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Notes: This is a Dimensional Radar Story if you don't like them then this fic probably isn't for you.

Warnings: Okay as the summery said the Kats learn that they were very lucky during their trouble with the dimensional radar. The other pair of Swat Kats who appear in this fic weren't so lucky. As far as the Main universe of Swat Kats goes there are no pairings of any kind. There are references and flashbacks to parings in other dimensions that cover a diverse background. I mean there are a lot of them and they cover a great deal of character and gender combinations.

I am not going to list them all just to let you know there will probably be references to Slash, Het and fem slash in this story as I'm presenting the Swat Kats world we know and love as part of a Multi verse of possibilities.

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Swat Kats: The Visitors


He yanked the controls to the left as the enforcer copters swarmed around the Turbokat doing their best to blow it out of the sky. "Razor, How long before we can jump again this obviously isn't our home." They had been trying to get home for nearly a year now and so far they hadn't come close.

"We need at least ten minutes recharge before we can jump again." Razor said as he did his best to deal with the Enforcers without causing them harm with the limited armaments they still had left after the last disaster of a world. "I wonder what our other selves did to piss off Feral this badly."

"Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong this is Commander Feral." That was an unpleasant shock this Feral knew who they were. "Land your jet immediately and surrender or we will blow you out of the sky."

"T-bone, I hate to have to tell you this but we are completely out of missiles." Razor said from behind him. He had to wonder if this is how they were going to go out blown away by Feral. "There may be a way to jump start things but you won't like it."

"Razor, whatever it is we'll do it." The skill level of this set of enforcers seemed to be a lot better than what they'd encountered in other worlds he wasn't sure he could out fly them for long. "Well what is it?"

"We need to fly the Turbokat into high voltage power lines; it should trigger the jump if the dimensional radar is on." He kicked in the afterburner and turned toward the city. "There is one thing I should tell you," Razor said quietly behind him. "It will probably fry the jumper so will be stuck in whatever world we end up in until we can fix it."

"It's gotta be better than this." He said as a bullet from a well-placed shot from one of the enforcer helicopters caused an engine to start sputtering. "I just hope we make it there." He saw the high voltage lines looming ahead. Suddenly there was a bullet impact a loud curse from behind him. "Razor, are you all right back there buddy."

"Yeah just got grazed by a bullet the system is on one good shock from the lines and we should jump." He didn't have time to worry about Razor as a near miss from a missile reminded him that they were still being pursued. He angled the jet in and braced himself as the Turbokat hit the power lines sparks erupted from the controls and just as quickly it was over they were flying away from undamaged lines. "Good we didn't blow up." The relief in his voice was slightly terrifying.

"You didn't tell me that could happen?" He asked before Razor began to cough. "We need to land and take a look at that wound." He turned the Turbokat toward the salvage yard. He wondered if by some chance they were home.

"I just hope if this isn't home that we didn't go bad here." He certainly shared that sentiment it wasn't often but they'd had a few run ins with criminal versions of themselves and they hadn't turned out well for them.

He was glad when they made it to the yard as he wasn't sure how much longer the Turbokat was going to hold together between the damage done by the enforcers and the systems they'd fried with crashing through the power lines he doubted they'd get her back in the air without serious repair work. "You okay back there buddy?"

"Yeah, just really sore," Razor said sounding a lot worse than sore. "I just hope we don't crash into their Turbokat it probably wouldn't put them in the mood to help us." He had only done that once but Razor continued to bring it up every time they had to land in someone else's hangar.

To be continued...