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Shed Tears of Blood

By: Kurai Tenshi

Notes: In the dream"…" is Calintz thinking in his head in the dream and saying it in the real world.

Chapter One:

The Nightmare

Calintz tossed and turned in his bed as the vivid nightmare controlled his senses. His mind was a black void with only one strip of his memory repeatedly playing; he began to sweat and groan until the images overtook him completely. He saw the village being consumed by the bright red angry flames. The young silver-haired boy's eyes shone red in his once innocent brown eyes. He ran as fast as his small legs could take him, but it was already too late. Everyone's screams of pain and fear overwhelmed him until he couldn't handle it anymore.

'It's all my fault.' Mano thought to himself. "No," a voice interrupted. The dream never faltered, it was as if the voice wasn't heard at all. "It can't be… It's all my fault!" The voice continued as Mano remained speechless. Mano turned and saw a Feral Lynx stalking towards him, cornering him in between three others with a Blast Worm hot on his tail.

Just as the Blast Worm was about to attack, an elder man came to Mano's rescue. He countered the Blast Worm's attack and killed the Feral Lynx in front of him. He killed the remaining Lynxes and teleported away from the Blast Worm, in the mist of the enemy's confusion, resided the Blast Worm's death.

"There is a town not too far from here. I'm sure someone will take you in."

"But, it's my fault. Everyone's dead. All of Fuget." Mano said, tears streaming from his eyes.

"In order to become stronger, your hands will become tainted with blood. Do you still wish for power?" Mano nodded his head. "Then, come with me."

Calintz awoke in the start, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"That dream… Why now? Maybe I'm just worried about the mission… I should get the others, I suspect General Agreian will be calling soon." Calintz said to himself quietly.