The Abyss of Frienship: Chapter 1

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Angelina James is a thirty year old mutant. She has wavy long jet black hair and blue eyes. She is of athletic build and has a slight six pack. She has a tropical flower tattoo on her left shoulder blade and she also has her name in Egyptian down the middle of her back. She has been in the mansion since she was eighteen years old and was kicked out of her home when her parents found out she was a mutant. When Logan showed up at the mansion she felt drawn to him she decided to meet with him and they found out that they had a lot in common. They have been best friends ever since; in fact for the past ten years. They have helped each other out with failed relationships such as when Logan got dumped by girls they both got together and got drunk while she bad mouthed the girl in an attempt to make him feel better. With Angelina Logan ended up beating up the guy that broke her heart. Logan is currently dating Ororo and they have been together for about a year; but she has been on a personal mission in Africa.

The bar that Angelina and Logan were was dim and shadowy just like any other bar in New York. They were just messing around and happened to be completely wasted. They have lost all composure and basically are acting like a couple of drunken idiots.

"We should probably be getting back to the mansion; the meeting is tomorrow morning." Logan stated drunkly with a slur in his speech.

"Ok….." Angelina replied suddenly going completely blank. Suddenly her eyes lit up with an idea. "Oh!! I have an idea" Angelina stated very drunkly she moved quickly to him and whispered in his ear.

The sun is shining through the lace curtains in Angelina's bedroom. She rolled out of bed slowly. She groans as she gets to her feet and shuffles slowly to the bathroom. The obvious hangover is affecting her pretty badly. She walked into her bathroom and turned on the shower and climbed inside after stripping off her disheveled clothes. Once out of the shower she starts to dry off and suddenly notices a tattoo on her right butt cheek that read "Logan Was Here"

"Aw, shit" Angelina exclaimed as she rushed into her bedroom and pulled on a red halter top and some holey blue jeans. She quickly rushed from her room in pursuit of Logan. Once she got out of her room she practically crashed in Logan who was apparently looking for her as well.

"Come here" Angelina said demandingly. She grabs his arm and pulls him into another room. Once inside she locked the door behind them. He sits down on a chair.

"Look at this!" Angelina stated as she showed him the tattoo on her butt. Once he saw it he began chuckling which caused her seem infuriated.

"What's so funny" Angelina asked. Logan composed himself for a second.

"Mine has your name" Logan responded with a smirk on his face.

"Well who had this bright idea?" Angelina asked while Logan just stared at her. This act finalized the answer as she suddenly realized came to the conclusion that it was her bright idea all along. "No…aw man; your not kidding" they both burst into a laughing fit.

"We should probably get to that meeting." Logan said as they both got up to head to the meeting.

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