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William was positive that Elizabeth had named Jacky after his father, Cpt. Jack Sparrow.This thought made his head turn as he jumped to all sorts of conclusions.It was true that the boy looked nothing like either of his parent.Maybe he could find something out by talking to the boy himself. He made his way to the barn fuming inside.None of his conclusions better be right or he would have to have a word with Jack. William never did like Jack, nor trust him with Elizabeth.He knew that the was the Captain had acted that there was something up in between them but he ever could figure it out. Elizabeth did after all kiss the man. But then again she was trying to save everybody.
He stopped outside the barn.Should he still carry out his plan to talk to the boy or would Elizabeth find out and be outrageously angry at him. He was dreadfully confused and quickly entered the barn before he changed his mind.William saw the boy cleaning the horses shoes.Suddenly he felt pride that he had never felt before.To see the boy working so hard reminded him of his own hard childhood.All the hard work he had to do on the ship with his father, though he didn't quite remember everything about it because of the storm that had destroyed the ship and he had almost drowned.It almost took all his memories but at least he remembered a lot of things.
He quickly snapped back to reality realizing that his son was staring at him."Is there something you wanted,Sir?" Jacky asked.William wasn't quite sure what to say." No I came to see if you needed help." Will replied." Well you could brush the other horse if you want, Sir."Jacky said.William turned to where the boy was pointing and sure enough there was another horse tied up to another post in the corner of the barn.This horse looked horrible and slightly dead.It's coat was matted with mud and the mane was all tangled and gross.William grabbed the nearest bucket,filled with water, a brush, and walked slowly towards the horse.He knew for a fact that when he worked in the blacksmith's shop before that working with a horse who doesn't know you, could be dangerous.The horse stared at him as though he was a wild animal about to eat him.The horse reared and started going crazy.Jacky calmly walked towards the horse whispering soothing things to it."Whoa honey.Easy girl.He's not going to hurt you,girl.Just wants to care for you."The horse calmed soon and Will was able to walk up to her without her spazzing on him.He said soothing words into her ear and soon he was brushing her coat.

Underneath the mud and dirt and tangles was a beautiful, still frightfully skinny and bony, beautiful chocolate brown horse.Jacky walked up to the horse, pride obvious on his face." She's mum's horse.She says she chose Honey because her coat was the same color as the eyes of a man she knew." With that the boy went back to what he was doing.
Will abruptly turned away from the boy and stormed out of the barn.He knew it!Now all of his suspicions had been confirmed. He wasn't quite sure what to say to Elizabeth yet,so he would have to wait to approach her.

Back in the house Elizabeth was peeling potatoes for supper.She had noticed that Will was acting quite peculiar.The way he had left the house making an excuse.She just knew that he was hiding something.But she loved him!!Had she just though loved as in past tense?!Elizabeth was sure that she was still in love with him!she had waited for him and trusted him to come back for her.She put down the peeler and looked out the window to see her husband pacing like a mad fool.She was positive that he was hiding something.

Will looked towards the window to see Elizabeth staring at him.Well,he decided, I might as well go indoors and act as though nothing is the matter.After all she's acting so i might as well play along.He marched towards the door smiling and acting alright even though he knew that she suspected something was up.When he got inside he saw that Elizabeth was peeling potatoes once again.He chuckled to himself.She did know how to be stubborn, and wait for somebody else to speak first.Really stubborn, he thought remembering all the events in the past where she had proved that.Suddenly his anger for her vanished and in it's place came the urge to wrap his arms around her waist and hold her close.He walked up behind her but before he could do anything Jacky came running in with the water to boil the potatoes in."Mum, the horses are brushed and washed and the garden is watered!"He said."Okay.It's time to wash up for supper."With that Elizabeth turned back to he food she was preparing.

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