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What's the point in even moving anymore? I can't even go out and get food, shelter, or clothes without stealing. If I dare steal, those wretched friends of Goku will just come and stop me. And most likely kill me. Even if they wouldn't be able to stop me, I still wouldn't have any of that. After all, I am just a waste of space now.

Those were just some of the thoughts that were back and forth running through Android 18's mind as she sat up against a tree located in the forest. It had been a week since she had left Kami's tower and flew back down to Earth, and she was still in the same clothes she had worn then. Her pair of pants were as messy and dirty as could be, and her white shirt was horribly disgusting, full of filth. Even her hair was messy! That was a very rare sight for someone like 18.

It wasn't like 18 had just came straight here and been here for a whole week. She had started to search for her brother immediately after she had left Kami Tower. She had looked everywhere, just about, until she has finally gave up after the start of day two of searching. She had looked in towns, and found not a trace of him...No huge explosion, no car wrecks, not a thing. Was he dead? That thought keep eating away at her. As much as she hated it, it hurt to not be able to find the only one she had left in this crappy place called Earth. After all, she was all alone now. Noone cared about her. Noone would ever know she would be dead soon...Or at least, she hoped.

Hunger nawed at 18's stomach, to the point where it began to hurt. If it weren't for her feeling like not even being able to lift a finger, she would have gladly already finished herself off. It was quite a shame that goofball baldy Krillin had wished that bomb Gero had implanted inside her out. It would have come in real good handy for this situation. If only, if only...

Maybe if she got lucky, someone would just come along and kill her. Yea...Maybe Goku's friends trained out here. Wait, no...That's not a good chance of happening ever. This way of dying was a little too miserable..She wanted to die fast and be gone, but she just didn't feel like moving..

A hopeless, depressed sigh escaped Android 18. It looked like she was just going to have to suffer. It wouldn't be much longer, she tried to tell herself every now and then.

Suddenly, the sky flashed, signaling a storm on it's way, along with a strike of lightening. The ground rumbled. It must be moving very fast into the forest, because immediately the sky was filled with clouds. With another loud sound of thunder, the rain came crashing down heavily upon the forest and onto Android 18. In a matter of seconds, she was soaked to the brim.

"Yah!" Krillin shouted, who was punching the an invisible force.

He was on an island. Kame Island to be exact; Roshi's place. The sun was shining and there were no clouds to be seen, so Krillin was really sweating like a pig. He wore an orange training outfit.

Thought he might seem just fine on the outside, on the inside he wasn't very happy. Of course, nowhere near Android 18's condition, for he wouldn't even be moving if he were. He felt a tinge of sadness about his best friend, Goku. A little bit more than a tinge to be truthful..He knew that this was what Goku wanted and all, but he still missed Goku. Him not coming back he wouldn't see Goku until he died himself. In a way it was something to look forward to, but then again it wasn't. After all, he hadn't even had a girlfriend, well, besides Marron. Man what a moron she was! Looks sure can be decieving...

Even though nothing was coming up anytime soon for martial arts, he was training to get his mind off the sadness. And so far, it was helping, but not as much as he had wanted it to.

Suddenly, Krillin quit throwing punches at the air, and sighed while wiping the sweet dripping down his forehead, about to go into his eyes. Gosh, it was real hot out here today. Maybe a little swim would do him some good. Not caring about changing, he ran over to the water and jumped as far as he could into it, landing with a loud splash.

The water felt so wonderful that he could probably just fall asleep in it and float away. As he dove underwater, for some strange reason, he suddenly remembered Android 18...Man, she was so beautiful. He wondered, what was she up to right now? Probably something to do with her brother. He doubted she and her brother were out doing any bad, or he'd hear it with their type of power. Too bad he couldn't check on her without having to look everywhere, because to be honest, he wouldn't really mind at least saying hello again. She was just so hypnotizing...

He'd never have a chance with someone as gorgeous as her. After all, he was a shrimp compared to her. Heck, he was even weaker than her! Usually, it's the guy who is supposed to be the dominant one in strength , but she'd be the dominant one...Whoah. He needed to get her out of his head, because he most likely would never even see her again. But it was so hard to get that one thought out of his head of when she had kissed his cheek. Was she just teasing him? Probably. Ugh! Enough of this, he needed to just give it up!

Swimming back up for air, he took a humongus breathe in and allowed himself to float on the surface of the water, closing his eyes and enjoying the sun. What a nice day...If only Goku were here with him.

"Krillin! I need you to get me a few things at the grocery store!" Sounded Master Roshi's voice, who was standing outside his porch.

Jarred out of his peaceful rest, Krillin jumped up in alarm and swam up to the shore. Walking over to Roshi, he spoke. "Alright then. Ya' got a list ready for me?"'

"Yes, you nimcompoop! It's right here in my hand!" Roshi answered, bipping the Krillin's head with the grocery list.

Krillin rubbed his head and replied. "Oh, sorry."

"Anyway, here." Roshi handed the paper to Krillin. "I'll see you later."

Krillin turned around jumped up in the air, and flew straight ahead at top speed. Once he came across an island, he slowed himself down so he wouldn't disturb anything or anyone. Wow, just in about five minutes of flying, the whole scenery had changed. It was pouring over here! That stunk, he liked the sunny day. He guessed it wouldn't last too long at Kame House until the storm moved over there. He had better hurry back soon.

Soon he came across a humongus forest that was also being rained down upon with him. Strangely enough there was a cler spot in the forest, where a small pond was. Becoming a bit interested despite the rain, he slowed down even more, to notice a person lying against a tree. Who could it be? Did they need help? Lowering himself down a bit, he noticed upon further examination it was...Android 18?! No way! Why would she be out here in the wilderness while it was raining? How come she was so dirty? He thought she would be out somewhere either wreckign havok or at least having fun. Something probably was not right if she was out here in the rain like this. Especially knowing how windy it was out here! Brr!

Should he speak to her? Or just act like he had not seen her and fly to the city and get his stuff? That wouldn't be the appropriate thing to do...Even if he was afraid she'd kill him or either just be plain mean. He didn't feel like getting hurt again. But he at least had to try to help her out. Maybe she needed a place to stay for awhile?

Gulping, he lowered himself down to the ground, in front of 18, who was still leaning against the tree; her arms crossed and the most miserable expression on her beautiful face. She glanced up at him, and then looked back down towards the ground.

"Leave me alone." She herself was amazed she could even talk, she felt so bad. "I don't want or need help."

"Then why are you out here in this horrible storm? You look miserable." Krillin answered, finding himself to be a bit bold for a split second.

"Because I can be. I'm not miserable. I'm just fine." 18 replied roughly.

"You know...uhm, I know you say you don't need help or want it...But, if you ever need be, you can come stay at Kame House. You know, the place where you and your brother and Android 16 stopped at looking for Goku." krillin offered.

"I would rather die than do that." 18 replied. "Now leave me alone, or I'll kill you.."

Suddenly she forced herself to raise up her hand, and began to form an energy blast in it that was pink. It was not very big, but it would still hurt like heck.

Krillin backed away a few steps and gulped again. This sure didn't go too well..Now he was going to die probably. "I'm sorry!" He apologized, and jumped in the air to take off, until suddenly he heard a whoosh!

Before he knew it, the blast 18 had shot at him was soared right at him, and before he had a chance to dodge it, the blast slammed right into his upper right shoulder. Almost immediately after the blast hit, Krillin flew backwards and into the pond; a large splash emitting as he fell into it.

This was quite odd. Ever since this bald freak had came to try to save her, she hadn't felt so depressed. She could at least talk and move her hands now. Wow, amazing. But not for long, she was sure she'd die soon. And that, unlike it would be to others, was good news to her.

It felt kind of relieving to blast that midget down to the ground, or, pond in this case. Lord knows he deserved it, heh! It felt kind of good to do that...Boy, she wanted to do it over and over again. Maybe if she was lucky he'd resurface from the water so she could do it again. And hey, something just dawned on her! Maybe, if she didn't kill him, he would go whining to his pathetic friend that the monster Android 18 hurt him. Yea...She'd let him live. He had better tell his friends though. Maybe she needed to lay a couple of hits on him where people could see the bruises for them to ask questions.

Suddenly, she a gasp for air, and imemdiately noticed Krillin, who had swam up to the surface for air. "Gah!" He cried in agony, slowly climbing out the pond and grabbing at his shoulder which was shinged badly. Squinting one of his eyes, he growled in pain yet again.

"Back for more, huh?" Android 18 antagonized.

Amazingly, 18 got up to her feet with ease, and walked over to Krillin, only a few feet away from him now. Her sudden change in emotion was really weird. Suddenly, she flew at Krillin and thrusted her right fist into his cheek as hard as she could, causing him to fly backwards, and fast! Well, until he slammed into a humongus tree, flying right through it and then into another and another. Finally, he came to a stop and his back only slammed against a tree. Pained growls escaped Krillin as he desperately tried to get up and run to avoid yet another devasting attack from 18.

"You don't have to worry, baldly. I don't plan on wasting any more time on you. So you can go and do what you will. Just make sure you leave me out of it." Android 18 yelled to Krillin.

Suddenly, she heard a whoosh in the air, and at first thought it was a ki blast, but soon noticed Krillin taking flight and flying back the direction he had came from. She was sure he would tell his friends. And boy did she hope so! But first...she had a feeling she would have to cause a little bit more of destruction. Maybe destroying a city would do some good. She was kind of glad she felt a bit better emotionally, because now she could at least get some proper burial clothes for when the friend's of Goku killed her. And that also meant she could get some nice, tasty food as well and satisfy these painful hunger pains shooting through her stomach.

'Stupid rain...' 18 thought, as she jumped up into the air and flew off into the city.

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