Title: Daughter Dearest

Authoress: Lady Constantine

Fandom from Which This Fiction Hails: Dragon Ball Z

Genre: Family

Warnings: Rated K+ for language.


Her quivering lips had almost prevented me from seeing that she had bitten them down to the raw. What had made her do this to herself? Oh…that's right, didn't she say she was "PREGNANT?"

A shot based fic that is written in Gohan's point of view. It focuses on defining moments of his life during Pan's birth. Parental. VegetaXGohan Parental.

Author's Note: OK this is more focused on Gohan than the TrunksXPan, in fact there are only two chapters minor-ly concerning such. So don't read this for the TrunksXPan read it for Gohan Parentals and Gohan P.O.V.

Disclaimer: We all know Akira Toriyama runs this! It's not mine (but I wish). With that much money I could ban people from saying 'YOUR MOM' forever.

Chapter 1

"Gohan! Gohan! Where are you?"

This is how it all began…

"I'm right here Videl. Just hold my hand honey. You're going to be fine."

One faithful summer's night…

"Promise you won't let go?"

May 15th, was it?

"I promise."

How could I forget? It was the date of my daughter's birth… Let's rewind a bit backwards, to when this all began…

... .9 months, 8 days, and 3 hours earlier. …

"Gohan, I'm pregnant!" My wife choked through tears. Her sable hair was unkempt for the first time since our sparring days. A glint of fear and worry threatened to completely take over her big sky blue eyes. I cocked my head sideways as I noticed dark lines under my Videl's eyes. Her quivering lips had almost prevented me from seeing that she had bit them down to the raw. What had made her do this to herself?

Oh… that's right, didn't she say she was "PREGNANT?" I spat out in surprise. She winced at my response and I at hers. "No, no! Not like that Videl. I'm not made. Just…" I remembered fondly the night we spent before. We were in each others arms and enjoying the heat that radiated off our bodies. I hugged her tightly to prevent her from escaping. "I'm surprised, and happy, and excited." I kissed Videl on the nape of her neck to reassure her of my feelings.

"A-are you sure?" She grabbed my chin and held my face up to hers. "Because if you want-

"No!" Videl I want to have this baby with you. I want to be… a father." I gave her a solemn look before landing a quick peck on her lips. "May I have a human moment?"

"Go for it," she smirked.

"I'm a little scared—no a lot."

"You're not the only one."

"But, I'm sure we'll do fine. Together."

"You promise we'll be together?"

"Of course!"

She gave me a nudge. "You have to say you promise."

I sighed; even at twenty-four she was rather childish. "I Son Gohan promise to my wife Son Videl we shall be together forever and ever."

"And death do us part?"

"Not even in death would I want to part with you, love."

... .And here I was— 9 months, 8 days, and 3 hours later— fulfilling yet another promise. ...

As we entered the room, my heart began to race. I had not only been the father of a baby, but also the father of a Saiyan baby, and that required every living body too come and witness this milestone achievement. Not to mention my wife is the daughter of the legendary Hercule, making our child's birth would be second only to a Super Bowl game. I half expected there to be cameras and lights ready and waiting to see what would come out of my wife, but Hercule had granted us a small mercy, and made this a private show.

The hospital room had grown completely still. We were all listening and waiting for some sort of cry from Videl or the expected baby. Supposedly, nothing could be so horrifying yet completely compelling like the birth of a child. It could spawn the same feelings one would get when witnessing a nasty car crash. You don't want to look… but you just do.

Not a soul dared to interrupt the din created by my wife. After all, she was pregnant, and I didn't particularly think that having another humanoid in your stomach ready and urging to come out was exactly a pleasant circumstance. So as she bellowed we all remained quiet… that is… until Vegeta became pissed.

"Gohan will you tell that woman to shut up! Her blathering is giving me a headache." He rubbed his temples and I almost felt sorry for him. Not because of the headache, but for the lashings that would come in about five seconds.

"Vegeta, can't you see I'm in pain?" I almost backed away, but Videl had a death grip on my arm and was glaring. Videl's glare could and would freeze the sun.

"Take some Midol, then!" I sucked in some air and looked away from both their stares. I wasn't going to be a casualty of their blood-curdling shouts.

Videl turned her glare to Vegeta and I exhaled sharply, glad to be free from that stare. "Why don't you take some Midol?! No, wait. Better idea! Why don't you have this baby and I'll see how many pills I can shove up your ass before you lose consciousness." I thought I saw Vegeta twitch at this remark; Videl had done the near impossible, she completely shut up the Saiyan Prince. Bulma (a few awkward moments later), offered her reassurance and comfort to Videl while scolding Vegeta. I had always wondered how Trunks's birth had gone with a husband like that. I shivered as the name calling began,

Poor kid…

"GAH!!" Videl screamed in pain. "I think its coming!" Everyone but I, was clearing out of the room. Apparently they were strong enough to die an infinite amount of times, but too weak to withstand the shrieks and the lovely visuals that came with a woman in labor.

Each passerby thought it would be nice to give me their choice of famous last words'—thus began the trend of one-liner quotes:

"It's been nice knowing ya." Krillin sighed.

"Dude, why'd you get married?" Yamacha asked.

"I'm sure it'll all be fine." Tien gave a nervous smile.

"Good luck." Piccolo smirked.

"The toughest year is the third one, kid." 18 nodded.

"Kami only knows if that kid will even be able to use ki with such a polluted gene pool!" Vegeta grumbled.

'Vegeta, don't be such a Puritan!" Bulma nagged.

"Wow, Gohan. Congrats?" Trunks shied away.

"Hey Gohan, does this mean I'm an uncle? Oh man, I'm too young to be one of those. I thought you had to be old…" My little brother pestered. I had to hand it to them; they did a good job of ruining my 'impervious to pressure' façade.

The last to exit were my mother and father. "Oh my little Gohan has all grown up." My mother was in tears, unable to completely digest that she was going to be a grandmother. Mother had shrunk an awful lot over the years. Or had I just grown taller? I rested my head on her graying hair. She was getting older… it almost felt like if I held her a bit tighter she would break or turn into dust.

"I will always be your little Gohan, mom." I smiled as she left. Very much at this point I wanted that to be true. When I looked over to Videl a million-and-one questions popped into my head, but the last one stood out the most. What if we're not ready?

My father had patted me on the back and went over to Videl and kissed her on the forehead. "I'm proud of you two," he said with his legendary smile. I turned to Videl and for some reason we were smiling too. Dad had that affect on people—it was beyond charismatic, it was a phenomena. When father believed in something, it made us believe in it. When he reassured, it was a comfort. And when he praised us, it made us feel like we could walk on sunshine. I smiled to my wife and she nodded back.

"We can do this, we can totally do this."

Videl started shrieking, Dad had long disappeared taking our courage with him. Her nails dug into my arm turning it red. I could imagine she was trying to let me feel some of her pain. I held my breath to keep from screaming too. "That's it Videl, almost there!" a nurse said. I could feel the color draining from my face.

Wait a minute, I'm not ready. What if I make a mistake? What if the baby doesn't like me? Am I really cut out for this?

Are you done? I searched around the room looking for where the voice came from. Then it hit me… it was from inside my head.


Who else? Now I want you to shut up and give that woman some reassurance. She needs to know you can at least pretend to be OK. Look into her eyes; can't you see she's afraid too? After all, she is the one having the baby.

I looked into her eyes, he was right. She was scared. And even glancing back at me for comfort. I gave a small smile as she winced and screamed some more.

Vegeta… you're right.

Of course… I am a father too you know.

So how did you do it? How did you become a good father?

I highly doubt that I'm a good father. But I am a father. A father is the protectorate and I will protect my family at all costs. That is what you do when you are the patriarch. I can't tell you how many moments I spent in denial when Trunks was being born—supposedly it's normal. So I'll give you a few minutes to bitch about your pointless problems, but when the time is up you better be ready to step up to the plate.

Thanks… I swallowed hard knowing that Vegeta was right. What hardships did I exactly have? I could always leave and never comeback. But Videl... she would—from this day onward—be associated with my child. And if I left her here…

I clenched my fists, how could I ever have been so selfish?! Videl probably—no—definitely had her own worries too.

"Don't worry Videl, I'm here for you. I always will be." I held her hands in mine as she pushed harder.

I'm proud of you Gohan. This time it was my father speaking.

I smirked, Yeah, I am too.

Videl was resting in the hospital bed as I held our little baby girl. She looked so much like her mother, but I could see little tinges of me. I couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect child. She was asleep in my arms…

"Hello little girl, uh… I'm you're father. Gohan." She opened her eyes wide and gave me a wordless smile. Perfect.

"What should we name her?" Videl said softly. "I saw you star-gazing into our daughter's eyes so I thought you would have an idea." I inwardly grimaced, I didn't.


What is it now, boy? Haven't you pestered me enough? I thought it was the other way around, but I didn't comment.

I need your help.

He sighed, With what?

I need a name for our baby girl.

It's a girl?! What a pity. Saiyan blood wasted on the female species.

Vegeta, will you help me or not?

How the hell should I know what a proper girl's name is?

He was right. I glanced over to Videl.

"Well?" She scowled, I was glad she was back to normal.

Pan… the Saiyan Prince said calmly.

Pan? How'd you arrive at that?

You don't want to know…

I think I would like to know the origin of my daughter's name.

He's the Greek god of spring.



I didn't know you were into that sort of stuff.


"Pan." I told Videl.

"The Greek god of spring?" I chuckled nervously, was I the only one that didn't know that?

"Not only that, Pan means bread." I said with a smirk. Our daughter's name was perfect (!).

"I like it a lot! Pan it is!" I passed our daughter back to her.

"I'm going to let Mommy and daughter get acquainted. As I exited the door I saw Vegeta exiting the hospital and I chased after him.

"Vegeta wait!" I called as he started flying off.

"What is it?" He landed. Though his tone was antagonistic, his face was at peace, maybe even happy.

"Thank you. For everything."

"Did I do anything?" There was a long pause before I realized what he meant.

"No… you didn't." I smiled. "Vegeta?"


"I will repay you for your deed somehow."

He grinned. "Doubt it."

"I'm making you the godfather, and Bulma godmother." Vegeta's face contorted to what I thought was happy surprise. He quickly tried to hide it.

"Bulma would be happy…"

"And what about you?"

"There's no bigger disgrace than being godfather to a half-bred's half-bred…" He said softly as he flew off.

I sighed, That guy was a puzzle. But I'll save that guessing game for later. Right now… I had to get back to my wife and my daughter


-.-.-.- TBC -.-.-.-

A/N: It's only To Be Continued if you want it. I love the GohanXVegeta relation in this. Next chapter (if there is one), will be GohanXPan Parental! Oh yes, and I made Pan's birthday in May because Gohan's birthday is in May! Tchau…

(!) Pan is a Greek god—which continues the names after deities on Videl's family's side. Pan is also bread in Japanese—which continues the names after food on Gohan's family's side.