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"Um, Namine? When you asked me 'Can we do this again sometime' I thought you meant pull another prank, not go to the zoo," Roxas commented with slight hint of nervousness as he and Namine stood in a medium sized line in order to get their tickets. Roxas was dressed in his Twilight Town outfit since his organization robes would attract undue attention from the locals.

For some reason, someone walking about in a black robe that totally concealed their features was considered somewhat suspicious on this world…

"Oh…well, if you want to go back…" Namine replied sadly as her shoulders sagged, she had really been looking forward to this little trip.

"Wha-? N-no!" Roxas felt a pang of guilt as he saw how his words had hurt Namine. "I'm just surprised, that's all." Instantly Namine's mood seemed to brighten, much to Roxas's relief. He couldn't stand the idea of her being sad, especially if it was his fault for being careless with his words!

"…So, which animals do you want to see first?" Roxas asked as he and Namine slowly advanced toward the ticket booth. Just standing next to each other wasn't exactly the best way to spend an afternoon.

"Hmmm," Namine replied as she lifted her hand to her chin in thought. "How about the birds? They should be fun to draw!" Namine held her sketchpad up proudly as she said this. She never seemed leave it out of her sight…ever.

"That sounds great." Roxas replied as he fished his and Namine's munny out of his jacket's pocket. Not having any pockets in that white dress of Namine's meant that he had gotten to be the caretaker for both of them.

'Doing anything with you is always great…' Roxas thought almost blissfully as he handed the cashier the required amount of munny in order to purchase two tickets.

While this idea of Namine's had caught Roxas off guard, that didn't mean that he wasn't going to have fun. It was the first time that he could truly be Roxas, not The Key of Destiny, around Namine….

"Ready?" he asked as extended his hand toward her, which Namine took gladly.

"Yeah…let's go."

"So, what exactly do you need me to do?" Demyx asked Axel as the redhead observed Roxas and Namine walking into the zoo for their little date…not that the two of them would really admit it was just that.

Axel turned to face Demyx with an almost demented look in his eyes. "Alright, you know those balloons I told you to bring?" Demyx nodded rapidly in response and held up a packet of red balloons to prove it. "Good, now I need you to fill them with water, and when Roxas and Namine stop within throwing range, I want you to pelt them both…especially Namine!"

"But, why?" Demyx asked shrugging.

"…Because of that prank they pulled…" Axel replied with a sigh as Demyx tried, and failed, to suppress a round of snickers. In short order, after he stormed out of the room, still clad in the maid's outfit, Axel had found Saix, and nearly beaten him to within an inch of his life, only to be stopped by Xemnas himself.

Both Saix and Axel were rebuked for the incident, though shortly after they were dismissed they both had heard a huge and uproarious amount of laughter from The Superior's office. They both had their separate ways of taking out their anger, not that they could feel anger or anything…right?

Saix had decided to spend his time massacring the local heartless population while Axel had decided to get revenge on the true perpetrators of his misery: Roxas and Namine. It wasn't until after the he had been rebuked by Xemnas that he realized the letter wasn't in Saix's handwriting…The Lunar Diver possessed all the elegance of a drunken rhino when it came to that one area!

It's a good thing that Axel was an accomplished pickpocket; otherwise he would never have been able to steal one of Saix's letters to his mother… (Or "Moogie" as he called her in the letters)

"Are you done yet?" Axel asked impatiently as soon as Demyx had finally stopped his snickering at the now-famous prank.


"Good, now I need you to pelt Roxas and Namine with the water balloons, especially Namine since she's wearing a white dress. Now, I'm sure you know what happens when white clothes get wet…Roxas can barely stop himself from blushing if he so much as touches Namine's hand, if he doesn't get a nosebleed from this then….Demyx, why are you looking at me like that?"

The Melodious Nocturne wore an expression of horror on his face as his hand covered his mouth, reinforcing his already "scared shitless" look. "Axel, you're not a pedophile, are you?!"

A pin drop could be heard as the two nobodies just stood there, staring at each other in shock.

"…Demyx, you are the sickest nobody in existence…and not in the good way."

"So, you mean you're not a pedophile?"

"NO, I'M NOT A FREAKING PEDOPHILE!!" Axel hollered in rage as Demyx jumped back in fright.

"Oh…just checking. Larxene would be pretty put off if you were…say, why did you want to make Namine's dress see-through again?"

Axel literally slapped his own face and slid his hand down it in exasperation; he couldn't believe that even Demyx would be this slow! Before he could even begin to explain again what his motivation was, a loud cough was heard by both members of Organization thirteen, someone wanted to get their attention.

"I think you two gentlemen need to come with me…" a security officer ordered as he tapped his foot, frowning at the two strange men he had found talking and yelling about stuff best left unmentioned…

Roxas felt utterly elated as he and Namine walked side by side through the zoo, each holding an ice cream cone. Naturally, the ice cream had cost twice the amount it would have if it were from a grocery store, but seeing Namine smile made it all worth it to Roxas.

"Hey, Roxas, I don't know about you, but my feet are getting sore," Namine said as she stopped. While Roxas had lost track of the amount of time the two had so far spent in the zoo, being around Namine tended to have that kind of effect on him, he did know that it had been quite awhile.

"Yeah, there's a bench right there," Roxas replied as he nodded, struggling to make sure he didn't blush, yet another effect Namine tended to have on him. He could face down a darkside heartless, take it head-on, and beat it with one keyblade tied behind hios back, and yet, the petite, blond, angel of a nobody was able to make his knees feel weak just by walking by or saying his name.

It was a good thing that Roxas's natural stoic nature made him a master at hiding such things.

"Um, Roxas?" Namine asked slowly and nervously as the two sat next to each other.

"Yes, Nam?" Roxas replied, inwardly raising an eyebrow at Namine's behavior. He wasn't quite sure whether to be nervous or curious…but thanks be to whatever force had given him the natural ability to take absolutely anything to the face and still be able to maintain his composure.

"I just wanted to say that I…I…" Namine seemed incredibly flustered and at a loss for words. Suddenly, before Roxas could react, the blonde haired nobody turned and planted a small kiss on his cheek. "…I'm sorry…I shouldn't have…" Namine mumbled desperately as her cheeks turned a shade of scarlet.

Meanwhile Roxas was faring only slightly worse. He just sat there, dumbstruck as Namine muttered various apologies. He still couldn't believe what had just happened; Namine had KISSED him for crying out loud! Granted it was a quick one on the cheek, but a kiss was a kiss, especially when it came from Namine.

If Kairi's nobody had looked up at that moment she would have seen that Roxas was blushing too and with a somewhat dreamy expression on his face as well…

Apparently Sora's nobody could take ALMOST anything to the face and still keep his cool.

"I'll...I'll just leave now," Namine said as she got up from her spot on the bench, intending to put as much distance between herself and Roxas as possible. She had just kissed him! There was no way he'd ever forgive her for that. In fact she had probably just lost the one friend she had, all because she saw him in a different light than he saw her…

"Namine, wait!" Roxas cried out, as he shook himself free of his stupor. He reached out and grabbed her arm, causing her to spin around so that she was facing him. "Namine I…uh…I…" Roxas didn't know what to say.

Meanwhile, Namine kept her head down as Roxas searched for words. Of course, he was too kind to just let her run off and leave it at that. He would at least try to explain that he didn't like her in the same way…that kindness was what had attracted her to him in the first place, but now it was going to hurt her more than anything…

"Namine, look at me…" Roxas said gently as he placed his free hand underneath her chin and slowly raised her head so that she would be looking into his eyes. As much as Namine wanted to just jerk away, to force her head back down, she couldn't. This was Roxas, she couldn't help but listen to him…

Namine looked in Roxas's blue eyes as he looked at her red and newly-tear streaked face. To her surprise, Roxas slowly moved his face toward hers, and kissed her on the lips.

She stiffened in surprise at first, but almost immediately melted into it.

As the pair wrapped their arms around each other, they both felt a feelings of joy and elation that neither had ever felt before. Regardless of what Xemnas or anyone else said, they knew they had emotions…they could both feel two of the strongest ones in their hearts right now…

"I can't believe you're actually doing this…" Axel mumbled as Demyx crawled over the railing of the crocodile exhibit. The two of them had been released by the zoo's security on the grounds that there was no solid proof that Axel was indeed a pedophile.

They had been roughly thrown out of the zoo, only to use a corridor of darkness to "warp" back in as soon as no one was looking. Unfortunately, Roxas and Namine had moved away from the building that Axel and Demyx had been plotting on earlier. In the immense confines of the zoo, there was no hope of finding the pair.

Naturally, Axel, considering his short fuse, had blamed it all on Demyx that his master-prank had failed and gave him a choice: he could either get beaten to within an inch of his life by Axel, or try and urinate into the mouth of the biggest, meanest, and most vicious crocodile in the exhibit…

"H-here I g-go!" Demyx stuttered nervously as he approached the open mouth of the most monstrous crocodile he had ever seen. The Melodious Nocturne's head shifted from side to side as he undid his fly.

Axel watched with morbid curiosity as a stream of yellow water came from the zipper in Demyx's pants. He had been smart enough to block the view of anything…bad with his hands. Everything, to Axel's utter shock, seemed to be going well. The crocodile had yet to even shut its mouth in reaction to Demyx's unholy bodily fluid.

Suddenly, as quick as a lightening bolt, the reptile lunged forward. An agonized scream that Axel would have found funny if it wasn't for the sight before him erupted from Demyx's lips.

The Flurry of Dancing Flames had a suspicious feeling that it was going to be much harder to explain to Xemnas why Demyx was missing a certain part of his anatomy than it was for him to explain why he had been on top of Saix in a maid's outfit in the aftermath of Roxas and Namine's prank…

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