Title: Dance Lessons

Title: Dance Lessons

Series: Navy NCIS

Pairing: Gibbs/Abby

Rating: T (for suggestiveness)

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of NCIS. Though, on a road trip to Florida, I was tempted to make a detour to Bethesda…. to find where McGee lives, lol.

A/N: This came to me while I was playing DDR actually. High energy and Abby just scream fic time! Reviews are always welcome, they always inspire me more.

As Gibbs exited the elevator to Abby's lab, he could hear the music blaring. He wouldn't mind if it was her usual music, but this was different. When he rounded the corner, he saw what appeared to be Abby bouncing up and down on a mat of some sorts with arrows on the screen of her computer. Now, he was officially confused. "Abby!" he barked out. He smirked as she jumped and faced his way. Abby blushed and looked down now that she had been caught.

"Abby, what on earth are you doing?" he dared to ask. In response, he was rewarded with her laughter. "Have you ever heard of Dance Dance Revolution oh great one?" she asked. Gibbs shook his head 'no'. "Well," she started to explain, "it's this truly fabulous game where it's really physical exercise hidden in the form of entertainment! Ya see, there's the arrows appearing on the screen with the beat of the song and you have to put your foot on the corresponding arrow when it reaches the top. It's really an addicting game!" "And the government pays you to do this on their time, Abs?" "Of course they do my silver haired fox! Besides, I've completed all the specimens I've had so far and still had extra energy from the Caff-Pow, so I wanted to release it!" she responded enthusiastically.

Gibbs sighed as she walked back over to her dance pad. No wonder he was never up with current technology and games, they kept changing everyday. His attention was brought back to the present by Abby asking him a question. "Wanna try Gibbs? It's really really fun!" He chuckled. "No thanks Abs, high energetic games are your thing. Besides, I just want to see you bounce up and down." Abby turned around in surprise. "Why Gibbs, are those deliciously naughty thoughts you're having about me?" Now it was Gibbs' turn to gain some color to his cheeks. "Care to come over to my place later and give me a private lesson Ms. Sciuto?" Abby smiled brightly. "Of course! I'll even show you the advanced levels."

Gibbs walked over to Abby and placed a kiss on her cheek. "Now, get back to work. The quicker you finish the quicker you can teach me." As he exited her lab, he heard her shout a 'Yes!' Getting in the elevator, Jethro Gibbs had the biggest smile possible on his face. Yup, he couldn't wait for later.