Walkin' the Beat

HALP. I hate Georgia. A LOT.

SIX: It's the Blues

Allen did not have a gambling problem.

Really, he didn't.

"Pay up, good sir," he said with a smile. "I do believe I've won again."

"But…but…this is my college fund money!" the opponent (who was lucky enough to go against Allen Walker) whined, holding out his wallet.

The white-haired man took the wallet, grinning. "Now it's my college fund money. Thanks!"

The sucker huffed and puffed and walked away like the better man as Allen stuck the wallet in his new backpack. The other one was recently stolen, along with his favorite outfit.

"I just got over four hundred dollars in ten minutes!" he cheered, walking down the street towards his favorite café happily. "I haven't seen that grumpy crackpot of a cop all day! This must be the best day ever!"

"Oh really?" an eerily familiar voice asked from behind him. "What would it take to ruin that day?"

Allen paused, hairs on his neck standing on end. "…Damn it, it's you," he muttered.

Officer Kanda smirked, arms crossed. "And who is this grumpy crackpot of a cop you speak of, kid?" he asked, eyebrow cocked.

"Uh…err…not you?"

"It better not be." Kanda sniffed. He poked Allen in the chest with his baton. "My criminal senses were tingling and they led me right to you. I knew you were an immigrant! There is NO European your age with white hair."

"What?" Allen yelped. "No! I'm British! I'm only here in America for university!"

"That's what all the immigrants say." The cop snapped back, pulling out his handcuffs almost immediately. "Put your hands in the air!"

"But you're not European or American!"

"No, I'm Japanese. Thanks for noticing." Kanda prepared to tackle Allen. "Do you want to do this the hard way or the hard way?"

The white-haired man panicked. "Is there any way for me for me to convince you that I'm not an illegal alien?"


"How about I show you a trick?" Time for some last measures.

Kanda looked suspicious. "What kind of trick?" he asked carefully.

"A magic trick." Allen learned a long time ago from his old guardian that cops loved magic tricks. He had no idea if it was true, but he was about to find out.

The Japanese cop stared at him. Allen smiled back nervously.

"All right."

The British man thanked god. "Okay!" he pulled a deck of cards out of his backpack, smiling cheerfully. "If I win, you let me go."

"And if I win, you're in jail for life."

Allen paled. "Err, okay." He held out the deck. "Pick a card."

Kanda reached over and swiped a card. He looked at it and nodded. Allen closed his eyes, taking the card back. He shuffled the deck and straightened it once more.

"I hope you like prison, kid." The cop said smugly as Allen pulled out a card.

The gray-eyed eighteen-year-old opened one eye. "The ten of clubs?" he asked holding out the card.

Kanda faltered. "How the FUCK did you do that?" he demanded.

"It's a magic trick."

"…You're going to jail." Yuu Kanda is a very sore loser.


"Don't question me, troublemaker!"


"I think I have a gambling problem."

"You'll get one phone call." The officer that escorted Allen said kindly. "We apologize for the inconvenience."

"Thanks, I suppose." Allen replied, smiling. 'Oh my god I'm in jail. I'm too small to be in jail! They'll DESTROY me!'

He looked around, catching sight of his cellmate, who was turned around on the other bed, his large body dark and looming. "Hello?" he called.

The body twitched.

"Are you okay?"

Another twitch.

"Are you a serial rapist? I just need to know, in case I have to kill you because I defended myself."

The head shook.

"Okay. On a scale from one through ten, what is the likeliness of you attempting any sexual advances?"


"Fweet?" Allen demanded. "That's off the chart!"


"I don't understand. Could you repeat that?"


The white-haired man blinked. "What is this 'fweeeet' you speak of?" he asked.

The body turned around overdramatically. "Fweeet!" he whistled.

Allen's cellmate was quite larger than he was, in height and build. The man's two-toned white and black hair was gelled stylishly, and he wore an open-chest black dress shirt with black jeans. "Fweet." And apparently a harmonica was in his mouth.

Allen cocked an eyebrow. "You do realize that you look utterly silly with that harmonica in your mouth, correct?" he asked.

The man nodded sadly. "Fweeet."

"Then why don't you take it out?"

He shook his head. "Fweet."

"You don't want to?"

"Fweeet." Another headshake.

"Ooooh…you can't take it out."

A nod. "Fweeet." He started making various hand gestures. "Fweeeet fweet fweetfweet fweeeeet."

Allen nodded. "I don't understand what the bloody hell you just said."

"Fweet." It was a sad whistle.

"Well, um," the smaller man held out his hand. "I'm Allen Walker."

"Fweeet." He grabbed his hand and shook it.

"Your name is Fweeet?"

The man shook his head furiously. He began moving his fingers in the shapes of letters.

"K...R…O…R…Y…" Allen said aloud. "Krory?"

Krory nodded happily. "Fweet!"

"That's a nice name." Allen sat back on the stone bench. "So…what are you in here for?"


"Uh huh. I'm in for apparently lying to an officer and attempted thievery." Krory gave him a weird look. "I was arrested by Officer Cokehead. I mean Kanda."

"Fweeeet." The other man nodded in understanding.

"So, how did you get a harmonica stuck in your mouth anyway?"

Krory blushed and looked down, opening his mouth as wide as possible. His sharp canines were lodged in the metal of the instrument, and they obviously weren't coming out anytime soon.

"Wow." Allen said. "I have this horrible urge to laugh, but I would feel bad if I acted upon it."

The pale man shrugged. "Fweeet."

"I'm going to guess you said its okay for me to laugh." So he laughed. Krory chuckled along with him, his laughter whistling, which only made Allen laugh harder.

The cell door was opened creakily, and Lavi was tossed in. "Hey!" the redhead called. "I'm, like, almost legally blind! You can't treat me this way!"

"Shut it, dope dealer."

"It isn't mine! I swear! Oh, hi Allen."

"Hi Lavi!" the white-haired teen waved. "What're you doing here?"

"Selling the right candy at the wrong time. What about you?" Before Allen could answer, however, Lavi held up a hand. "You tried a magic trick on Kanda and he threw you in. Am I right?"

"Wow! However did you know?"

"I have CNN." Lavi replied smugly.

Allen blinked. "Don't you mean ESP?"

"That too. Hi Krory-boy!"


The one-eyed man shook his head. "Oh Krory, you must've been trying to do the blues again." He smiled. "Your vampire teeth are way too long to pull off the depressed, sad look."


"Ha ha, yeah. That crazy Eliade and her restraining orders. You should probably give up on her you know." Lavi reached into his pants pockets. "Here, have some candy." He gave the man a deceptively white lollipop.

Krory took it, a deadpan look on his face. "Fweet." He unwrapped it and tried to stick it in his mouth, but the harmonica in his mouth kind of stopped anymore advances. "Fweeet."

Allen perked up. "Hey, can I get one of those?" he asked.

Lavi looked at him. "I dunno…" he replied slowly. "You kind of wasted the free one I gave you."

"I have fainting spells. I took my medication this time, I swear!" the white-haired man moved closer to the redhead. "Please?"

"Well… okay!" He gave Allen a glazed, green sucker. "It's Melon Marijuana. The name is totally a coincidence."

"Thanks!" And Allen made to unwrap the candy. "They look suspicious yet delicious!"

Lavi nodded. "Oh yeah. Oh yeah." He grinned. "Taste it. You'll love it…forever!"

A cop banged at the cell bars.

"Why?!" the redhead cried to the ceiling. "It ALWAYS happens when he's so close!"

"Allen Walker, you're out." The same Australian officer from his first jail run said. "Chief Komui is letting you go. Kanda is a great cop, but he's kind of…"

"Prejudiced?"Allen piped up.

"Stupid?" Lavi added.

"Fweeet?" Krory said. Lavi translated it as "Obsessed over putting virtually everyone in jail?"

The cop chuckled. "Let's, uh, let's go with all of the above. C'mon Allen, let's go!"

Allen stuck the sucker in his mouth. "Thanks Lavi! Bye Krory!" he called, walking out the cell.

He then tripped over his feet.

"Are you okay?" the officer asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, Reever," the British teen said. "I just feel kind of…trippy."

Lavi pumped a fist in the air. "YES."


Oh no, looks like Allen's finally gotten some of Lavi's drugs that look like candy, or candy that look like drugs. Next, we've got a pretty tame relationship with Tiedoll, Sakuro, and Klaud, three secret agents trapped in the very university that Allen goes to.