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Chapter 1: Jack

William Turner paced back and forth in his cabin. It had been 10 years since he had left his beloved Elizabeth to captain the Flying Dutchman. He had tones of thoughts swirling around his mind. What if she found someone else she loves more than me? What if she found someone to provide for her? What if she isn't even there waiting?!What if she doesn't recognize me? Or worst what if she's dead!His father assured him more than once that Elizabeth still loved her and would be waiting for him and that she had remained faithful, But Will was convinced that she had found someone else, thinking that he wasn't coming back.

At the same time in England, Elizabeth was also pacing back and forth smoothing her already smooth dress and fussing with her hair. She had scrubbed her small, but homely house for a week. She was so nervous that she was dripping with sweat. She hoped that he wouldn't find out about her secret or that no one would give it away. She felt she was going crazy. She had ironed her best dress at least five times. She sat on her bed and thought about how he would react to her news. She had a 10 year-old son and didn't even know what her son would think about his father. She heard a sniffling sound coming from the doorway and she turned to see her son standing there with tears streaming down his beautiful face. she held out her hands as an invitation and he accepted sitting on her lap and leaned his head on her shoulder and the tears started again. She new that he was a sensitive boy but it wasn't like him to cry in front of people. Something must be seriously wrong."What is the matter dear?"Elizabeth asked stroking his hair." I was just thinking that what if Mr. Turner doesn't like me? What if he doesn't want to be my father?" He asked looking up at her with his big brown eyes that were brimming with fresh tears. She took her hanker chief out of her apron pocket and wiped his tears with it. " Now what makes you think that he won't want to be you father? you're his son and you are a very good young man. One look at you and he'll love you forever.The boy sniffed and a smile slowly crept onto his face. "You really think so mother?" He asked. "Of course i do. Now not another word about it."she said wiing his tears with her apron." Go wash your face and put on the nice clothes i had put on your bed neatly. Make sure your hands are clean." " Yes Mother!" he answered giving her a kiss on the cheek before dashing up the stairs to his bedroom.Now all i have to do is convince myself.Elizabeth thought to herself.

William could see the land from his cabin and he was so overcome with nervousness he sat down and started blubbering to himself,"She probably hates me...I can't blame her...I after all left her...Never gonna forgive me...""Nonsense!"William jumped exceptionally high when he was interrupted.He turned to see his father Mr.Turner standing there.The frown on his face sent shivers down Will's body." How can you think such things of your wife!If she could hear you now she would see what a coward you are and leave you!"Mr.Turner yelled.William could feel his ears turn red with embarrassment.Before he could say anything back Mr.Turner started again." Why would she marry you if she couldn't wait for you to return! Have you no respect for her? I'm ashamed that my own son would say such things about the woman he loves!" With that Mr.Turner turned and left before he thought twice about not shaking some sense into the boy. Will was still in shock when he heard someone cough in the doorway and turned to see and embarrassed crew member standing there." We are ready to port, Sir" William dismissed the young lad and started to fix his clothes.He ran a hand through his hair before going on deck to give out orders.When they were all set He turned to see a beautiful woman standing on the docks, holding the hand of a young lad.He looked closer and saw that it was Elizabeth.He jumped up and down waving desperately.He called out her name hoping she would see him and hear him.

Elizabeth saw the ship approaching and started waving hoping William would notice that it was her. Her heart leaped with joy when she saw him waving. She ran to the end of the dock to wait for him to arrive in a little boat. She laughed to herself when she noticed how long his hair was.William jumped onto the dock and wrapped his arms around her in a passionate embrace.They kissed for what seemed like eternity, when Elizabeth remembered that the little boy was standing not too far off. She gently pulled away from the embrace and looked up into his eyes."William i need to tell you something." Expecting the worst he slowly bid her to go on."We have a son" She let out a nervous laugh when she saw his expression. William stood there for a long while in plain shock.He looked a little ways away and saw the boy standing there.He looks just like his mother.He thought to himself."What is his name?"He asked out loud."His name is Jack."

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