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Swat Kats: The Visitors


"She should be fully fueled up soon," the alternate Razor said. "We've already loaded all the armaments you gave us loaded so once it's done we can leave." He wasn't quiet sure how to feel about the fact they'd be gone in a few minutes. Part of him was relieved to be seeing the last of them, but another part had to feel sorry for them. He didn't know if he could have survived their situation.

"Maybe you should do some more testing just to be sure," Razor said behind him. "I mean sure everything checked out on the first run through but there could still be a few bugs in the system." He wondered if Razor was going to miss them. He'd gotten along better with the other Swat Kats than he had.

"No we've done enough," His counterpart said. "The longer we stay here the more time passes at our home." He could hear the conviction in his counterparts voice that they'd get home. He glanced at Razor and saw he looked a bit chastised.

"She's full," The other Razor said quickly. "We should get going once we are airborne it'll take five minutes to charge the jumper." He saw the other T-bone react and wondered why that statement had bothered him. He got his answer when the other razor said, "I managed to cut the charge time in half during the rebuild."

There was an awkward silence following that as it became clear to all of them it was time to say goodbye. "Come on Razor we'll give them an escort until they jump," he suggested trying to break the tension. It was extremely uncomfortable wondering what to say because he knew if things went well that they'd never see these other Swat Kats again. He also knew with utter certainty that all of them wanted it that way.

Once they were air born and following the other Turbokat things began to make sense again. There was something about flying that always made the world make sense to him. It wasn't long before they received a radio call from the other Swat Kats. "We should be going now the jumper is charged," that Razor said. "That's for everything."

"Yeah we couldn't have got back in the air this quick without your help." His counterpart said. He caught the implication that no matter what they would have gotten back in the air even if they hadn't helped them.

"We were glad to help," His partner said over the radio. He added his own quick good bye. Even though he'd been expecting it watching the other Turbokat vanish in a shower of electrical sparks was shocking. "So T-bone do you think they'll ever make it home?"

"Of course they will," he said. He wasn't sure it was the truth but it was the most comforting thing to say. He knew they wouldn't stop trying until they got home so he chose to believe they would.

He and his partner were both quiet on their way back to the hangar. Suddenly the alarm sounded letting them know Callie was calling. "Look alive buddy we've got work to do," he said with a smile.

The End.

This marks the End of The Visitors my first Written in Part fic for Swat Kats. I do have three other written in parts planned and several one shots but due to real life concerns and the need to work on some of my unfinished fics in other fandoms it may be a while before I get a chance to start work on them. The way things are looking now it'd be early May before I could start putting them up but that might change.