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Yet another week had passed while 18 stayed at Kame house. During that passing week, 18 had become a lot more friendlier. She had already forgotten about that night out on the roof of the house and was finally allowing herself to have a good time. Good times last a short though- especially with today.

The sun was no longer up and only darkness could be seen except for the moon of course. It looked like tonight would be a very quiet night.

18 sit in her bed as usual, pondering something inside her head. What exactly might she be pondering? It was a very important thing that she was thinking about. But actually, she really was not even pondering but instead struggling with her emotions. Lately, she had been feeling a little more close to Krillin. You know...Like she could trust him. She found him to be a really good person. He was definetely not what she had expected him to be.

She was afraid. Not afraid of Krillin's friendship; no. But instead she was afraid of...Well, how could she put this? She was afraid of falling in love. What if she fell in love with him? She knew it was possible that she could. After all...He was so sweet and caring towards her. Part of her wondered if she already had fallen in love. That was even scarier. She didn't want to risk getting hurt. What if he turned his back on her one day? It would devastate her and she knew it without a shadow of a doubt.

Then another part of her was afraid that if she didn't find out soon enough whether she loved him or not, some other girl would come along and snatch him up. That'd hurt even worse. What to do, what to do? She was so confused! If only she could have someone give her some advice. Too bad Krillin was her only friend.

Friends. That made 18 wonder...How many friends did she have back before she had been turned into what she was today? She was sure she didn't have many. After all, with the little bit of information she could remember, she was sure noone even wanted to be her friend back then. Who would?

All this train of thought was making 18 feel down in the dumps. The only time she was ever happy was when she and Krillin were doing something together. Lately they had been playing board games and watching movies downstairs. 18 really had been enjoying herself when she was with him. He was the light in her once dark world. But when that light went out, darkness preyed upon her and deep depression would absorb her- like now.

Krillin lay in his bed with his feet propped watching TV. He wore boxers but nothing else seeing as he was obviously in for bed. He looked like he was deep in train of thought. Was he thinking the same thing as 18 was, maybe?

The two of them had had a blast most of the time they had spent together. All the Z-warriors were definetely wrong- 18 wasn't what they thought she was. The real her was nothing like what they thought. If only they could see her for who she really was, then they would no doubt change their attitudes about her.

18 was actually a really good person. She was just mean on the outside and snappy at first because...Well, Krillin didn't know what to fill that blank out with. He sometimes wondered why 18 was so snappy sometimes even today. He wished he could just ask her and have her not get angry with him. Did she trust him? 18 really was deep down just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. Man...Speaking of being beautiful. She really did have a pretty smile when one snuck up on her that she couldn't resist. Not only was her smile beautiful, but everything about her was beautiful.

On occasion, though, Krillin had noticed 18 suddenly getting very touchy when he brought up certain things. Like the other night on the roof. She had gotten pretty annoyed with him for asking her that. He knew now without 18 even having to inform him that she was not just some mechanical creation made by some mad man. She was human- even if she had been supposedly 'turned' into an android. Without whatever Gero placed inside her, she would fight just like normal human being. This made him wonder more. Could 18 not be getting over what Gero had done to her, possibly? He was sure that it must have been trametizing to have some guy rip open your chest and stuff and place something inside it and then sow it back up.

But what if it wasn't that? What if it was something else? Oh, if only 18 would just tell him. He was there for her and he always would be no matter how bad she treated him. He just knew that no matter how much 18 would deny it, that she really had something bothering her. 18 probably didn't trust him or she would be able to come to him or at least admit something was bothering her.

What if he came to her, though? He knew it wouldn't work, but he could still always try. Maybe a miracle would occur.

Another question popped into the picture, though. Was he in love with 18? He sure felt strong emotions towards her when they were together. He couldn't imagine life on Kame house without her. Everything would be boring and lonely. He had heard before that if you can't imagine yourself surviving without a certain person then you must love them. So did he? It would seem so. Everytime they laughed, he would feel this wonderful, refreshing feeling of...love. The more time he shared with her, the more he fell in love and he knew it deep down.

It wasn't like Krillin was tired. Maybe he could see if 18 was awake as well and they could play a board game or something? Better yet, maybe they could have a heart to heart talk. He would do anything with her she wanted them to do.

So, Krillin got up and slipped on a comfy dark blue bath robe. It looked very handsome on him. He walked over to the door and opened it, walking down the hallway to 18's room. He could see that the light was obviously out. Nervousness surged through his body. He didn't want to make her mad, so he decided to knock lightly on the door.

"May I come in?" Krillin asked.

"Sure." 18's voice spoke lightly. "Turn the light on while you're at it."

18's voice has a real soft sound to it. It was very different from what everyone else heard. It sounded comforting and soothing almost. Krillin opened the door and turned on the light behind him as he walked over to 18. She wore her bed pajamas, which were pants with a tight fitting shirt. It looked so beautiful on her.

"What is it?" 18 asked, looking up at Krillin. There was a tender look in her icy blue orbs. They were shining like they had never shined before.

"Oh nothing. I just can't fall asleep and I thought maybe we could do something to entertain ourselves." Krillin replied.

"What do you propose?" 18 questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Anything you want to do is fine with me." Krillin responded, flashing her a smile. When there was a moment of silence, Krillin spoke again. "Soooo?"

"I don't have any ideas." 18 continued. "Maybe we can just talk?" She was amazed with herself that she had proposed just the idea of sitting around talking. After all, she was not one for talking. What if it got 'deep'?

Krillin gave her a smile. He didn't mind just doing that at all. Maybe, just maybe, he was hoping that this would open up 18 even more to him. In a way, he was also kind of hoping that she would tell him what was bothering her. He would not push that question on her though, for he did not wish to fight. "Sounds fine with me." He sat down at the end of her bed.

There was another moment of uncomfortable silence- at least until Krillin broke it. "How do you like it here, so far?" He asked.

"I like it, but it'd be boring if you weren't here." 18 replied truthfully, sounding more open with Krillin than the last couple weeks.

Her reply kind of made Krillin happy inside. She didn't hate him! A smile fought to appear, but he forced it to not. "Same with you, 18. Everything wasn't as fun as it is now before you shown up."

Krillin's response made 18 feel a little happy. It made her feel for the first time in a long time...wanted. A question popped inside her head that she wanted to ask him. It was one of those 'deep' questions. She was afraid to ask because she didn't want the conversation to venture into territory she didn't want to cover.

"Krillin?" 18 asked.


"Uhm, you know I'm not a real android...right?" 18 asked unsurely, feeling butterflies in her stomach.

Krillin was very surprised with her sudden question. Usually it was him asking those type of questions and him ending up getting chewed out for it. "I can tell you're not. I could from the very beginning."

18 raised an eyebrow in question. "How?"

"Your eyes, 18. There's this shine in them thats just so beautiful. Androids don't have feelings, but yet I can see in your eyes that there's locked away pain inside." Krillin explained.

His response almost made 18 melt. He paid that much attention even to her eyes? He was so sweet. She felt so cared for...Maybe there was more of a reason to live than what she thought. Though, his last comment scared her. Was he possibly catching on? Maybe she should tell him...But she was too afraid.

"You know, noone has paid that much attention to me." 18 spoke, continuing. "Not even before Gero kidnapped my brother and I."

When Krillin did not reply, she volunteeringly spoke back up. "I can't remember much of my childhood thanks to Gero, Krillin. But there are certain fragments I can remember and they aren't the best of memories..."

Krillin didn't know how to reply exactly. "Go on..." Was all he could reply with.

"I think my parents were abusive. The only things I remember are them telling me they hate me, or either them beating me to a pulp for whatever reason I don't know." 18 went on. "My mother told me I killed my father and I don't know why I did...I feel so aweful. I don't even know if they're still alive." Tears began to form in her eyes that she absolutely refused to let loose.

Krillin obviously noticed she was tearing up. So, he scooted towards her and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. He was at a loss for words. All he knew to do was to comfort her.

"The only person I have left that cared about me...I can't even find!" 18 felt herself become more upset by the minute; her tears just ready to come pouring. "There's not even a purpose in life for me...My whole life has been a misery. Noone loves me..." A tear strolled down her cheek, as she pulled her legs up to her chest and leaned her head down as she began to cry.

In shock, Krillin knew he had to to be bold and not be afraid. He could change her life if she took it in a good way. So, he got up to the bed where she was and wrapped his arm around her as best he could. "It's okay 18...I love you. There is a reason for you to be alive..."

After a few seconds of more crying, 18 pulled her head up to reveal tears still strolling down her cheeks. Looking him in the eyes, she spoke. "R-really?"

Krillin gave her the most handsome smile he had ever given her. "Of course."

Without any words transpired, Krillin slowly wiped away the tears on her face with his thumb.

"I- I think I love you...too, Krillin." 18 replied. She was almost positive she did.

As soon as their eyes met, Krillin placed his hand behind 18's as the two of them kissed lovingly.

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