Cry Little Sister

Summary: On April 7, 2001, CM Punk's little sister April went missing. Everyone believed she was dead. But she comes back and nobody is prepared for what she's been turned into

Chapter 1

"Phil, watch your sister while we're gone," Mrs. Brooks said to her teenaged son.

Phil groaned. "Mom, I don't want to be her babysitter. Why don't you hire a real one that you'll actually pay?"

"Just do what your mother says Phil," Mr. Brooks snapped. "We'll only be gone for a few hours."

Phil sighed as his parents left. He hated babysitting April. She was so annoying! She always wanted him to play house or dolls or some crap like that.

"Phil," April whined. She was a small, dark haired eleven year old. "I want a candy bar."

"So go to the gas station," he replied. "You're a big girl; you can go by yourself." He stuck his headphones in and closed his eyes so he could concentrate on the music. He must have fallen asleep, because the next thing he knew, his dad was shaking him.

"Where is your sister?" Mr. Brooks demanded. "Where did April go?"

"She was just right--" Phil started to say. He got quiet when he remembered their conversation. She had gone to the gas station. But why wasn't she back yet?

The police were called that night. It was learned April had made it to the gas station, but had been snatched on the way back. All they found was one of her shoes and her candy bar.

CM Punk tried to block out the memory as he entered the arena. He didn't want to think about April. Though they never said it, they obviously blamed him for her disappearance. Honestly, he blamed himself too. All she wanted to do was go to the gas station and get a candy bar. And he had been too big of a dick to do that! Maybe if he had been around he could have done something. Maybe she would still be around today.

"Punk! Hey Punk!" Rob Van Dam yelled. He was already dressed in his wrestling gear. "You, Me and Kane get to beat up Elijah, Miz and Morrison."

Punk managed to grin. It was always fun to beat up the three loud mouths of the locker room. "That's great man."

Rob frowned. "You don't sound that excited. What's up with you man? You look like Sabu when he's crankier than usual or Sandman that time he was watching Tommy dance at my wedding."

"Hey!" Tommy said. He and Sandman happened to be sitting near by. "I'm not that bad!"

"Yeah you are Dreamer," Sandman said. He took a drink of his beer.

"You want to know how bad he was?" Shawn Michaels asked. He and Triple H were dressed in full DX gear.

"You didn't see it. You weren't even at my wedding," Rob reminded him.

"Don't him started," Triple H said in exasperation. "He's convinced that he can read people's minds and shit like that. I've been dealing with this all day."

Punk chuckled. It was nice to know that DX had managed to distract Rob from trying to find out what was wrong with him. Nobody knew about April. He hadn't told Maria, and he told her things nobody else knew. They were broken up now, but she still knew him better than anybody else. Except when it came to April, of course. His guilt over April was something he intended to take to his grave.

Underground lab, two miles outside Las Vegas

The screaming had stopped. The mad scientists employed that worshipped the ground Dr. Johnson walked on were all dead. In fact, every body there but one was dead: Subject 2239.

Once upon a time, she did have a real name. She also had a family. But that had been taken from her. A stolen childhood…a stolen girl who had been broken. Broken by Dr. Johnson's experiments. She never understood exactly what was being done, but she did know some things. She knew they made her stronger and faster than she had ever been before. She also knew she was supposed to be a controlled assassin. The words "Lilac one" were supposed to bring her under control and "Lake of fire" were supposed to set her off. Another thing she knew was that a lot of the experiments hurt.

They hurt a lot.

But Dr. Johnson had made one fatal mistake. The last experiment done was supposed to make her even more unstoppable. And it did. She proved that during a demonstration. Dr. Johnson had to go to an appointment so he ordered the session to be videotaped. She had demolished the last of the captive girls in two seconds.

But it wasn't because of the trigger. The last experiment had somehow taken away the effects of the trigger. She was immune. She killed the girl because of mercy. The poor girl had gone insane, and she didn't want to see the suffering anymore.

Everyone was dead now. They had tried to bring her back under control and she killed them. Most of them were killed with just her hands. She had obtained a knife and a gun too. A weapon in each hand. Extra bullets were in her pocket. Blood stained her combat clothes. She was all messed up and didn't care.

She broke down the door to Dr. Johnson's office and got on his computer. She wanted to find her files. The crazy bastard recorded everything and she wanted help remembering who she was. She wanted help remembering her name.

Subject 2239

Real name: April Brooks

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 132

Parents: Joe and Lacey Brooks

Brother: Phil Brooks

Hometown: Chicago

Date Acquired: April 7, 2001

Strength, speed and stealth is what 2239 is best at. She will be ideal for defense deployment and covert operations. The refusal to talk or communicate with us in general will make it difficult for her to do undercover work. Also…

April Brooks. Now she remembered. She saved the file on a disk and collected some video tapes with her I.D. number on them. She figured they could be useful.

"Lilac one," Dr. Johnson said. He sounded pissed. "Stand down right now."

She laughed as she turned around. The sound was foreign to her own ears. "Lilac not here," she told him. "Not Lilac, not 2239. April. April Brooks."

Dr. Johnson took a step back. This had been the most she had talked in years. "April just stop a minute and--"

She didn't let him finish that sentence. She lunged at him and drove the knife into his throat. Blood sprayed everywhere, but she just kept on stabbing him over and over again until her arm got tired. Taking deep breaths, she got back up. She cleaned herself up, took all his money, his car keys and everything he had on her. "I go home now," she told his dead body. "I go home."