Say I Won't

Another little poem once again dedicated to the real heroes, Zack and Aerith. Don't get me wrong, I love Cloud, but... This is all contributing to the pairing Zerith, with maybe a small amount of Clerith near the end, but mostly recognizing Aerith again. Quick warning, most of these poems were written during Spanish class near the end of school, so they might not be top notch, but R&R anyway, please.

You say I won't
that doesn't mean I don't.
You can run and hide
but he is always by your side.
He won't go away.

As you prayed to those above,
he watched you, feeling every pain and tear.
As you faced your worst fear,
he welcomed you after watching your death.
You looked through his eyes.
He watched through yours.

The legend will live on
for the race is long gone.
You died on the last lap, last turn,
and you were the last hero.

Heroes like you don't die.

"You see? Everything's...all right." -Aerith's last words, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Like the creators of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children say, I think that only the body goes...and consciousness is what truly lives on.