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Tonks put on her Quidditch pads, trying to quell the nerves that were building in her stomach. Peeking out to the field, she saw that it was snowing. It figured. A moment later, she was speeding onto the pitch with her teammates, lining up across from the three Gryffindor Chasers. She looked to the left and saw Ginny, who was smirking at her. This was the first time she'd seen Ginny all week, besides meals. Their respective teams had kept them away from each other, out of fear of sabotage. They obviously didn't know either girl at all…

The game was brutal. Tonks and Ginny were both playing their hardest, and, after the initial shock of this, their teams were too. Dodging a stray Bludger, Tonks flew across from one of the other Ravenclaw Chasers, waiting for him to pass the ball. He didn't; he just went in for a complicated combo shot.

"Fucking showoff," Tonks muttered.

She spun around as the crowd became louder than the freezing snowstorm. The Gryffindor Seeker had just captured the Snitch.

"Bloody hell!" she shouted.

Fifteen minutes later, the team had been chewed out by their captain about loosing and Tonks had a major headache. She was walking out of the locker room when she spotted Ginny.

"Good one," she grinned.

"You too," Ginny said, "So, post-Quidditch sex?"

"Only if you know a place where we won't get walked in on this time," Tonks grinned, remembering their tryst in the Prefects' bathroom two weeks previous.

"Room of Requirement."


A week later, the Hogwarts Express was making its way back to London. Ginny, Luna and Tonks were sitting in a compartment by themselves, discussing their exams and playing Exploding Snap. They looked up when the train began to slow down; they were at Kings Cross. As they got their things Ginny turned to Tonks and asked,

"You're going to come see me over break, right?"

"Yeah!" Tonks said, pulling her bags off of the rack, "Just write and tell me when you want me to come by. Hi Molly!"

Ginny's mother waved at the pair of them as they walked up.

"How are you?" she hugged both girls, then asked Tonks in a quiet voice, "Any news?"

"None," Tonks shrugged, "But I'm sure they'll have some soon."

"Well, I hope you'll come and see us! How long are you staying with your mother?"

"As long as we can tolerate each other," Tonks laughed.

"You're not allowed to spend Christmas alone, alright?" Ginny said sternly, "Come over, if you're not staying there."

"I will."

After a couple final hugs and goodbyes, the Weasleys and Tonks parted ways and Tonks hailed a cab to take her home.


"Mom?" Tonks called.

"Nymphadora!" Andromeda smiled, coming into the hall.

Tonks glared at her and Andromeda smiled wider.

"Oh, I've missed that petulant stare," she told her daughter, "Come on in, I'll fix you something to eat."

Tonks was mentally counting down to when she and her mum would start arguing. They had a peculiar relationship; it wasn't that it was bad per se, but they weren't really able to connect for long periods of time. She made her way upstairs and put her things away. By the time she came back down, her mum had two sandwiches prepared and a pitcher of pumpkin juice.

"Come sit," she said, "Has the Ministry found a way to change you back yet?"

"No," Tonks said, taking a bite of her sandwich. She ate in silence for a few moments before speaking again.

"Would you be upset if I couldn't change back?"

"Well, no," Andromeda said, "It would be more of a…problem for you than anyone."

"I think I'd be okay," Tonks said, "Plus, Ginny and I would be, you know, the same age."

"Hmmph," Andromeda sipped her drink.

"That would be a good thing, right?" Tonks prompted, "You've always been worried about our age difference."

"Yes, well…" Andromeda trailed off.

"What?" Tonks asked, "What's wrong?"

"It's not just the age thing…I mean, are you sure this is what you want? To be with a girl?"

"I want to be with Ginny," Tonks said simply, "As for the whole 'girl' thing, I didn't just wake up one morning and say, 'Gee, I think I'll fancy ladies today.' That's not what happened."

"I just want you to think of your future," Andromeda said, "I want you to be happy; with a family, children."

"I am happy," Tonks assured her, "And I'll have a family."

Andromeda began to eat again, and Tonks knew to drop the subject. If her mother was done talking, then she certainly was…

The next day, Andromeda called Tonks down for breakfast.

"You've had a few letters," she told the metamorphmagus.

Tonks read them as she ate. After a minute, Andromeda sat down with her. She sat in silence for a moment before asking,

"Are you going to see her?"

"Who?" Tonks played dumb.

"Your girlfriend," Andromeda said stiffly.

"Do you not know her name?"

"Tonks, stop being a brat."

"I just want to know why you can't call her by her real name."

"Fine, are you going to see Ginny?"

"Yes, but not today. I have a few errands to run."

Andromeda simply nodded and continued to eat…


"Tonks!" Ginny hugged her tightly.

It was Christmas Eve and Tonks had finally had enough of her mother's cheap shots at Ginny; so she had packed her few things and Apparated to the Burrow. In the dimly lit kitchen, she saw both Weasley parents George, Harry, Ron and Hermione.

"Wotcher everyone!" she smiled as she walked in.

It was a highly enjoyable evening, she decided later. Much more enjoyable than the awkward, tense affair that it would have been had she stayed with her mother. As she got into bed, there was a soft knock at the door.

"Come in," she said.

Ginny walked in and sat down on her bed.

"Just wanted to come and say goodnight," she smiled.

"I've been meaning to talk to you," Tonks said, "I got a letter from the Ministry two days ago. They've fixed the Portal."

"Really?" Ginny asked excitedly.

"Yeah, but…I wanted to know… Do you want me to stay like this?"


"I will, if you want me to," Tonks said seriously.

"…Did you talk to Andromeda about this?"

"More or less. But it really isn't about the age difference for her…"

They sat in silence for a few moments.

"I'm just…worried. About you getting into that thing again," Ginny said, "I mean, what if something goes wrong again?"

"I'd thought of that. That's why I wanted to know if you even wanted me to go back."

"I want you to do what you want to do," Ginny said, "It doesn't matter how old you are to me."

Tonks nodded.


"You ready?" Gibbens asked.

"Yeah, let's do it," Tonks said.

Gibbens prodded the Portal once more and watched it glow purple.

"Alright, go ahead."

Tonks stepped into the purple light and felt the same rush as when she was made younger. Stepping out, she knew it had worked. She didn't feel any different, but she spells that she hadn't been able to do came to her mind; and she knew with absolute certainty that she'd be able to Apparate the next time she cared to try. Oh, and she was wearing her Ministry clothes again…

"Oh, thank goodness," Gibbens smiled.

"Thanks!" Tonks hugged him, "Now I've got to go tell my girlfriend that I haven't been fried or aged fifty years…"

Gibbens laughed as Tonks Apparated away.


If you're lost, you can look

And you will find me

Time after time.

If you fall, I will catch you,

I'll be waiting

Time after time.