Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…this is not happening.

Karina sat up slowly, her sore body adjusting to the fact that she was not in the bed she was supposed to be in. This was just a dream. She had to keep repeating it to herself so as to not scare herself. She felt the soft caress of hands on her waist and she shivered, not used to the fact that a man had such an effect on her.

"My darling," she heard his deep voice whisper in her ear "What is bothering you so?"

"I've ruined my reputation." She said softly. "What man will want me now?"

She felt his lips press on the back of her neck as he said "I want you don't I? I count for something."

"Vlad," she turned to face him, her grey eyes filling with red tears "You'll throw me aside like all the rest. I am nothing special to you. I am just a body you will use to fill with your children and then pop them out."

He stared at her, unsure of what to say to such a passion filled queen of his heart. "No Karina, I will not just throw you away." He murmured as he stroked her soft hair. "You are not like my other brides, you are my mate and I refuse to throw you away."

"I do not understand you," she laid her head back down on the soft pillows and stared up at the canopy. "Why are you nice to me if you do not love? I do not comprehend your motives."

"Vampires like me can be allowed to have one love and I believe you are the one. I knew you were so when I saw you for the first time as I let my eyes wander over you. My thoughts of you were shameless as I thought of you in a hot, physical, but gentle manner. I have never felt this way about anyone, not even my brides before you. I want you to be with me like husband to wife, mate to mate, groom to bride. Be mine Karina."

She stared at him in surprise, obviously pondering her answer as she searched her face.

"What about my responsibilities?" She said softly as she ran her soft hand along his face.

"Responsibilities should mean nothing to you my dear. You have responsibilities as my mate. You should have no worry about your town because you will be quite occupied. Being a part of my undead life means you're always busy."

She nodded, still thinking and then she said "Van Helsing will kill me and eventually kill you, he knows your weakness."

"When I have my mate by my side, I am truly invincible. Do not fear him; he will have no power in his hands to hurt you once you and I are bonded. You, like me, will be invincible." He ran his mouth gently over her face and said. "It will only take a second, and then you and I can be together forever."

She just looked down at the covers and said "I am a cheap whore aren't I?"

"Karina you are nothing of the sort!" he was getting exasperated with her refusal to believe him. "I've told you this twice or more. I love you and I want you to be with me. Please accept."

Finally her grey eyes met his blue ones and she said softly "Yes, I'll be your mate."

He smiled softly and kissed her lips. "This will seem odd to you at first but it will be for a short time I promise." He pulled out a knife and pressed it to his wrists and the blood trickled out. "Quick! Drink it before it heals!"

She shuddered and drank it until she felt the wound heal over. The blood was something she had never tasted before. It felt like ice sliding through her body and she laid back down as her head throbbed with a pain she had never felt before. "What is wrong with me?" she groaned as she held her head with both hands. "What have you done to me?!"

"It'll be over in a minute." He rested a hand on her forehead as he felt the light warmth disappear from her skin. He could still feel the warmth of her fertility running through her Vampiric blood, but he felt no presence of a good being inhabiting her mind. After her body stilled its thrashing, he saw her eyes close and relax finally. It was that or her body had been rejected by the Devil himself.

"Karina," he whispered in her ear "Are you feeling okay?" she groaned and rolled over, turning her back towards him.

"You should have told me that it would give me a migraine." She grumbled "You have earned some scorn from me until it goes away."

He laughed lightly and replied "My dear, you are in need of blood."

"Blood?" she repeated weakly.

"Yes, the human kind." He saw her shiver and he stared at her with incredulous eyes. "You have never drunk human blood before?"

"No I have not." Her eyes were focused on a single rose in a little vase on a table, memorizing its details to stop her from feeling the horror of killing a friend. "My family has always taught that the killing of an innocent human is vile."

"So, you would kill a human if he wasn't innocent?" Vlad could sense an idea forming in his head as he asked the question.

"It would be easier to." She said with a smile. "It usually is easier to kill those who do things to hurt others because they feel like it."

"Then I believe your training of being my mate will start soon enough. But first we must have a ball for you." He said as he ran his hands down her spine until he reached her derrière. "You are just too beautiful of a creature do you know that."

She blushed and said "Is that why your hand is down there?"

"No," he smirked "I just like your ass."

Her blush seemed to spread all over her body and she tried to pull away from him but he pushed her close to him so that their crotches were still pressed together. "Don't tell me you don't like that." He cooed in her ear. She whimpered and turned her head to the side to avoid his heated gaze. "Mhm, just as I thought. You want me just as bad as I want you." His lips were slowly moving towards her body and she shuddered as they drew closer. "You've had a taste of what passion is and you want it again, don't you?" his lips were right at her ear and he licked her ear slightly causing her to squeak and struggle in his arms. "I'm taking that as a yes," he grabbed her chin and kissed her hungrily, his hands wrapping around her waist and holding her there as his tongue encountered hers in battle. He slowly eased her on to her back and she wrapped her legs tentatively around his waist. She heard him growl as her heat connected with his hardness.

"I'm sorry I'm so wet." She said softly in his ear. "You make me feel things I've never felt." She ground into his slightly as her hands ran over his abs slightly.

He smirked, enjoying a little bit of the confidence she had found in bed but when he started sucking on her lips she started to moan and he knew he had regained his place of dominance.

"You can't win with someone more experience then you Karina," he murmured as he moved his mouth down her body, sucking lightly on the skin he touched causing her to squirm madly. His lips found her crotch once more and she squirmed even harder.

"Please Vlad, don't! It drives me crazy when you do that." She moaned as he licked the skin before he reached her dripping sex.

He merely chuckled and said "Would you rather me just take you like an animal in heat?"

She sighed and said "No, but Vlad…you know I'm needy know that you've seen that!"

This time he laughed and said "I'm about to give you what you want."

"Vlad…please…don't," she started to say but as soon as his mouth started to suck on her clit she began to moan loudly and her hips on cue pushed themselves against his mouth. "Vladislaus," she groaned as his tongue slithered inside her, tasting her like she were honey.

He looked up at her and said "Say that again and I might go as wild as you."

She smirked and said "Sorry…Vladislaus."

The result was instantaneous. He quickly moved up her body and grabbed her legs, wrapping them around his waist. She stared in shock at his speed but then could help but close them as he thrust hard against her. "Please," she moaned "faster," and he couldn't help but oblige that tantalizing voice as it called out for him to pleasure her more. Their moves became animalistic as he continued his fulfilling her heat, enjoying himself as she practically screamed out his name.

Finally he could tell that she could take no more and allowed her to give in to the intensity of the moment as her body released for the second time they had been together and to his surprise he felt himself release at the same moment.

"Are you feeling okay?" he questioned as he slowly slid himself out of her.

"Yes, I'm fine." She grumbled. "Just hungry,"

"I'm sorry love," he said hurriedly as he looked around for a pair of pants. "I lost track of the time. Come; let's get you something to feed on."

Karina slid out of the bed nervously, watching him dress and then rush to the closet to pull out some clothes. He pulled out a light blue dress and handed it to her to wear. She reluctantly pulled the silk cloth over her body. Despite the fact that her vampiric body had no flaws, she still had no desire to show it off.

Vlad had noticed her staring at her body in a look that rivaled embarrassment, but was closer to disgust. "Karina," he said firmly "You look beautiful. But our main concern is getting you blood so that you do not collapse on the floor." He held out his hand and she sighed and took it.

Everything seemed surreal to her as she walked through the castle with him. The snow fell lightly in certain places and she stared at it in an amused fashion, for she was not used to snow falling at that time of year. She let a cold flake rest on her hand as it fell from the sky and she frowned slightly that it did not melt on her hand, which caused Vlad to laugh slightly at how cute she appeared.

They finally reached the dining hall and she stared at the glass full of the life sustaining liquid that was supposed to last her for another month.

"Drink it," he gave the soft command and she reluctantly picked up the glass and downed it. At that moment her whole world swirled red and she steadied herself on the chair.

"It's much different than animal blood isn't it?" he gave her his famous smirk and she merely nodded, staring at her hands as the undead blood moved heatedly through her veins.

"Yes, I guess I'll just have to adjust."

Little did she know that her knight in shining armor wasn't ready for that to happen.