"Well, that was different," Rose said, flopping down on the orange comforter that covered the Doctor's bed.

The Doctor smiled, and lay down beside her, putting his arms behind his head.

"Welcome to life aboard the TARDIS. Past, present, future; they tend to get a bit mixed up when you live the way I do. Still want to come along?"

Rose laughed, and leaned her head against his shoulder.

"I'll think about it. In the mean time, no more adventures. I just want to lie here for a while."

The Doctor buried his face in Rose's hair.

"Mmmm… yes," he murmured.

Rose laughed again.

"I guess Jack and Martha will be glad to get back to their lives again," she said, after a moment of comfortable silence.

The Doctor nodded, his cheek against Rose's head.

"Jack's got his little operation to run, and Martha…"

"Will be glad to get back to her boyfriend," Rose interrupted thoughtfully.

"Her what?" the Doctor sat up suddenly, dumping Rose onto the comforter.

"You mean you didn't catch all the hints she was dropping about having someone she wanted to get back to?" Rose asked incredulously.

"Martha has a boyfriend?" the Doctor's voice rose an octave.

Rose raised an eyebrow.

"You didn't think she'd hang around waiting for you, did you? I hate to break it to you, Casanova, but you're not impossible to get over. I never managed it, but Martha might."


The Doctor lay back onto the pillows, and Rose fitted herself comfortably back into his arms.

"I think it's great," she said. "'S not good to pine and pine after someone you can't have. You only break your heart. I ought to know."

The Doctor pulled Rose close.

"Did you date anyone, Rose? You know, while you were in the other universe. I won't be upset if you say you did. You thought you were never going to see me again."

"I tried to," Rose admitted. "I tried to get over you. But after a few dates, every bloke just sort of drifted off and didn`t come back. Knew my heart wasn't in it. I was still in love with Jonathan's father."

The Doctor dropped a kiss on Rose's nose.

"Have I told you lately how sorry I am that I couldn't get to you?"

Rose smiled.

"Yes. But tell me again."

The Doctor kissed Rose's cheek, her forehead, her nose, and then finally her upturned mouth.

"I'm sorry, Rose. I tried everything I could think of that wouldn't tear the universe apart. And even then, it might have been worth it to see you one more time."

Rose gave a small sob that turned into a laugh.

"I love you," the Doctor said, with a gentle smile that was reserved just for her.

"I know," Rose replied.

The grumbling of Rose's stomach broke the tender moment between them. Rose blushed to the roots of her hair as the Doctor roared with laughter.

"Hungry?" he asked, when he had finally recovered himself.

Rose scowled at him.

"'S not my fault there's no food in this box! I can't remember when I ate last. I`m starving."

The Doctor rolled off the bed, and offered his hands to Rose. She took them, rising off the bed and into his arms again.

"Well, we can't have this," the Doctor said. "Can't have people accusing me of not feeding my family. What do you say to finding some chips?"

Rose laughed.

"Now you're talking my language, Spaceman. Let's go find Jonathan."


Jonathan was in the media room, sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of a huge television set, leaning his back against the foot of the sofa.

"You shouldn't sit so close to the telly," Rose said, walking into the room. "It'll ruin your eyes."

Jonathan sighed, and sat up on the sofa.

"It's better from down there," he said.

"Weeeeeell," the Doctor cut in. "This is a special telly. It's specially formatted not to hurt your eyes."

Rose crossed her arms, and frowned at the Doctor, but he didn't seem to notice.

"What're you watching?" he asked, plopping down beside his son.

Jonathan shrugged.

"Just some dumb cop show. There was nothing else on."

"Thousands of channels from thousands of different times and worlds and nothing was on?" Rose asked under her breath.

"Oooh… CSI Mars!" the Doctor said enthusiastically.

"CSI Mars?"

"Sure. It's the 10th spin off. Same premise as the other ones, but on the Mars Colony in 2100. Aliens and forensics, great combination!"

Rose rolled her eyes.

"Don't they ever put anything new on telly?"

"Nope," the Doctor said. He grabbed the remote, and changed the channel.

"Hey Jonathan," Rose said. "Dad thinks we should go get some chips."

Jonathan turned towards her sharply, his small face lit up.

"Yeah!" he said, bouncing up from the couch. He had inherited his mother's love of the greasy Earth specialty.

"Just a mo'," the Doctor said. He turned up the volume on a newscast he had just flipped to. Jonathan sat back down on the sofa, and Rose beside him.

"In the news this hour – Britain's new Prime Minister gives her inaugural speech. But first: a follow up on our story of two days ago. The children who two days ago went missing simultaneously from all over the globe have now simultaneously reappeared. At exactly 3:32 this morning, all the children taken reappeared from the locations they had disappeared from. None of the children have any memory of what happened to them for the past forty-eight hours. Investigators continue to look into the matter, but remain baffled as to the reason either for the children's vanishing, or their subsequent reappearance. More stories ahead after the break."

The Doctor turned to Jonathan with a grin.

"So they all got back safe. Well, that's a relief, I must say. Well done, Jonathan."

Jonathan grinned back.

Rose shook her head disapprovingly.

"You shouldn't encourage him."

"Come on, Rose," the Doctor pouted. "It's the family business after all."

Rose opened her mouth to say something, but the commercial playing caught her attention.

"Two pills a day and the fat just walks away!" said the announcer.

A slim woman in a yellow jogging outfit appeared on the screen.

"I used to be two hundred pounds, and now look at me!" she said, indicating the left hand corner of the screen, where a 'before' picture was displayed.

"It really works," said a man, as the picture flicked to him.

"I thought nothing would help me, but this has been a miracle," said another woman, her arms spread wide in happiness. "I lost twelve pounds in twelve days!"

"Adipose. Two pills a day and the fat just walks away!" said the announcer again.

Rose snorted, and shut the television off.

"Yeah right," she said skeptically. "Everyone always wants a quick solution."

The Doctor looked thoughtfully at the blank screen.

"Twelve pounds in twelve days. That doesn't sound healthy, does it?"

"It just an advert," said Rose with a shrug. "They all say stuff like that,"

"But those people were telling the truth. I could tell."

"How could you tell?" Rose asked.

"Superior Time Lord senses," the Doctor replied. "That, and they were looking to the right, and not to the left. When people lie, they generally look down and to the left."

"Those pills actually work?" Rose asked.

"So it seems," the Doctor said, looking thoughtful again. Then, he glanced up at Rose with his trademark grin spreading over his face.

"Rose," he said. "How would you feel about a little investigating?"

Author`s Note: Well, it`s over. The end of a story is always both happy and sad – happy that it's finished, sad that it`s over. Jonathan just sort of showed up one day a couple of years ago and demanded to be written. It`s strange to think that after all that time, I`ve finally written all the stories I had for him at the beginning. This story has been sitting around unfinished for so long that it`s something of a triumph to have finally finished it. Thank you so much to everyone who stuck with me through all the long delays and cliffhangers, and to everyone who reviewed. You guys are all gems, as my little brother would say.

And as for more Jonathan stories… well, who knows? :-)