kitchen bench. The movement exposed her long bare legs and he gently nudged them apart to stand in between, his hands now stroking the soft skin of her thighs, she's so bloody gorgeous he thought, I always knew she would be.

She wrapped her legs around his torso and drew him closer towards her, needing the closeness, the heat that he provided. "You could at least take your tie off, she exclaimed, "I'm sat here nearly……"

"Stark naked Bols?" he chuckled softly, "well, not quite but soon eh?" He wrenched the tie off just to please her. Hell, he would happily run naked down Oxford Street just to please her! "Better?"

"Almost," she said as she pulled him closer and with nervous hands started to unbutton his shirt. As she did so, her lips found the sensitive spot on his neck and she kissed and nibbled until she elicited groans of approval. She could feel his hardening erection pressed into her and she started to move her hips against him, wanting him closer, hell – just wanting him!

But he wasn't having that, "No you don't randy knickers, not yet" he said as he pulled slightly out of her reach and tugged at the belt of the robe to expose the lacy black underwear concealed beneath. There was a sharp intake of breath as he moved the robe from her shoulders leaving her fully exposed to him. "You're so beautiful Alex" he said as he kissed the hollow at the base of her neck, "so beautiful." He moved to kiss her mouth as his fingers found the straps of her bra and slipped them from her shoulders. The kiss deepened as his fingers exposed one nipple and began to tease it into a rosy peak. His other hand moved to its neglected twin and soon Alex was moaning against his mouth as her desire continued to build to fever pitch.

She leaned back to allow him better access as his hands moved down to her hips and his mouth moved from lips to nipple, his tongue circling gently but insistently while one hand moved towards her thighs and stroked the soft silky skin. She gasped when his hand moved aside the lace of her knickers and one finger slipped inside her finding the hot silky wetness, but just as quickly it slid back outside and brushed against her clit, sending shooting sensations throughout her body.

"Yes," she moaned, "yes," thrusting her hips towards him, answering the unasked question,

"Don't stop."

He raised he head from her breast, "I 'av no intention of stopping" he said laughed huskily as his fingers entered her once more and he found her rhythm, stroking and teasing the silky folds without mercy, while she held onto him, her fingers biting into shoulders. She was close now, he could feel it, her breathing grew shallow and with one final thrust and a brush of his thumb against her clit, she spiraled over the edge.


Finally her breathing slowed and he gathered her closer into his arms. He was breathing heavily too – Christ it almost felt like he'd had an orgasm – not that he was far off! He raised her head to look at him, "Okay Alex?"

She stroked his face and looked at him, eyes still heavy with desire, "You could say that," she laughed weakly as she buried her face in his chest, while he wrapped his arms around her, stroking her hair.

"Good," he sighed and picked her up from the bench and walked out of the kitchen, "Round two then!"

"What the…where are we going?"

"Well, call me old fashioned if yer like, but I'd thought we'd take this to the bedroom! Besides," he paused and looked down at her, "we can explore the erotic potential of kitchen appliances later if yer like."

In the bedroom he laid her on the bed and then finally removed the black lace underwear that had inspired him to such erotic heights and gazed at her naked form, tenderly caressing her and looking into her eyes. "My lovely Alex," he muttered before he kissed her once more.

As lost as she was in the moment, she still recognised the tender words of the last letter Gene had written to her and she felt indescribably complete. "I want you so much…I need…" as a small sob escaped her throat.

"S'ok," he muttered as he engulfed her in a tight embrace and stroked her hair, "I know."

"Sorry," muttered Alex and then quickly recovered, "but if you don't get naked right now I cannot answer for my actions!"

He laughed and then quickly and expertly removed shoes and clothing and rejoined her lying on the soft downy bedcovers.

She pushed him onto his back and slowly proceeded to explore his body from top to toe, soft hands caressing broad chest and shoulders, her tongue tracing a line from his nipples towards belly button and finally reaching his impressive erection. She heard a sharp intake of breath as she explored the length of him while her other hand grazed his balls, causing him to grab her hand.

"Not tonight luv, 'cos as much as I like it, if you touch me like that again I'm gonna go off like a bloody firework!"

He reached for her and quickly flipped her over onto her back, marvelling once more at her naked form, stroking, caressing, kissing, nibbling, wanting to bring her to that peak of desire once more, and all the while staying just out of her reach.

"Now" she whimpered, "please, I need…Oh!" She was silenced momentarily as he quickly entered her and then stopped.

He groaned inwardly, God she was so wet and tight, he wasn't going to last long he just knew it! Alex adjusted her position slightly as she accommodated him inside her and he thrust forward, her hips coming to meet him in an age old rhythm. He held her hips steady as he slowly and surely intensified his thrusts, and as he felt her writhe and wriggle beneath him, he knew it wouldn't be long now.

He lifted her up slightly, her legs now wrapped tightly around his back and holding him close. He reached for her hand which she grabbed tightly, "Alex!" he moaned. He felt her throbbing against him and as her fingernails dug into his hand he finally cut loose and abandoned himself to pure pleasure, as he felt the universe, past, present and future, merge into one in a flash of light, "God …..Alex…arrhhh".

He collapsed into her arms, not really caring who or where he was, just that he was with her and they were together, and that was all that mattered. They lay there still joined as she soothed him with caresses and whispers of love. Eventually, he rolled onto his back as his breathing returned to normal and they looked at each other in wonderment.

He sniffed, "It'll be better next time," he said with a smirk, "was only just getting warmed up."

She gave him a playful punch as she ruffled his hair, "You'll do". She reluctantly left the warmth of the bedroom to find a drink of water and as she suspected he was dozing quietly when she got back.

She turned the lights out and retrieved the quilt from its abandoned position on the floor and threw it over them as she snuggled into his chest. His arm tightened around her, keeping her close.

Alex looked at his sleeping form, and knew that at last she was happy. She found his lips in the dark and gave him a gentle kiss, "I love you Gene."

Sleepily he answered, "Love you too Bols."

She smiled and let herself slip away into the realm of dreams.

Her lover dreamed beside her too. And as he lay there in the dark, colourful images played out in his head; an Audio Quattro raced around London, a speedboat under Tower Bridge, a Tufty costume, The Railway Arms, a Ford Cortina and Alex with a curly perm and a white leather jacket. He smiled in his sleep and went back to dreaming.