April was soon shocked by the fact that the promise of being left alone was actually kept. People stopped coming after them immediately, and they were able to go back to their regular lives. Of course, some things had changed quite a bit. Eliza and Star, who could not really remember who their real families were, came to live with April and Phil. Maria also ended up moving in, so the house became really crowded. Phil and Maria ended up getting engaged about two weeks after the whole thing ended, and once the wedding was over, they were going to buy a bigger house so everyone would be more comfortable. John also started hanging out with all of them a lot more, which was just great in April's book. Her crush on him hadn't faded and now she just had to figure out how to get him to be her boyfriend without Phil killing him.

About a month after the last fight had gone down, April, Eliza and Star were sitting in Phil's locker room. Phil was out wrestling and Maria was taping some interview thing, so the three girls were all alone. "I wish we could wrestle," Star said wistfully as she twirled her hair with her fingers. "That would be so much fun."

Eliza shook her head. "April's the only one of us old enough to do it, and Phil says it's not a good idea. He doesn't want us really hurting someone on accident."

April nodded. She had had another discussion with Phil about the whole wrestling thing, and he was still adamant about her not doing it. And honestly, she could see his point. She really could. That didn't mean she wouldn't ever do it without his blessing; she was just going to wait for awhile and see if he changed his mind on his own. She figured that she owed him that much after the gigantic mess she had brought on him and Maria in the first place. "Phil's still going to worry for awhile. But he'll get over it eventually."

"I hope so," Star muttered. "He's ALWAYS around and it gets a little annoying. I mean honestly, what would happen if we did a few of the things we wanted to?"

"Well maybe he would have started easing up a little if you hadn't joked about us going out and taking some boys to be our love slaves," Eliza pointed out.

"I was just joking! I didn't know he was going to take me seriously!"

April giggled. She remembered the look on Phil's face perfectly when Star had said that. It had literally looked like his eyes had been about ready to burst out of his head. If he would have had a weaker heart, it would have given out on him. "Phil doesn't like thinking about us with boys. Female teenaged hormones scare him."

"That explains why he treats you all like ticking time bombs."

The girls grinned as John let himself into the room. April found herself trying to hide her blush, which made Eliza and Star giggle like idiots. She glared at both of them, which made them giggle even harder.

John shook his head. "Do I even want to know?"

"That depends," Eliza said with an evil grin.

April was two seconds away from hitting her. "Shut up you," she growled.

"Hey John, what would you do if someone you knew had a crush on you?" Star asked.

April kicked her. "Star! Shut up!"

John raised his eyebrow at her. "Wow, so you do have a crush on me?"

Her eyes widened. "How did you know?"

"Well that kick kind of gave you away."

"Oh." She mentally cursed herself. Damn it, why hadn't she realized that? She was supposed to be smarter than that. I'm really not good at the whole boys thing. I really should start going to Maria for advice. Now I just feel dumb.

He patted her on the leg. "It's okay April. You don't need to look so freaked out."

"Yes I do," April muttered. "I'm a freak, so looking freaked out is something I should be doing quite often."

He shook his head. "You're not a freak. You're just a normal girl who went through some freaky shit. There's a difference."

Well that was kind of a lie, but April appreciated it, so she didn't object to it. She just looked at him and was struck by a sudden impulse. "John?"


She kissed him right on the lips…right as Phil walked into the room.

"Uh oh," Eliza and Star said at the same time.

"Oh shit," John muttered.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Phil yelled. "Get away from my little sister Cena!"

April sighed. Maybe she would never really be normal, but she did have to deal with things normal girls had to deal with. The main one being her overprotective big brother. "I kissed him Phil," she snapped. "I want him to be my boyfriend, so get over it."

Phil could not have looked any more flustered if he had tried. "But…but…"

Eliza and Star got up and started dragging him out of the room. "Come on Punk," Star said. "Let's leave the love birds alone for awhile."

John shook his head at Phil's loud objecting. "He's going to kill me later."

"Don't worry, I'll protect you," April assured him. She kissed him again. "So about the being my boyfriend thing…"

He grinned. "Well if I don't die, I say let's give it a shot."

She grinned too as she sealed the deal with another kiss. NOW she felt like a normal girl again, which was nice because she had forgotten what that had been like. And now that she had a small bit of normalcy again, she wasn't letting it go without a fight. She had enough excitement in her life to last a life time after all.